"Johnny Concert expresses individual style as a form of art while creating a cosmetic line that is great for our planet and well-being. Our luxurious Avant-garde cosmetics incorporate organic, natural, mineral, eco-savvy and vegan makeup with an edge. Our 100% cruelty free products utilizes a variety of colors so both men and women can truly express themselves while formulating their own makeup identity."
    I'm always on the hunt for new pigments that have bright bold colors and look just as pretty as they do on my eye as it does in the container. So I chose to try out the color "Story of Euphoria". It is described as "euphoric glow of light gold with iridescent shimmer" and I would say that they were pretty accurate. According to the photo on their site, the color was pretty close, but in person I'd say it was just a little more golden color than on their site.
    All of their pigments don't have any of that filler or chemicals in their ingredients which is what makes me love them even more! The more 'pure' the better! As soon as I opened mine up I smiled with excitement because I knew this color was going to be gorgeous on the skin and very easy to match with other colors.
    You can use these pigments just by applying with a brush onto the lid and blending with other colors or use water to wet a brush and use it as an eyeliner or wet shadow for a more metallic look. When I was playing around with this color I loved the way it almost melted into the skin and looked so smooth and easy to blend out or even blend other colors into.
    I am so in love with this color payoff and how finely milled this pigment is that I wish I could try out every single color they have! They have such a great selection and I highly suggest you check them out. You're bound to find a color for you.
    Also while you are there, browse around their cute website and find a bunch of other gorgeous products such as lipsticks, lip gloss, eyeliner, cheek tints and more!

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$16 a jar