Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics is a mineral makeup line created by Pauline Youngblood.  It's created to be used with all skin colors, types and ages! They are long wear and also able to withstand perspiration, heat and humidity. This is because Pauline worked as a medical aesthetician working with people with severely burnt skin or other issues and wasn't happy with all the other types of makeup out there. That's when she created her own to line with top notch ingredients!
Youngblood Pink Cashmere
     I have the Luminous Creme Blush in Pink Cashemere that I have been using for a couple weeks now.  It is an oil-free formulated blush that "combines a shimmering glow, with sheer long-wear color". These can be used alone on the cheeks or put on first and add powder blush over it for more vibrancy. These really do have long lasting power so I choose not to put a powder blush on top of the color.
     The swatch above is done with literally rubbing my fingers in the pot for a second and rubbing onto my hand. It did not take a lot of product to get that pretty matte carnation pink to show up. It also had a powder blush finish to it. It barely even looked like I touched the product in the pan. So I know that this pot is going to last me a very long time! I also love that this color is matte because I usually use a shimmery highlight above it so using blushes that have shimmer/shine to them is way to much for me.

     As you can see in the photos it's a very natural glowing look it gives. Just a flush of color and the way how it sheers out if you apply it light enough is what gives it that natural look.  Like I said, I used my finders to apply this and rubbed it in before it settled. Once settled it didn't budge on my face throughout the day. I was surprised when I got home from work and being out all day that you could STILL see the color. Most of the time   at the end of the day it barely looks like I have anything on my face, but not anymore!

You can pick up your own on the Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics
 website for $27. I promise you that you won't have to buy
 another blush for quite some time! 

A foundation, skin treatment & sunscreen in one! (SPF 15)

"I started Ecco Bella out of protest to the use of animals for testing

 cosmetics, and my mission expanded to inventing glorious natural beauty 
products from the universe of organics and nutraceuticals as well" 
- Sally Malanga (President of Ecco Bella)

Check out the ingredients!
     Ecco Bella products at 50-70% organic! I love a company that strives for a great quality product without testing on animals and using organic ingredients. They are free of water, gluten, dyes, GMO's, slaughterhouse products, and preservatives. But what I actually really like about their products is they are multi-purpose! Which means less products you need to buy and store in your beauty bag! For example this FlowerColor Natural Liquid Foundation with SPF 15. 

     It works hard to keep skin healthy with  both a UVA /UVB sunscreen, organic herbs, and antioxidants. Organic aloe vera quenches thirsty skin, saccharide isomerate, a natural sugar that binds water to the skin acting as a reservoir for continuous moisture. Organic herbs and vitamin E rejuvenate, protect and soothe skin. Gluten-free. Vegan. Paraben-free!
Swatch of the shade "Natural"
     The shade I have here is in Natural. The representative was extremely helpful when it came to picking the shade for me. I sent her a photo of me so she could see my skin color and she suggested Natural. I went with her opinion and look how great it matches! Wonderful job, thanks Darlene! :)
     I have been using this for awhile now and can say that I really enjoy the quality and coverage of this foundation. It goes on really easily and feels like it's really moisturizing and light on my face throughout the day. It gives a real natural look but with coverage! I would consider this a medium coverage foundation but it is a little buildadble so if you need more coverage just do a couple layers with giving it time to dry in between.
     I'm not so sure I would suggest this to people with oily skin just because of how moisturizing it is. Non the less, if your intrigued just use a primer that is made for oily skin and that should help you out. It left a nice healthy dewy look throughout the day when I didn't use a powder to set it. Personally, I like more of a matte look, so I dab some powder over it to set it.
Me wearing just the foundation with no powder, bronzer etc.
     Overall I was very pleasantly surprised at how well this foundation is. I even had the girls at work touch my face and feel how nice this foundation made my face feel. (Weird?) So if your looking for a more organic and animal friendly brand, Ecco Bella is a great place to start! Visit them on Facebook to keep up with their latest creations!

1 oz tube is $25.95
theBalm was kind enough to let me pick out product to review and show you guys. Of course, just like all my reviews this is my full honest opinion.
All the links and buying information your little heart desires will be located at the bottom of this post. Be sure to check them all out!
Here is a screen shot from theBalm website. This is their super cute page for the Mary-Lou Manizer in their Cheeks section.
As shown in her police report, Mary-Lou is being held for multiple charges. Not only is she a great cheek highlight, all over shimmer and eye shadow, but she is also too pretty and too popular.
" Meet Mary-Lou Manizer, a seemingly innocent honey-hued luminizer that catches everybody's eye. This highlighter, shadow, and shimmer diffuses light so your skin looks softer and younger while adding a subtle glow. Layer is on your lids for luxe-looking lashes, sweep it on your cheeks for a sexy sheen or use it as an all-over finishing touch before you head out for the night. "
Here is a screen shot of the "purchase" button on theBalm's website. As you can see, this product is only $24.00 and is 8.5g.
All pictures above this line are screen shots from theBalms website. 

All pictures below this line are photos taken by me (Alyx)
The packaging is so cute and full of amazing details. Its too cute to throw away, so I am storing my compact in the box still.
Here is the back of the box. Not only does it has the barcode, and ingredients list, but it also has Mary-Lou's finger prints. How cute!
Shown here is the compact (left) and its matching box (right). theBalm puts amazing details into their packaging.
Here is the back of the compact. Nothing fancy, but it does not need to be.
Here is the compact open. As you can see, the product is a pressed powder. It comes with a mirror on top making it convenient for travel, and touchups.
Mary-Lou Manizer gave me glowing skin. Can you see the "soft focus" effect?
Here it is in bright light so you can see some sheen.
Works great as a browbone highlight.
My skin looks great!
And in the light, the shimmer gives you the greatest non glittery looking glow.
Overall, I think this product is a must have!
$24 may seem like a lot of money for some of you budget conscious girls and guys, but trust me... you get more than you pay for. Not only can you use it in place of many products, but I have used it many many times and it doesn't even look touched. Its very pigmented, causing you to only need a little. But it is also a lot of product for your money. I can see this lasting a very long time. 
"Queen of Obscene"
"Johnny Concert expresses individual style as a form of art while creating a cosmetic line that is great for our planet and well-being. Our luxurious Avant-garde cosmetics incorporate organic, natural, mineral, eco-savvy and vegan makeup with an edge. Our 100% cruelty free products utilizes a variety of colors so both men and women can truly express themselves while formulating their own makeup identity."
"There is a new b*tch in town. Eh-hem. Queen.. and she’s not taking any of your bullsh*t either. Bow down..lower.. to the most gorgeous light pink."
    Johnny Concert Glamour is a 100% cruelty-free makeup line. I recently did a review on their Mineral Eyeshadow that you should check out as well! along with the eyeshadow I got to try their mineral blush and decided to give "Queen of Obscene" because I don't have a color like it and I love the name!! All of the names of their products are in theme with their brand name and website design, fun, funky and rock n roll!
    The picture above is from their website. For color reference it looks a little lighter than what it comes off as on the skin. But everyone's eyes see colors a little different so you can be the judge. It is very close though so I would the photos are pretty reliable.
Can be worn sheer for a beautiful more natural look or layered for a more glam look!
    I loved the color payoff of this blush. It was easy to apply and didn't cake up on my skin. It lasted for the majority of the day and just reapplied it closer to night to re-vamp it a little.  I usually don't like blush that has shimmer in it, but this had just the right amount in it and wasn't chunky or kiddish looking. It was very small particles that actually I liked. It is easy to blend so it gives a glow along with a healthy color to your cheekies!

Save 10% just by being their Facebook Fan! Also by being a fan you will get updates when they are doing giveaways for FREE products!

$23 for a full jar
    What pretty packaging!! I received this lovely package in the mail from Saffron Rouge, an online retailer specializing in organic cosmetics and beauty product. As you know if you are an avid reader, I loveeee when companies put that extra effort into making their packaging look pretty and like there was effort put into it. Saffron Rouge exceeded my expectations. The first thing that came to mine was if this was a gift I ordered, it's already wrapped and ready to go!
Items Received in the red box
    Inside the box I received a Pure Primer by Inikia, which I will be reviewing here and the other items will be reviewed in the "eye product" section of the blog.    
    The website states that "INIKA Pure Primer consists of certified organic Aloe Vera Leaf juice, Jojoba and Lemon Myrtle to help offer the skin protection and hydration prior to makeup application. It creates an even canvas for foundation application and improves the staying power of your makeup.

Containing certified organic essential oils – Lavender, Lemon Myrtle and Jojoba for nourished and hydrated skin, the primer calms and soothes the skin and offers protection and hydration.

Perfect for dry/normal skin, INIKA Pure Primer can be worn alone or under other foundations."
Sleek Packaging
    I love the design of the bottle and the sleek packaging that even when it's sitting on my makeup desk it looks nice and professional. Primers are an essential for me since my skin can get rather dry and oily in some areas and makes it harder to spread my foundation. Also makeup primers help your makeup last longer throughout the day. It's an extra step in your makeup routine but definitely worth it.
    First time I used this I noticed it doesn't feel like a silicone based formula (like Smashbox's primer) but more like a lotion. Personally I like the feel of a silicone based one more but I gave this one a shot anyways. The smell at first was something I wasn't to sure about but once I applied it to my skin and rubbed it in the smell a;most seemed like a "fruit loops" smell, so I ended up not minding it.
Easy to use pump with no mess.
    I just dispensed 2-3 pumps onto my fingers and massaged into my face before applying my foundation. It absorbed nicely into my skin and to me it felt like it gave a little tightening feeling to my skin (not sure if that's one of it's purposes but I liked it!!). It left my skin feeling like a clean canvas and was ready to apply the rest of my makeup.
    As I tested it throughout the day, my makeup did stay on quite long and didn't 'dissolve' in my more oily areas, which is great because who likes having to constantly retouch foundation!?

    You can find this primer at Saffron Rouge for $47.76
    Hello girls! I want to introduce you the brand "Nude by Nature". I was intrigued and wanted to work with this company because not only is it fun sharing about new brands that people may not have heard about, but finding brands that are great for all skin types and are easy on the skin! It's easy to help people find things that won't irritate their face and need to use even MORE makeup, right?!
    This brand was in the Australia Beauty Awards in 2010! Now as if that isn't exciting enough it "provides a long wearing, water resistant, flawless complexion without the talc, bismuth or parabens that are used in most other major brands." So you can say goodbye to all those harsh toxic chemicals in other makeup.
    We are taking a look at the Natural Mineral Cover. The one I have is for medium skin tones. (You have the choice of light, medium or dark). The first thing I noticed about this was the size! It was huge (15g) and filled to the top! This company does not skimp on product at all which made me one happy makeup lover! Take a look at the photo below to compare it to a Bare Minerals foundation. (6g)
    The container has a screw on lid with a sifter on the top when you open it which is great because that way you don't waste a lot of product with spillage or just picking to much up on the brush. The only thing I like better about my Bare Minerals container is it has a sifter lock, so that if the container gets turned over in my bag, it wont spill more product out onto the lid.
    Now I have been using it for a while now and have to say I am quite impressed. I am usually a liquid foundation person but have been leaning towards this product not only for the review, but because I like the finishing look I get from this.
    With a clean face, I will moisturize it and add a little Reviva Makeup Primer to help smooth out my skin and make application easy. Then tap some of the product into the lid and swirl the super soft brush into the powder and tap off the extra so I don't get to much on my face on the first swipe. I then use circular motions to apply this all over my face. I like a little more coverage so I will repeat the steps till I get my desired coverage.
    I noticed that this product stayed put throughout the day even without a setting spray! Also, it was good at controlling the oil on my face throughout the day because it contains kaolin clay. So it's a must try for people who are prone to oily skin.
    It gave my face a pretty good looking canvas and when your face looks flawless, the rest of your makeup in general looks even better!  The only thing I would suggest is that the company look into making more shade ranges because I don't think three is enough for everyone who would want to try this product. Thumbs up on this product, just needs more shade ranges!
(PS This will last you suchhhh a long time, so no repurchasing as often as regular powder!)

1 Jar = $39.95
Click HERE to be taken to their website
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    Hello ladies! I haven't heard of Mistura Beauty Solutions before receiving this cute little kit in the mail to review. I love being able to venture out into newer (to me) company lines and being able to share the good or bad brands and products that I find!   
    So let's get into what is "The Essential Kit"? As you can see it comes with a little vinyl case that contains the four products shown along with a card that tells you how to apply the products and a list of ingredients. I plan on keeping the bag that it came with just because it's so convenient to reach for the bag because I know what's in there and go out the door.  Also, I will consider something like this for gift giving as well because it's already nicely put together!
    So what is in this kit?! When ordering this you will receive the case, instructions, mini compact of the 6-in-1 beauty solution, mini Kabuki brush, sample of Luminada and a vitamin E lip treatment!
6-in-1 Beauty Solutiion
Kabuki Brush that I use
    This little bad boy right here is what I call something that should be a 'staple' in everyone's beauty bag. There is no guessing at a color for you since it comes in only ONE shade, that works with ALL skin types and colors. So that means no guessing games or returning to do if you always pick the wrong matching colors.
    What you do with it is take the Kabuki brush that comes with it and tap it lightly into the product. Apply a small amount in an upward motion on your cheeks. This gave me a very natural bronzed look that flattered my skin tone and gave more of a depth to my makeup. also brush it across my nose forehead and chin where the sun would naturally would hit my face.
     Along with being a bronzer this product can be used as a  blush, eyeshadow, lipstick, highlighter and concealer!  This means that that 5 less products you need to carry around!
    To apply this as a lipstick, apply the Mistura over any of your favorite moisture base, and if you don't have any just use the vitamin E stick that comes in your kit! I tried this and it's a very neutral look that is great to use if you are doing a fun eyeshadow look. But my favorite use out of this product is the bronzing aspect. For me it's to light of an eyeshadow unless used as a highlight and I don't see how I would use this as a concealer because I need a little more coverage, but it does reflect a little light away from the dark circles!
Luminada Illuminating Moisturizer
    Before even applying the item mention above, I tried out the Luminada Illuminating Moisturizer. Now, I'm a sucker for any product that gives a glow to my face, right above my cheek bones. I love love love the look that gives. Plus I feel like it makes me look a little more awake than I normally am, haha!
    This product says "hydrating, illuminating lotion protects from free radicals and premature aging while leaving skin with a radiant, luminous, healthy glow. Mistura’s fragrance-free formula provides a moisture-rich barrier against dryness, dullness and lack of elasticity. Worn before bed or under Mistura’s incredible 6-in-1 Beauty Solution, Luminada™ will leave skin silky smooth and glowing with its illuminating properties."
    It says its frangrace-free but when I smell it in the jar, to me it smells like the paints/crayons you use on Halloween to do face work or whatnot for a costume, but I won't complain because I actually like that scent (odd??). But just something to notice in case some people may not want any scent. But this product does do as described above, it did a great job bringing that glow to my cheeks and reflecting light to help reduce appearance of 'tired' eyes. I must say I make sure to use this everyday for all of it's benefits.
Vitamin E Lip Treatment
    This product I got kinda excited to have in this bag when I'm in a rush because then I won't need to worry about which chapstick to bring and lipgloss. This hydrates my lips right away and goes on clear so I don't need to worry about grabbing the correct tinted lip balm or grabbing gloss because it gave a nice little shine to the lips too. Plus this has no fragrance smell to it at all either.
    This is also the lip conditioner I used to apply the Beauty Solution as a lipstick!! Anyone with dry chapped lips should definitely give this a try because the vitamin E was proved to be one of the best fixes for this common issue. My little tip is to put this on at night and when you wake up your lips will be SOOO soft!

One Kit - $28.99 (Canadian) which I believe is around $29 USD
Check out this Essential Kit by clicking HERE
    Do you have a foundation that is sort of on the thick side, or a foundation that you can't seem to get to stay on long and that goes on uneven? What about big pores or oily skin that makes your makeup disintegrate? Oh...also do you love the feeling of silk? Because I know I have answered "yes" to all the above.
    Reviva Labs was kind enough to let us try their Makeup Primer whice comes in a 1 oz bottle with a pump top.  It's not a runny liquidy primer, so it's easy to handle and one to two pumps is all you need for your whole face. You use this over your regular moisturizer or you can use this as your moisturizer to! I have used this for a few days now to get a real feel for it, and I can tell you I am almost excited when it's time to put this on because when you rub it onto your skin your fingers easily glide all over and it feels like you are putting silk all over your face. Ahhh, it's so nice feeling I was almost tempted to use it all over my skin everywhere!!!
   I also put this to the test because I went to the zoo yesterday with my cousin and her little girl, and it was HOT out. I was all upset because I did my makeup and felt like it was melting off my face. When we finally left I was almost nervous to see if my eye makeup was running down my face and my foundation was gonna be streaky n worn off. literally didn't budge. My makeup looked perfectly fine. FIVE starts for that, thoroughly impressed!
    It compares very closely to Smashbox Photofinish primer but I feel like this would last me a little longer than that because it is well controlled with how much product is dispensed each time and none goes to waste (even if to much came out I would probably put it on dry areas of my skin elsewhere!)  
    For me, this is a must have luxury item and one thing I won't mind splurging on because it makes even the cheapest foundation look 10x better!

Ingredients: Co-enzyme Q10, Olive Oil, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin A and more yummy stuff for your skin!

1 oz = $19.50
Click HERE to purchase or view other Reviva Labs products


I find that most pimers make my foundation and concealer slip and slide away due to excessive silicone. This was not the case here. Reviva Labs makeup primer is a silky smooth dimethicone primer that is clear with no excessive shine like some primers can give. 

I like that the formula works great ove moisturizer, so there is no need to change your skincare regimine. 

Compared to other high end primers I have used, the staying power, and line/pore filling ability of this primer surpasses all others.

I can see this being great for all skin ypes. It will surpress overly oily skin, as well as moisturize dry patchy skin. 

This is a MUST have for flawless foundation, and is an amazing price for what it does. 

Google translate came in a lot of handy when it came to opening the package that Couleur Caramel sent us. Maybe we should have taken more foriegn languages in highschool. hahah. But thankfully for me, the website is in English. 
The color I was sent is Orange Beige, which surprisingly matched me. Lightweight , but a slightly tacky texture. I fealt the need to powder over to get a drier finish.  Medium coverage. They suggest it to be applied over their white base for a "perfect result". I did not have their white base, but i did not use any other primers. But be careful applying. The formula dries quickly so make sure you blend fully, evenly and fast, or you will end up with little streaky lines. 
If you are interested in buying this product, I suggest you buy the one in a bottle. I recieved the refill for the bottle to review, so mypacking is a metal squeeze tube and seemed to get messy after a few uses.There is a lemony  citrus scent to this foundation. I really enjoy it, but others may dislike scented face products. 
I like using this foundation for a natural look. 

Fluid Foundation Refill30 ml 99,1 % of the total ingredients in this product are of natural origin.
Price : $30.25 USDFluid Foundation30 ml 99,1 % of the total ingredients in this product are of natural origin.
Price : $43.00 USD

Here is the link for the glass jar of this foundation.