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    Sure EdenFantasys.com is an adult toy store, they offer a lot more than just products to purchase. One of my favorite parts of their website is the Sexis Magazine section! They have tons and tons of articles from relationships, humor, education and even a sex community.      
     While browsing around, I came across an interesting title and when I read it I had to share with you guys! It was titled "Snooping on your partner can make you fat". I laughed and said "Whaaaaaat"?! It instantly made me continue reading the article to find out how this is true and what they had to say.
      So, snooping is fattening...and here is how they explained it:
"The snoop-related anxiety— fear of getting caught, covering up for your sneaky activities— can cause overeating as well as the release of cortisol, a 
stress hormone that interferes with the production of 
another hormone, the appetite regulator leptin,
 thereby potentially increasing your appetite. "

     Not only that all the stress you put yourself under can prevent you from getting enough sleep through the night as well, which can mess up your whole day!  Is snooping really worth the stress and extra pounds?! EdenFantasys  has so much information that I would have never thought or knew of before, like this article. So take a look at it and it may help you prevent gaining a couple pounds. ;)

Read it HERE.
3/1/2012 03:04:55 am

I never thought about it like that...it could def. stress you out if you find stuff on your partner!

Kim Davis
3/1/2012 06:45:08 am

sometimes it is better not knowing, however if they have something to hide then there is a major issue anyway and I doubt snooping would be the reason for over eating it is what they find that causes that issue.


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