First I want to start off telling you guys that Medusa's Make-up has 48 Pigmented Eye Dusts online!! Talk about a variety and big selection!! Also these pigments aren't JUST for the eyes, you can use them on your lips as a gloss if you use their "Stick it" Primer first and then apply a clear gloss. Neat right?!

We picked out  this eyedust  from the color swatches on the website. This particular one is called "Counterfeit"  I feel like the color in person was a tinyyy bit off from the product picture in on the site but I wasn't dissapointed because the color was still a pretty light green with lots of reflecting parts in it and it is very wearable green. The powder is very fine and light so it's easy to work with and blends very well.

As any eye dust it can be quite messy if your not careful or have a shaky hand so it is advised to take your time and use a primer and/or base to help the pigment stick to your lid easier. It comes in a clear 1.5 gram jar with the brand logo on the lid and color on the bottom of the jar. This makes it super simple to find what color your looking for.

Another great way to get use of these long lasting jars of pigment, is to use them wet for an eyeliner too! Never have to buy or sharpen pencils again if you have a variety of these pigments. They are reasonably priced as well, which makes it easy to have access to every makeup collector.

With a few different ways to use this pigment, the good color payoff and amount you get in a jar for $6 each, you should really give them a try, their customer service was great so if you have any questions they will be happy to help!  Photo's below of a way I used this pigment:
To visit their website and check out their variety of vibrant colors click HERE and the them Beauty Marks the Spot Reviews sent ya.

I.5 grams/ $6

As Dianna mentioned above, this product is lip safe. OF COURSE I had to give it a go. And it was fun! I would wear this out, but with a less sticky gloss. Maybe i will mix some into a chapstick. this seemed to get gloopy and the pigment didnt stay floating in the gloss... pigment settled quickly. 

All I did was squeeze some gloss onto a mixing pallette, and dump some dust onto it. After mixing with a lip brush I applied to my lips and lids.