Here I have a monthly subscription box to share with you! It's called Starlooks Starbox! What it is, is you pay a monthly payment of $15 and you receive 3-4 FULL SIZE makeup/beauty products from the Starlooks line delivered to your doorstep! I received Novembers Starbox (pictured above). This month was dedicated to getting that "prime look". It's a look that all skin tones can wear. They did their best to make this a semi-cusomizable box to match your skin tone. Even if it wasn't meant to be matched with your skin tone, these colors look great on everyone!
Comes with a card to describe your Starbox, how to use the product, what's in it, and the perks about becoming a Starbox member!
     The first thing I took out of this box was an eyeshadow quad! I was impressed with this quad not only because of the beautiful universal colors but just the sheer fact that I got FOUR eyeshadows. Other subscription boxes usually give only 4-5 tiny samples never mind a whole quad! The colors I got are Rusting(top left), Midnight in Mongolia(top right), Coffee Bean(bottom left) and Void Echo(bottom right). 


     Right away I tested the colors out and was impressed with how satin and pigmented they were with on rub of a finger on the pan. I can see why they chose these colors because they can be used together in many different looks or even alone for a simple look and look good with any skin tone and any outfit! Versatile! There were two satin shadows, one matte and the darker one seemed to have a little more glitter in it. Check out the photo below for the swatches. The only thing I wish was that the pans had magnets on them so they wouldn't fall out of the compact. I noticed it because I opened it to fast one day and the pans went flying.

Tender Gloss Lipstick

     Along with the shadows, I received a beautiful nude Tender Gloss Lipstick in the color Pearl. What's a Tender Gloss Lipstick? It's a moisturizing lipstick with a sheer coverage that combines lipstick and lip gloss in one! I thought this was brilliant! Usually I'm using a lipstick and then putting gloss over it anyways because some are to drying. This applies very smoothly and is nice and creamy/glossy on the lips. This color is great for day or night! Another versatile product! You can see in the photo above how it has a little bit of sheerness to it and in the photo below you can see the beautiful color actually on my lips! This was my favorite item in the box.

3-in-1 Mascara Guide/Applicator

     This months box also came with a little surprise. What you see above is a 3-in-1 mascara guide. This weird looking tool helps prevent you from getting mascara on your perfectly done eyeshadow look. It's actually a really great idea because I can't tell you how many times I've messed up my eyeshadow but rushing with my mascara and getting it on my eyelid or under my eye. Also, on the bottom part of the guide it has a brush like end where you can separate and get rid of dreaded clumps!
     I couldn't be more pleased with this November Startbox. For only $15 it's a steal! Decembers box is going to be even better!! It's a $99 value for only $15! Sounds like a great gift idea if you ask me! Preorder your December Starbox by calling (949) 679-0679 or visiting!

     Are you into mineral makeup?! What about loose eyeshadow pigments? If you like either and/or both your gonna want to check out Lumiere Cosmetics. They are a great shop online with tons of great options for pigment color choices and they offer both matte and shimmery shadows! 
     I received 6 colors, pictured below, in sample jars to share with you. I didn't get any matte ones so I can't vouch for those ones (sorry), but I can tell you about these colors below that pack a ton of pigmentation. They all have shimmer in them and the pink one is more chunky and glittery! Before I get into the colors themselves, I do want to say their website has a great design to where you can click on the color family you want, like blues, pinks, greens etc and it just makes it that much easier to find a color that you are looking for!
Top: Black Cherry, Cotton Candy, Allure - Bottom: Khaki, Chartreuse, Foliage
Top: Black Cherry, Cotton Candy, Allure - Bottom: Khaki, Chartreuse, Foliage
     In the swatches above, I rubbed a little Too Faced Shadow Insurance on my hand and then just made a swatch with a cotton swab. These are all with one little dip into the jar and rubbed quickly on my hand. P-i-g-m-e-n-t-a-t-i-o-n! These little jars I can guarantee you will last me months and months! Such a little amount goes a long way with these because they are soft and glide on with ease. You can also mix up the pigments you get to create a custom color of your own! You want even more intense pigmentation, you can use these wet to make them pop even more! This is why loose pigments are my favorite to work with.
     I have used these for quite some time now and they do have long staying power with average fall out while applying, just like any loose pigment. The colors blend smoothly and reflect the sun when outside making your shadow look even more gorgeous! I hope I have introduced you to a great brand that should be sold at all stores in my opinion! If you are interested in trying Lumiere Cosmetics loose pigments, they have large 2 gram jars for $8 or a 1 gram jar for $5. If you are interested in trying more than just eyeshadow they do have a section on their website called "Custom Sample Kits" where you can pick and choose what you want to try before buying a full size! I love the quality of these shadows along with their price so I am going to purchase some sample baggies of more colors that are on sale right now for .01!!!

Quick look with Black Cherry and beautiful Cotton Candy as a highlight!