Perfect for spicing up your upcoming Halloween costume, or wearing a night out and feel like being DARING! Paperself sent us some cool and very different eyelashes to try out and  share with you girls.
    I got the "Peacock" style ones. At first I didnt even realize that's what they were when I first noticed them, I thought they were just a funk design until Alyx pointed it out to me. So of course when applying them I had to do pretty blues, greens and purples for my eyeshadow.
   They  "are designed with intricate patterns inspired by the art of Chinese paper-cutting." You can use them as you do regular eyelashes and cut them to the length of your eyes OR you can cut off some of the design and use them on the outside corner your eyelid for a different look.
    Now when applying them they were kind of difficult to get on without feeling like they were going to rip. Since they are made of paper you have to be extra gentle. Once playing with them I got them where I liked them but they were tall so it did bother me because they touched the upper part of my eyelid.
    The designs and thought are great for dressing up to the extreme, but for me personally I wouldn't use them unless for a themed like party or Halloween for sure :)
    You can purchase these at Sephora if this is something you find you'd like to try! $19
9/22/2011 11:17:57 am

These are really interesting - I love the colors you used to mimic the peacock look :)


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