I got to try this product out for free through BzzAgent. BzzAgent is a website where anyone can try and review products for free. BzzAgent sent me a package with coupons for FREE Glade products. Glade has recently come out with a new line with a modern twist both visually and "scent-ually" lol. 

"Inspired by art and designed to be left out on display, the Glade Expressions® Collection does double duty as home décor and a fragrance solution. With lightly layered fragrances to freshen your air, modern holders that complement your (already fabulous) decorating sense and the opportunity to refill scents at your convenience, you’d be silly not to invite Glade Expressions® products into your home before the next round of guests." 

"Take a daily trip to the tropics with the alluring fragrance of juicy pineapple and a hint of tangy mangosteen, ripe coconut and blossoming passionflower."  -says the Glade website
"Discover the world’s most perfect spray. Glade Expressions® Fragrance Mist comes in a stylish holder that allows you to squeeze and release a long-lasting, fine mist of fragrance. The gentle mist creates layers of true-to-life fragrance that open up note-by-note, eliminating odors and freshening the air. It’s the first artfully designed holder that blends with your décor. Just remove the label and it and can be left out, letting you have a burst of fragrance that’s always right at hand."

"Experience true-to-life fragrances instantly with a gentle mist."
"Stylish new oil diffusers that release long-lasting, true-to-life scents. Glade Expressions® Oil Diffuser releases a long-lasting fragrance for up to 30 days without needing to plug it in. The spill-proof oil diffuser infuses layers of true-to-life scents throughout living spaces, making them feel fresh and inviting. The trendy holder matches décor perfectly, making it a convenient and stylish home-fragrancing option."

"Oil diffusers with a contemporary new design and long-lasting scents."
WARNING: My reviews tend to look very long because they are very picture heavy. Please click below to read this review. 

     Are you a candle lover like I am?! If so I have a real treat for you. I was recently contacted by the sweet owner of 3-8-1 Candles. Sure, a candle company, but what makes this company different than the other 1000's of candle companies?! Each of their 22 oz. jar candles come with a REAL piece of jewelry in them!!! Yes, real, non of that costume jewelry or junky crap that will turn your fingers green. 
     Above, as you can see, I got the Black Raspberry Vanilla 22 oz candle. It was so hard to pick out of their set of 32 different scents! I knew exactly what this was when it showed up at my house before even looking at the return address. That right off the bat should tell you that they don't skimp on their fragrance! I literally could smell the sweet scent of this candle through the box.
     It is a double wick (which I LOVE, it burns nice and even) and they are all hand poured soft wax. It burns beautifully in its lovely thick glass jar that I plan to put to good use even after my candle is done. I just can't stop telling everyone I know about the quality of this candle and the way the scent lingers through the air even before I started burning it! It was on my nightstand and I couldn't figure out what the sweet smell I kept getting a whiff of was... and I didn't think of the candle because I hadn't even started burning it yet! But it was the candle! I honestly don't know how much better you can ask for in a candle, especially because I hate candles that barely have a smell.
     Now for the exciting jewelry part! I FINALLY reached the bottom of the candle where the jewelry is! I was thinking that I was going to have to clean wax off of it, but silly me, they put it safely in a plastic baggie and wrapped in tinfoil. I felt like I struck gold since I have been burning the candle for dayyysss waiting to see what my prize was. I got so excited when I seen a little of the tinfoil that I scooped it up with a spoon and opened it. 
     I also want to inform you, if you get one of these long lasting & room filling scented candles, in the 22 oz jar, do NOT attempt to dig out the jewelry! You most likely will ruin the candle. I mention this because I have read of people getting super excited (understandable) and just digging to the jewelry. With the scent that I got, I can't imagine rushing and ruining mine. I would have been so upset! So just let it burn and enjoy it till the end!!

Here is what I got in mine:

     EVERY 3-8-1 jewelry piece is crafted from genuine fine jewelry metals including Titanium, Tungsten, Stainless Steel, .925 Sterling Silver, 10k, 14k, and 24k gold. Each genuine jewelry piece has a retail value of $39.99 to $1,000. You might get a ring, a brooch, earrings, a bracelet, a necklace, or an anklet!
     I didn't just pull out a ring or a necklace, I got a set in mine!! I e-mailed the owner with this photo and she was kind enough to tell me what it was and it's worth! Here is what she said: "This is genuine Citrine with diamond accents set in .925 silver with a value of $190.00." SCORE!!! The 22 oz. jar itself is $30.99 and the jewelry is worth $190! (She also said I could get it looked at at a jeweler.) How exciting! Also diamond accents!? Tell me another candle company that no matter what you will get REAL jewelry and have a delicious scent list like theres! You NEED to check them out on Facebook as well, all the people on there are raving about how much they love their candles!

     "Brook Harvey Taylor (founder) personally develops all of our fragrances using the highest quality ingredients including essential and natural oils from all over the world to create Pacifica’s proprietary perfume blends. Pacifica does not support the use of naturals that are threatened or where the harvesting of the plant endangers biodiversity or causes other environmental issues. 
     Pacifica adheres to strict IFRA standards, a self-governing organization that sets safety standards for all natural and non-natural aroma compounds."

     I hope you took a second to read the little excerpt above about how wonderful this company is and the standards they have.  That made me fall in love with this company, along with the aromas that come from their products! They carry delicious smelling fragrances, lotions, body butters, scrubs and more. They have four difference scent categories: Florals, Fruits, Herbs & Spices and Woods & Resins! Under each of those categories is a list of scents to choose from! So there are a bunch of options and are easy to find.
     I got to try the Hawaiian Ruby Guava perfume in a 1 oz. spray bottle. The packaging on this perfume is so colorful and inviting!  Also the bottle has a matching design to it which makes it look adorable sitting on my desk.  This scent was "inspired by a surfing trip to Hawaii, this sexy and sultry tropical blend combines sweet, berry-like notes of Guava with a bright, citrusy top note of Pomelo and a warm and subtle coconut base."
Tried to capture the spray :)
     This is such a fun scent. Every time I wear it I get asked about it because it's sort of a unique smell. At least to me I haven't smelt anything similar to it before. I'm so happy I have this right now because it's the absolute PERFECT scent for summertime. It's not overpowering but people will definitely notice it when you walk by them.
     I found it lasted a good amount of time throughout the day but I did reapply it halfway through the day to freshen it up a bit. I only wish it had a cap on it because of the fear of it leaking or spraying in my purse if I was to bring it with me somewhere. Other than that, I am so happy to be introduced to Pacifica and their intoxicating scents.

1 oz. = $22
     A candle and fragrance to match! That's what I have here by Pretty Woman. I love layering perfumes, with lotions and body washes. Now I can also make my room smell like the same scent too! It makes the scent linger around longer and with a candle, it's not overpowering either.  In the photo above I have received a soy-based 7 oz. candle, an "On the Go!" travel sprayer vials and two other individual spray vials to share with friends. 
     Above we have the 3 spray vials that come in the "On the Go!" set.  These are perfect for traveling or just to put in your purse incase you find the scent wearing off. The only thing is that these little guys are glass! So I'd keep them in this container or at least in something sturdy so that they don't break. I'd maybe suggest that they come in plastic or more durable container so I wouldn't have to worry about them breaking if I plop my bag down on the floor.
  It is described as fresh, upbeat, sophisticated, ageless and timeless. "Like the notes of a song, the notes of Pretty Woman Perfume open to reveal a delightful melody of florals, spices and woods. It is a complex blend of hundreds of individual floral and spicy notes. Its crisp, luminous bergamot top note evolves to reveal a full, vivacious middle note accord of stargazer lily, red rose and carnation. The fragrance’s base note accord of fresh amber, patchouli, vanilla, atlas cedar and sacred incense combine with a lingering everlasting warmth and harmony." It definitely isn't something I could see a teenager wearing but someone older for sure. 
     The candle was my favorite! The sleek sharp looking glass holder is bound to look great in any living room or bedroom. The scent fills the room lightly without it even being lit! I also loved that the candle wax itself was black! If you love a stronger scented candle this one you should look into trying this one. These are made from an original blend of high quality soy based waxes and a lead free wick with a 40 hour burn time!!
      The candle and fragrance do have the same scent but for some reason I find I enjoy the candle much more. The candle is $29.99 or if you like the whole idea of "layering" scents you could do the package with the "On the Go" box and candle for $39.99. That would be the best deal because then you can try the perfume out before you grab a bigger bottle! I think it would make a great gift for your mom or grandmother!

I just want to also mention, for every 100 Likes on their Facebook page, they give away one Pretty Woman "On the Go" set! So make sure you Like them to get a chance to win some free product!

    HeavenScent Soy Candles is a unique candle company started by Lynne Tracy in 2005.  But wait....why are they kinda unique?!  Let me explain why I favor this company now over several other brands.
    When you order from this company, they want you to have the perfect candle that fits YOUR style and personality, or even have it match your room! Still confused? Well, you get to pick scent(obviously), the color of the soy wax you'd like in your jar and the type of wick you'd like (regular wick, no wick, wood wick). I love the idea of customization! It makes it feel like it's your own. With that being said, you can also have the option of incorporate a logo or special message on the jar.   
    Why soy wax instead of regular old candle wax? "Soy candles are made from all natural renewable ingredients. By purchasing soy candles you are helping American farmers. Once the soy beans are harvested they are pressed into wax flakes. HeavenScent Soy Candles uses these flakes along with natural dyes and scented oils to create a premium candle. These candles have a wide variety of benefits over traditional candles.
  • Made from an all natural renewable resource
  • Burns cleaner than traditional candles (No black soot around the top of the jar)
  • Supports US farmers
  • Lasts 50‰ longer than traditional candles
  • Soy Candles are made with non-toxic materials
    When burned, soy candles last longer because they burn cooler than traditional paraffin wax candles. Additionally, soy candles are less likely to trigger allergies because they burn cleanly and do not produce as much soot and smoke. "
    Upon receiving my candle I loved the simple packaging and the plaid ribbon tied around the rim of the jar. To me, it gives a "homey" feeling. Also, it has a note card attached to it with their logo and a suitable Chinese proverb "It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness".
inside the card
    How did it smell? I can honestly say that I can definitely smell the apple scent. I like my candles strong and able to fill up the whole room with the aroma. This candle did that when I just took off the cap and didn't even light it yet! So when I lit it, the sweetness of the candle really came out and pulled the whole 'apple pie' feeling in the air as if there was one baking in the oven. I believe it's because the sweet sugary scent along with the apples pulls it all together. 5 STARS!
Size comparison
    If this may sound like something you'd love your house smelling like, I suggest you visit their website or Facebook to learn more!
Joseph Thomas True Candles is a luxury candle company located in Springfield, KY. It was founded by John Mudd and Craig Stevenson in 2003.  

Ok, so who is Joseph Thomas? 
The name is a combination of John and Craig's middle names. 

The goal was to create gender nuetral, attractive, enviornment creating pieces.

"They designed the products knowing that to be successful they must adhere to three basic principles:

Packaging must display beautifully, be gift-ready, and have a secondary use. 

Fragrance is a critical part of the home experience thus must be complicated but designed to be layered, in that any combination allows the buyer to create their own custom home fragrance.

They would use only the highest quality materials for the highest quality consumers. Only the most exclusive botanicals, oils, fabrics, and packaging are ever used."

They had immediate great success due to their dedication and love of what they did. 

Joseph Thomas True Candles was even commissioned to create a fragrance specifically for Nieman Marcus department stores, Delphinium, a candle they still produce now. (Nieman Markus no longer carries these candles)

In 2007 John became the sole owner and shortly after in 2008 he passed away. 

Due to his death, the company ceased manufacturing until 2009 when a couple named Gary and Gail Jarboe stepped in. The couple were big fans of the company and thought it would be a shame for such great products to just dissapear off the market. 

After talking with John's family, they resumed manufacturing with the same standards John used. 

All products come "instantly giftable" in a decorative reusable box or organza bag. 

The stainless steel labels add to the clean, modern, luxurious look of their products. 

I recieved ( as you can see from my pictures ) the Votive Collection. 

"The Collection contains all nine traditional Joseph Thomas fragrances in beautiful votive sized candles allowing the consumer to create and burn all their favorite combinations making this a spectacular gift."

I was also sent two more votives for consideration. 
Not only do these candles look great, they are great quality.

They use one pound of fragrance oils for every ten pounds of wax, which is a lot compared to most other candle companies. 
This set retails for $57.00 on their website. 

Until a few changes are made, purchases can be made by phone or email. See their website for details. 
To visit their website and view all their products and read their full story CLICK HERE
These votives look great. They are simple, yet classy looking, and will match many decors. 
My favorites of the eleven scents I have received are Snow and Thistle and Moss.

Snow smells to me like a mix of cucumber melon and peppermints. Although that sounds gross, it smells refreshing and modern. 

Thistle and Moss is a sexy dark but not overpowering cologne type smell. 
Fragrance Descriptions: From their site.

Dogwood Blossom - A delicate blend of celadon tea & airy ozone fragrances finishes sweet & powdery for a fragrance as delicate as its namesake.

Forsythia - Rich delicate florals layered with green notes of bradford cucumber, fresh grass and clary sage render a richly unisex fragrance.

Jacaranda - Sharp ocean notes mixed with clean cotton tones create an intoxicating fresh linen fragrance.

Lychee nut - Marine & jungle notes mingle to create a soft, sultry Asian blend worthy of geisha girls everywhere.

Persimmon - A unique mix of clary sage & juicy red pomegranates create a fragrance that is ripely exotic.

Quince - Top notes of Meyer lemon fold into a rich base of precious amber, white musk & mission fig to create a most luxurious blend.

Thistle and Moss - An essential lavender base infused with the exotic notes of sandalwood and vetyver give this candle a mysteriously unisex blend.

Wheat - Organic garden notes enhanced with green tomato leaf, bibb lettuce & bradford cucumber are layered with grain & grass for an earthy clean blend.

Willow - Thai lemongrass, dalmatian sage & mossy fern create the penultimate spa essence fragrance. Our best sellers.

- Icy peppermint mixes with cool cucumber to create this modern winter fragrance. Crisp Water notes add a clean finish to the scent.

Overall, these candles are great. They look great and smell great. The quality of them is outstanding. You can really tell how much love and heart is put into keeping this company going. 
Whether you are buying these as a gift for someone, or simply getting them to enjoy for yourself, you will not be disappointed. 
I was showing these candles to my Grandma, and she fell in love. 

Dian is a proud vintage mother of four and grandmother of nine.

She thinks this would be a great hostess gift, or nice wedding gift for the couple who has everything. 
What does she think?

Below are my grandmothers thoughts on each candle.

Dogwood Blossom - As smell as legendary as the dogwood trees. Like breathing fresh air.

Forsythia - One of the most beautiful flowers, anticipation of spring.

Jacaranda - Like a wet Florida backyard, with clotheslines of sheets.

Lychee nut - Fruity.

Persimmon - Delightful, fruit of the Gods

Quince - Apples, guava and figs.

Thistle and Moss - Deep, manly, night time of your teens and 20s.

Wheat - The wholesome grains of homemade bread dough.

Willow - Tropical gardens, can see why this is the best seller.

- Like looking at a frozen pond.  
I would like to give a big thank you to Joseph Thomas True for sending us these candles and I hope everyones Holidays and New Year were great.


Click here to view the candle I am reviewing
, and browse the site while your there. 

I will take pictures and do small updates every few days as I use this. So keep checking back.

    Who says you need to be a celebrity to design your own custom fragrance?! Now thanks to founder Nina Settle, you can make your own custom blended fragrance!!! She turned her hobby/love of fragrance into a business! So wanna know how you don't waste tons of money on one bottle of perfume from a department store? Fusion Perfumery is how!
    There are have a few different services she offers: Private Perfume Design, The Perfume Party, Customer Appreciation Perfume Parties and Event Favors! Click HERE to see more details about each service.
How to design your fragrance?
STEP 1 Decide what kind of fragrance you are creating. Is it a feminine, masculine, or unisex fragrance.
STEP 2 Decide what size bottle of fragrance you want to create
STEP 3 Design your scent! Pick 8 or less scents from the fragrance list. In order to have a well balanced fragrance pick some top notes, middle notes and base notes.

    On their fragrance list there are tons of scents to choose from! I chose musky, rose, amber, cedarwood, lilac, bamboo, plumeria, and hydrangea. You can choose up to 8 scents...and well..I guess you can say I took advantage of that!
Cute packaging!
Scents you picked are listed on the bottle!
    I must admit, I did spend a great deal of time figuring out what to put in my perfume because when it comes to scents, I'm the worst at describing what I like. I looked at the ingredients of some of my favorite perfumes and tried to add those scents into my own.
    Needless to say, when I received my perfume and opened it, it definitely had that powerful long lasting scent to it which lingers around for the whole day/night. I absolutely love fragrances have that staying power. But the smell wasn't exactly like I planned for. Which I can't say I am to surprised because as I said, my nose and fragrance don't go hand in hand and I was also picking them off a website and didn't have the scents in front of me to smell first. 
    I will say after wearing my perfume for a while on my skin, it smells a lot better and works better when it's on my skin rather than just smelling it right out of the rollerball. This was such a fun and exciting thing to do, especially waiting for it to come in the mail to see what your creation is like!   
    I would only change the packaging a little because my sticker is starting to peel up because this was a 'Perfume Oil" and would leak a little bit and make the sticker come up.

Price ranges depending on the size of the bottle you choose, click HERE for price list.


Alyx's review is on our YouTube page. Click below to watch. Comment here or there and let us know what you think. =)

Bare Skin 
Eau De Parfum

Leslie Blodgett
Perfume Diaries

This fragrance is exclusive to Sephora. After writing this review I had realized, that it is also limited edition, and only available in a solid form now. .... Sooooo sorry about that. BUT on a positive note, I found it very similar to Estee Lauder's Sensuous, so if this scent sounds like you would like it, try this instead. (< RUN ON SENTENCE...)

They say :
" Imagine you're on a beach. The warm rays are beating down on you. There is nothing on the agenda for days, save for sunbathing and sleeping in. Leslie Blodgett has captured the ultimate vacation through fragrance with this intoxicating blend of creamy sensuality, dreamy florals and sexy musks. Glowing, gorgeous sun-kissed skin that just begs to be touched is at the heart of this limited-edition scent, created exclusively for Sephora."

Top: No clock in sight and no reason to wake up (Black Pepper, Freesia, Anise). 
Middle: Hot, hot hopping to the towel on sand (Iris, Vanilla Orchid, Plumeria, Patchouli). 
Bottom: Finally, time to mingle, baring amber shoulders still warm from the day (Sandalwood, Labdanum, Musk). 

Style: Romantic. Warm. Spontaneous.


Smelling from bottle- trees/wood pine or cedar 
On skin- after shave ish, liquor
Dry- older, very wears the pantsish
overall- warm, wintery 

This scent is nice. I like it, but I wuld not wear it. I am very sensetive to smells, and this one would give me a headache if I wore it all day, but would be lovely in a candle, or something like that. 

This review is for DKNY Golden Delicious Eau De Parfum. 
They say "DKNY Golden Delicious glistens with a glamorous burst of succulent orange flower water. The heart beats deeper with floral touches of white rose and muguet flower. In the base, musk, sandalwood, and teakwood blend together, lending a warm, lasting touch of sensuality. And, of course, the scent of Golden Delicious apple provides an elegant and memorable character that shines throughout the life of the scent."

First off let me say I own almost all of the DKNY Delicious perfumes. I love them. They are all light, fresh, happy, and somehow sexy and mature without being grandmotherly. 

Orange Flower Water, Mirabelle, Golden Delicious Apple, White Rose, Casablanca Lily, Vanilla Orchid, Muguet, Musk, Sandalwood, and Teakwood. 

Prices will range between $30 and $80 depending on the size.

Perfect to wear everyday, light enough to wear to work. Sexy enough for ever other moment of your life. 

I would recommend this to ages 13ish and above. Wether you enjoy Donna Karens scents already, or despise them i suggest you check this one out. It is beautiful. Try it in a department store, see how it wears on your skin... then yay or nay it. Tell me what you think