Concrete Minerals was a new brand for me. So I was super ecstatic to work with them and try out some of their shadows.
There whole thought on their brand is "Concrete Minerals launched in 2009 and we believe that every girl on Earth should have the opportunity to use gorgeous products that meet their needs in terms of quality without wreaking havoc on their skin"  Which is a great objective because everyone is unique and has different skin types that can be sensitive to certain ingredients.

Concrete Minerals products contain no nonsense, commonly referred to as: : Parabens :: Fragrances :: Dyes :: Nano-particles :: Bismuth Oxychloride, Talc or other cheap fillers.

The packaging is a 1.5 grams jar that has a black screw top & clear bottom with a sticker on the bottom that tells you the brand name, color, and ingredients. So as you can tell it's easy to find the color you are looking for quickly! The two that I picked were the colors Sabotage and Lithium (They were kind enough to throw in a free color called Brat as well(Shocking, hot pink) . Lithium is (Sparkling chrome silver) gorgeous. It's not that often you come across a color that almost looks like a shiny liquid metal. It is matched the photo on the website so I was very pleased with that. Sabotage (Black w/ pink sparkle & sheen) is a very unique color. It's a black mica but has specks of pinky/purple to it. Now that alone is my favorite combination! And again I found the colors in person to be very similar to the photos they have on the website when you order.

Left to Right: Lithium, Sabotage, Brat
Top: using just a primer
Middle: NYX Milk pencil underneath
Bottom: NYX Black pencil underneath
Note: You can also these wet. Just dampen your brush with water and apply for a more intense look or use as a liner.

It was hard to pick up the actual beauty of the middle color on my camera but it is really pretty and perfect for a smokey look. The texture this pigment is very soft and didn't have a gritty feeling. The shine/finish the lithium and Brat give off is one of my favorite qualities of these minerals. So if you prefer a more matte or don't like shiny/shimmery finishes I wouldn't recommend these.
But if you do then this should be on your must try list!

They also have sets of colors and specials on their page. If you do have any questions about their products, your orders or anything at all their customer service is impeccable and they are very sweet! ::Thumbs up for great service!::  I would love to try more colors in the future and share them with you!

1.5 Gram Jar =$7
                                                                                                - Dianna

I love pigments and minerals, and so I was very excited to try out a new brand... and I am happy to tell you all I really like Concrete Minerals. I find a lot of loose shadows skip and look uneven, and this didn't happen here. The colors are very pigmented and opaque. I am excited to play around with my samples and do a few looks, maybe film a tutorial or two with them. The colors I have:

My eyes see: a hot pink/magenta with light sparkle, and a slight blueish undertone
They say: (Shocking, hot pink) The hottest, brightest vegan pink under the sun excluding dyes! Pat it on lightly, and its violet leanings will pop out. Wear it all over your lids, and dance this mess around because you'll be the star of the party!

My eyes see: sheer burnt orange red, minimal sparkle
They say: (Deep shimmery red) A vibrant true-red shade of red! A popular part of our beloved "Alice" collection!

My eyes see: turquise/teal with metallic sparkle
They say-(Dark teal w/ gold sparkle) Although hard to capture properly in the eye images, this shade is rich, seductive and incredibly flirty. The gold sparkle adds pop to this fan-favorite!Sorry pictures are messy eyelid swatches with no base or foundation
                                                                                                     - Alyx