Having flawless makeup is not always easy to achieve, especially when you have some unwanted facial hair. Getting a salon wax, or electrolysis ARE SOO PRICEY! So... what is a girl to do with little cash and lots of "-stache"?! Read on. 

Hot wax can burn your sensitive facial skin, so I like to play it safe and use pre-waxed strips. My favorite is Nad's hypoallergenic, fragrance free, facial wax strips for sensitive delicate areas. 

The pack I have is 24 strips and is only $15.30. THATS LESS THAN $1 a stache!!! 

I tend to wax my upper lip every two weeks or so, but your hair growth will probly vary. 

All you need to do is clean and dry your face, rub the wax strip in your hands to warm, peel, stick, rip and hair free!!!! 
9/24/2012 09:42:11 pm

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