From the website: "Finely milled with an extra soft base of Corn Silk and Jojoba Oil, NVEY ECO Eye Shadows can be used in combination to enhance and contour the eye or individually for a flush of color. Chamomile and Vitamins A, C, and E make for a smooth and soft formula excellent for dry and sensitive skin. Single shades can be used, or step it up with any combination of your favorite NVEY ECO Eye Shadow shades; can be used wet (with water only)."

I cannot stop collecting different types and colors of eye shadows, I'm beginning to think it may be a problem! Haha, but I feel you can never have to many different shades of neutral colors either for a highlight if it has some shimmer/sheen to it or as a lid color for a neutral smokey eye.

Nvey Eco was sweet enough to send us a tester version of their shadows. The one I was sent is in the number 152. (Pictured below)
Now I get excited about neutrals and some people don't get why, because they seem boring. But to me these are the colors that you know you will get use out of because it can be worn with other shadows and match anything you wear!

When first touching the shadow it's got a very soft formula, and no gritty feeling to it. In the pan it doesn't seem like it has much shine to it, but when I swatched it on my skin in the light it does have reflecting aspects to it and gives off a nice and subtle satin look. This color for me is perfect for the use of a highlight under my brow bone and that's most likely what I will reach for from now on because it's not overpowering but still has decent pigmentation.
Comparing the swatches on the website to the actual product in my hand, I'd say the websites picture to my eye seems a tiny bit darker than the actual color in person, so keep that in mind when selecting one of their 24 colors.

15% off on any full-size product or tool purchase from now through September 22nd 2011, Just enter this code at checkout: BMTS15
Click HERE to go to their website


Although I'm not a huge fan of blue shadow, I have to say... I really do like this shadow. The color I have is #156. In the pan it is a robin egg blue, but on my skin, a bright teal. The finish of this shadow is a silky soft shimmer. 

The pigmentation is very nice, and the shadow is packed very tight into the pan.  I would compare this quality to MAC, or NARS. 

I will definately be trying a few more colors in the future. 


We were lucky enough here at Beauty Marks The Spot Reviews to get our hands on this collection before it comes out from Alima Pure Cosmetics. This collection is called "Fall Runway Collection" and its a Limited Edition Collection and are sold only as a set not individual shadows. It will be selling for $30 (a $44 value), and for each set sold $2 will be going to The Global Fund for Women. (How great is that!!)

Now when will it be on sale to the public? Make sure to mark this on your calendars because you are won't want to miss this limited time offer.  August 2, 2011 is when it will be available on www.alimapure.com.

This set comes with four shades that compliment each other very nicely. Below are swatches in two different lights so you can see the beautiful satin shimmer to some of the colors.

Left to Right: Backstage (Satin Matte), Catwalk (Luminous Shimmery Eyeliner), Press Pass (Luminous Shimmery), Front Row (Luminous Shimmery)
These are very fine texture to them which makes it easy to apply and layer. I found that these colors are buildable too. What that means is you can do one layer and have it be a very sheer wash of color on your lid, or put more layers on top and have it become darker and more concentrated color (which is what I like more). Also I experimented and love the way these colors work when using them with a damp brush.

The first color (Backstage) is a perfect color for a highlight on the brow bone and matches with any makeup look, so this seems to be one of those shadows that can easily be a must have because it's very versatile. The black color is ashimmer eyeliner that you can apply to your upper lash line with a damp eyeliner brush, which is what I did in the photos below, but I also think this color would work great as a color for a smokey eye look. The color Front Row is a beautiful gold color that really comes to life when used wet. It's like jewelry for your eyes! And my favorite is the color Press Pass. I love colors in this shade range, and the silkyness it has to it is lovely for all eye and skin colors.
I just want to mention the packaging, when it came in the mail it was such a cute wrapping that shows they put time and thought into their products. I came in pink tissue paper wrapped tightly and a sticker with their logo on it holding it in place. It may be silly but little things like that show that thought goes into their every move.

I can't wait for the launch of this collection so you guys can get your hands on it! It's a great way to start with this brand too if your new to it because its a pretty neutral easy color selection and then you can branch out into other fun colors. (They have over 250 products and 61 yes SIXTY ONE shades of foundation)

Available August 2, 2011
$30 (set of four shadows)
Please visit their website for more products and information:

Let me start off by saying I already have a list of things I want to order from Alima Pure. 
The color Backstage (only available in this set) is a PERFECT brow highlight for light to medium skin tones. It is a soft faintly pale pink matte shadow.
Front row is a nude/tan with metallic shimmers.
Press Pass is a plummy brown with shimmers.
The liner from this set is called Catwalk, a black with metallic shimmers.
Although i say shimmer, I don't mean crazy chunky glitter. These shadows/liner have a subtle sexy sparkle. 
The texture is silky smooth, and you can tell that these powders are very finely milled.
Quality is amazing, as well as presentation. The little bird logo is so cute and gives this brands packing  a cute earthy fun look.
I may even order myself a second of this set just so i can have a backup of Ba
First I want to start off telling you guys that Medusa's Make-up has 48 Pigmented Eye Dusts online!! Talk about a variety and big selection!! Also these pigments aren't JUST for the eyes, you can use them on your lips as a gloss if you use their "Stick it" Primer first and then apply a clear gloss. Neat right?!

We picked out  this eyedust  from the color swatches on the website. This particular one is called "Counterfeit"  I feel like the color in person was a tinyyy bit off from the product picture in on the site but I wasn't dissapointed because the color was still a pretty light green with lots of reflecting parts in it and it is very wearable green. The powder is very fine and light so it's easy to work with and blends very well.

As any eye dust it can be quite messy if your not careful or have a shaky hand so it is advised to take your time and use a primer and/or base to help the pigment stick to your lid easier. It comes in a clear 1.5 gram jar with the brand logo on the lid and color on the bottom of the jar. This makes it super simple to find what color your looking for.

Another great way to get use of these long lasting jars of pigment, is to use them wet for an eyeliner too! Never have to buy or sharpen pencils again if you have a variety of these pigments. They are reasonably priced as well, which makes it easy to have access to every makeup collector.

With a few different ways to use this pigment, the good color payoff and amount you get in a jar for $6 each, you should really give them a try, their customer service was great so if you have any questions they will be happy to help!  Photo's below of a way I used this pigment:
To visit their website and check out their variety of vibrant colors click HERE and the them Beauty Marks the Spot Reviews sent ya.

I.5 grams/ $6

As Dianna mentioned above, this product is lip safe. OF COURSE I had to give it a go. And it was fun! I would wear this out, but with a less sticky gloss. Maybe i will mix some into a chapstick. this seemed to get gloopy and the pigment didnt stay floating in the gloss... pigment settled quickly. 

All I did was squeeze some gloss onto a mixing pallette, and dump some dust onto it. After mixing with a lip brush I applied to my lips and lids.
Concrete Minerals was a new brand for me. So I was super ecstatic to work with them and try out some of their shadows.
There whole thought on their brand is "Concrete Minerals launched in 2009 and we believe that every girl on Earth should have the opportunity to use gorgeous products that meet their needs in terms of quality without wreaking havoc on their skin"  Which is a great objective because everyone is unique and has different skin types that can be sensitive to certain ingredients.

Concrete Minerals products contain no nonsense, commonly referred to as: : Parabens :: Fragrances :: Dyes :: Nano-particles :: Bismuth Oxychloride, Talc or other cheap fillers.

The packaging is a 1.5 grams jar that has a black screw top & clear bottom with a sticker on the bottom that tells you the brand name, color, and ingredients. So as you can tell it's easy to find the color you are looking for quickly! The two that I picked were the colors Sabotage and Lithium (They were kind enough to throw in a free color called Brat as well(Shocking, hot pink) . Lithium is (Sparkling chrome silver) gorgeous. It's not that often you come across a color that almost looks like a shiny liquid metal. It is matched the photo on the website so I was very pleased with that. Sabotage (Black w/ pink sparkle & sheen) is a very unique color. It's a black mica but has specks of pinky/purple to it. Now that alone is my favorite combination! And again I found the colors in person to be very similar to the photos they have on the website when you order.

Left to Right: Lithium, Sabotage, Brat
Top: using just a primer
Middle: NYX Milk pencil underneath
Bottom: NYX Black pencil underneath
Note: You can also these wet. Just dampen your brush with water and apply for a more intense look or use as a liner.

It was hard to pick up the actual beauty of the middle color on my camera but it is really pretty and perfect for a smokey look. The texture this pigment is very soft and didn't have a gritty feeling. The shine/finish the lithium and Brat give off is one of my favorite qualities of these minerals. So if you prefer a more matte or don't like shiny/shimmery finishes I wouldn't recommend these.
But if you do then this should be on your must try list!

They also have sets of colors and specials on their page. If you do have any questions about their products, your orders or anything at all their customer service is impeccable and they are very sweet! ::Thumbs up for great service!::  I would love to try more colors in the future and share them with you!

1.5 Gram Jar =$7
                                                                                                - Dianna

I love pigments and minerals, and so I was very excited to try out a new brand... and I am happy to tell you all I really like Concrete Minerals. I find a lot of loose shadows skip and look uneven, and this didn't happen here. The colors are very pigmented and opaque. I am excited to play around with my samples and do a few looks, maybe film a tutorial or two with them. The colors I have:

My eyes see: a hot pink/magenta with light sparkle, and a slight blueish undertone
They say: (Shocking, hot pink) The hottest, brightest vegan pink under the sun excluding dyes! Pat it on lightly, and its violet leanings will pop out. Wear it all over your lids, and dance this mess around because you'll be the star of the party!

My eyes see: sheer burnt orange red, minimal sparkle
They say: (Deep shimmery red) A vibrant true-red shade of red! A popular part of our beloved "Alice" collection!

My eyes see: turquise/teal with metallic sparkle
They say-(Dark teal w/ gold sparkle) Although hard to capture properly in the eye images, this shade is rich, seductive and incredibly flirty. The gold sparkle adds pop to this fan-favorite!Sorry pictures are messy eyelid swatches with no base or foundation
                                                                                                     - Alyx

E.l.f. products are like a 50/50 hit or miss with me. I am a real label junkie when it comes to makeup, so not loving the quality of some of this stuff was expected. In saying that, I would like to let you know that there a few things from this company that are absolute staples in my collection. 

One of my favorite things is the Waterproof eyeliner pen. I first discovered these is Target a few years back, and have since rarely used other liquid liners. 

It is a felt tipped marker liner, and comes in a few colors. (Black, Plum, Coffee, Midnight, Ash)

The problem here, is inconsistency in the brush tips. Some are short and stiff, and some are longer thinner and a little more movement. Depending on the look your going for, the tips will make all the difference. I always order a bunch at a time, so I usually end up with a few of each. With the price point of only ONE DOLLAR, I never feel guilty grabbing a few in my order, because some of my favorite eyeliners cost $20 or $30. 

Pigmentation is pretty good, and buildable. Staying power is great 10+ hours (but I so use UDPP underneath it). I have even fallen asleep with it and woken up with a pretty decent looking eye still. The formulation is great, and doesn't crack and flake off on me like most liquid liners do. 

Packing - In-store packaging is just a cardboard throw away piece. The liner itself is just a slim black plastic. Nothing fancy, but not ugly, tacky, or childish. 

Application is pretty fool proof, so perfect for beginners.

*Helpful Hint*   To make these liners last you a long time, make sure to cap tightly and store in a cup cap down to keep the juices flowing. 

      ~ Alyx

Elf.... I can remember when I was first told to try Elf Cosmetics and was really confused as to why they would want their company named after tiny little Christmas workers, it just didn't make sense. Until I actually went to find the website and it stands for Eyes Lips Face....Duhhh Dianna!

Anyways, all their products are either $1 or the "Studio" line is $3 and up depending on if you buy kits and such. So the question is, if it's a cheap price does it mean cheap quality makeup? The answer is.....it depends on the item. Their lipsticks are great quality and texture but packaging ruined mine, eye-shadows are okay quality for $1 (better than some NYC stuff) but the false eyelashes I don't care for and would stay away from (my eyelash glue that came with it came out like powder...yea...lol)

Now for this waterproof eyeliner pen, Alyx has swore by it and she told me this within the first week of meeting her and I remember her raving about it but wasn't sold on how great it could be, so she handed a new one to me to try.

The packaging is quite nice, nothing to fancy and easy to hold in your hand and keep steady which is vital when using a liquid liner. Under the cap is a felt tip instead of a little brush which is great especially for beginners with using liquid liner because it's easier to control.  So this product is great for beginners or someone with a shaky hand.

I used this liner with a primer underneath (Too Faced Shadow Insurance) to test how I would normally use the liner with shadows and primers and to give it an even longer wear. I slowly pulled the felt tip at an angle close to my lashes and was amazed at how easy the product came out onto the lid. I predicted it would have a dry feeling or "skip" when I was trying to apply it. It didn't do that and it actually dried almost instantly which is a huge plus because when I use some other liquid liners I can open my eyes to quickly and it transfers on top of my eyeshadow and ruin my whole look :( But since this is quick drying I don't need to worry about that.

When it was time to take my makeup off the liner hadn't moved! In honesty, I really was in shock at the staying power, after a few scrubs with makeup remover, it came off. I am thoroughly impressed and for $1, why not stock up! Just like Alyx said though, make sure you store these with the cap side facing down to keep the product from drying out.

Try it! You only have a bunch of money to save by using this over any other expensive liquid liner.
Two mascaras in one? What!? Well allow me to explain. Rimmel has released a new mascara that can take your lashes from a day to night look. You can choose to have defined, ultra lengthened lashes or use the volume wand and get oversized volume in your lashes (my favorite!)

The pink cap allows for up to 75% more length and the black cap is for up to 12x more volume, which is perfect for those full looking lashes that you wanna bat at those cute boys across the bar ;).  This mascara comes is Extreme Black and Black. The one I used is in black. This mascara is extremely affordable as well! Only $7.99 and can be found in mass market retailers/drugstores like Walgreens, CVS, Target and Wal-Mart!!

Think about it, what if you even bought one of those really pricey mascaras from a department store, one to give volume to your lashes, and another one to give you length... ummm...well if you did that you probably would have a much lighter wallet. With this Rimmel mascara you get two in one, and guess what, IT WORKS! I was skeptical at first when seeing this because I didn't get the whole two want idea. But once I opened it and saw when you unscrew the pink cap and pull the wand through it changes in size and the density of the wand changes, which to me is genius!

There is no smell to the formula used which is good for people who may get irritated eyes because of scents, personally I love the smell of mascara (weird?) Haha. But this formula goes on nice and even and feels light on the lashes. the wand is a good size and don't need to do many coats to get the whole volume thing to work, but the pink wand did feel a little bendable to me when holding it, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing because it can make it easier to follow your actual eyelashes.

So I put this to the test with my lashes. Now without anything on my lashes, they are pretty much invisible. As you will see in the photo below. And it's hard for me to find a mascara that actually makes me look like I have nice big lashes. I actually used the lengthening wand first and then went over it with the volume want and that gave me the best result and I always prefer deep dark full lashes over length anyways.
Umm, don't really think I need to say more, look at that difference! They now are defined and are very visible. The length is great as well, they go past my crease mark as in the 'before' photo they didn't even come close! I'm so excited to have this product and was so impressed with the quality of the formula of the mascara that I know what I am going to buy as soon as I'm through with this tube.

To see more products from Rimmel you can visit www.RimmelLondon.com
*This product was sent to use for review, but has absolutely no impact on our judgement or review. All opinions are honest.
Its summer and you know what that means... SWIMMING! But who wants to sacrifice looking hot for cooling off?! Nobody! Hahaha. Urban Decay's Cannonball mascara is claimed to be "Ultra waterproof". They say the "light gel formula has been rigorously field-tested in the ocean as well as the sweat-drenched gym. The exclusive Japanese formula refuses to budge. A special microcrystalline wax works with the dense, fuzzy brush to increase seductive length and volume, without ever flaking off and compromising your lashes' natural feathery texture. Mermaids can now sing their siren songs with abandon, and high maintenance types can cry all they want."
Sounds great right? I put this mascara to the test. I went running ( so i was all sweaty ) and then to the beach. This mascara lasted pretty well. No raccoon eyes, and my lashes didn't stick together. (That usually happens to me when i swim with waterproof) But i did get flaky pieces when i rubbed my eyelid to get sand out.
The formula is very thin, and so is the brush. Bristles are short, and the bristle comb is long. I couldn't help but notice that the fibers are all over the place and falling out, or this is a fiber mascara that doesn't enhance lashes. (But i like very dramatic mascaras... ) Would be nice for someone who prefers very natural looks. This didn't give length or volume for me, so its really not something I would wear unless i was going in water. This mascara has no smell which is very good, and isn't waxy feeling like most. Packaging is cute, black  and teal. 

0.37 oz for $20 

Overall, its good for the beach and pool, but in my opinion, isn't worth breaking the bank if you don't have money to blow.

    Not only is it reasonably priced, but Coastal Scents is always sending out e-mails with discounts in them so I suggest you head on over to www.coastalscents.com and sign up to receive their e-mails!

    So, when I did get one of the e-mails about a sale on these palettes I literally spend a half an hour trying to decide on which palette to get! But obviously ended up picking this beautiful Winterberry palette. And boy am I happy I did! The colors are phenomenal and can work with a bunch of other common shades that most makeup lovers have.

    At first I was skeptical because I have never tried Coastal Scents shadows before, but gave in to my urge to try these while they had a sale going on. (Needless to say I will definitely be purchasing more soon). The pigmentation on these are amazing! With one swipe the color payoff is bright and true to the pan. These are also very silky/satin feeling, but don't come with any matte colors so if you are looking for more of a matte formula, I would build your own palette.

    It also comes in a nice sturdy and high quality black palette ( 5.75" x 4.28" x 0.5"), nice size mirror and is easy to travel with!  I could use this palette everyday to create multiple new looks. I can't recommend this palette enough, it's a must see for yourself kind of thing, you will have no regrets and definitely won't even second guess about returning it. :D

Leave your reviews/comments on here to share your experience with this product!