AVON!!! Oh how do I love all the constant new colors and products that they come out with. It seems like there is always something new to try which keeps it kind of exciting! I was offered a chance by a sweet AVON Unit Leader, Cristin Miller Coffman, to try out the new Glimmersticks Chrome Eye Liner! As pictured above, I have one in "Flashy Steel", a beautiful blue gray color. 
"Flashy Steel"
      These come in six different colors to choose from and they are all very pretty! They are waterproof, smudge proof, retractable and self sharpening. It is also said to last up to 12 hours of wear.  In the picture above it looks more like a purple shade, but for a more real representation of the color please check out the swatch below. 
     This eye liner has a pearl like finish to it with reflects light a little bit which gives it that gorgeous shine/metallic look that you can see in the swatch above.  When applying this it goes on super smooth and is perfect for smudging. This particular color for me is to light to wear as just an eyeliner, so I have ben smudging it into my black eyeliner or putting it on the waterline. When putting this on my waterline or even above/on top of my black liner, it gives me that more "awake" look, so I love this especially on days where I am tired and it shows. It gives my eyes a little sass!
    Another way I have been putting this chrome liner to use is using it as a shadow and even an eyeshadow base. It is long lasting and is great for those times when I don't want to deal with powder eyeshadows that can make a mess on your face from fallout. It also has just a little amount of stick so that eyeshadow grips onto it if it's being used as a base. And as for a base and liner, I have to say I am really impressed with the staying power of this pencil. I have been wearing it a few days the past couple weeks and I love the fact that all day at work it actually stays on my upper lid. On the waterline, as most liners it stayed for a while but needed to be reapplied.
Used as a shadow
     For only $7.00 each (and usually there are sales) I think it's a great deal. I will say though if you like a bold BRIGHT liner, then these may not be for you. The color payoff is pretty but I know some girls who like a really vibrant liner and I wouldn't put these in that category. Although for everyday wear, I would say it's great! Plus if you have a couple of the other colors (pink, violet, burgundy etc.) I can imagine the fun looks you could create!
Just be careful, as with any twist up liner, don't push to hard or twist up to high because it can break easily because the formula is a nice soft formula.

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