Have you ever heard of people using hair dryers to heat up their mascara wands to get an easier application and reduce clumps? If not, now you do! But what a pain that is to use a blow dryer. Godefroy Beauty has this tool that is so much easier and really works! It's a Mascara Warmer!  
     Warming up your mascara before using doesn't just make your mascara easier to apply and reduce clumping. It also define your lashes more and hold a curl better! The best part is that you can use any mascara brand and it will fit comfortably in the opening. You can see in the photo above it has those flaps that adjust to the size of the mascara tube. The bright light doesn't do anything, but does make it look pretty.  : )
     Overall I like this idea. It's super simple to use too. Before I do any of my makeup I just put my mascara in the hole and turn it on and do all my makeup and apply my mascara last. This gives it time to heat up enough by the time I am ready for it. The mascara really does go on a lot easier since it's warm. I also noticed that it made my older tubes of mascara work a lot better. (Not really old tubes because your supposed to throw out after 3 months!!) So I believe this tool will help the longevity of your mascara from drying up to early!

Get your own Mascara Warmer for $19.95 here.

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