"Lip Gloss is Mary's Zilba favorite beauty product and this is the ultimate nude lip. The amazing formula moisturizes and creates a pretty sheer glossy pout. Non sticky and non greasy."
     When I was browsing around the sex toys website, as always I head right to the beauty section as to the other items aren't really what I tend to go there for, haha. I know, your probably asking why go to Edenfantasys.com for makeup and body products but have you seen our other reviews about their beauty products?
    They carry a variety of things and I have been pleasantly surprised at the quality.  Hence this is why I picked out this light pink lip gloss by Mary Zilba.(TV personality who is best known for her singing career in Canada, and her reign as Miss Ohio (Miss America Pageant).

    I fell in love with the color of this! It only comes in this one color but it's the perfect color for any skin color and matches every kind of shadow look you do as well. As you can see to the right, it has a doe foot applicator and when I apply I usually have to dip it in twice to get enough for the coverage I like.
    This is one of the more moisturizing lip glosses I have tried in a while. I'm guessing it's the Jojoba ingredient that helps with that aspect of this gloss. For those of you who despise sticky lip gloss, then this one you must try. I noticed absolutely no stickyness when applying this, it glided on smoothly and easily.  I also found it to be a little bit buildable or sheerable, if that makes sense. What I mean is I can build the color to be a little less see through or I can sheer it out and have it be almost clear looking.

Swatch on my hand, soft milky texture
Applied to the lips with nothing else one them
click to make larger
    As you can see in the photos above, it looks great alone and you can see how this nude pink will compliment any day or night time look.  But my favorite way to wear it is over a similar pink lipstick.(Pictured right) It just gives a little more color and my pink lipstick had a tiny bit of shimmer to it which adds more pizazz to it. 
    Would I recommend this product to someone? Quality wise, yes! The overall quality of how it applies and the smooth, milky texture is great. But to me, I like a little stickyness in lip gloss because it means it has a little longer staying power. There was also a very veryy light sweet scent but only if I put it up to my nose and no taste to it. Price wise, $18.99 I think it's to expensive for a tiny .2 fl. oz.. Just wait for a sale from Edens Fantasys, that's when i would make the purchase!

Eden Cafe
mary Zilba
6/3/2012 10:50:18 am

Thank you for the great article!!! So glad you like the lip gloss!


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