Lindo twist-n-roll tweezers is a hair removal tool that uses a similar process as the technique called hair threading. It removes the hair right from the root just like waxing or plucking. Now this was designed for the face but can be used on your legs, upper arms, toes etc. but do NOT use it under your eyebrows as it can grab your lashes. Just imagine how painful that would be!

How does the Lindo Twist-n-Roll work? 
     When you bend the tweezers into an upside-down U shape and place it against your skin, the coil opens, positioning the facial hair between the coils. When you twist the handles, the coil gently closes and grabs the hair; through the rolling motion, the coil opens and closes, and the hair is gently pulled from the root. Here is the directions with photos below!
     If you have sensitive skin or are doing this on your upper lip where it can be more sensitive, they suggest (and I do too!) to place a hot towel on the desired area for 2 minutes before hair removal. This opens up your pores and makes it easier for the hair to come out. Once your finished removing any hairs, you just wipe the coil with a dry cloth or paper towel and can rub it with rubbing alcohol to disinfect.
     This does work but is a little painful at first. I found it easy to get used to after a few tries though. The hot towel on your skin really does help. I used to use a razor for in between my eyebrows but now I use this instead since it makes it longer for the hair to grow back rather than just shaving it. I love that this is quicker than plucking too, because it grabs several hairs at once instead of the painstaking one at a time deal with tweezers! Only it is a little difficult to pin point the exact spot you want sometimes.

Get yours for $14.99!
7/9/2012 12:08:53 am

I've heard of this product a few months ago and have seen a few videos on Youtube of how it works. It looks really neat and I love the fact that it grabs several hairs at once. I hate plucking sometimes because it's so time consuming! And waxing does nothing but rip my skin out:( I have tried several sensitive skin hair removal products and they didn't work at all, only left my skin more irritated:( I think that it's finally time to finally try this product. At $14.99 you can't go wrong with that price. Thanks for the great review:)

7/9/2012 02:16:05 am

Interesting product, I hate plucking eye brows. Thanks for the tip on the hot towel. The price is great. I will have to check it out.

7/9/2012 02:29:57 am

Oh that is a good idea! It looks a little bit scary so I don't think I would have purchased it UNTIL I read this review!

7/9/2012 03:34:17 am

I've never seen anything like this before. Looks like something I might want to try!

9/23/2012 10:23:08 pm

It seems to be dangerous for sensitive skins, and I think, not easy to use. I prefer the old method rather.

5/12/2014 01:05:32 am

I have two of them and I love it! My husband even uses it and loves because it quick. It even gets those you can't see in the mirror. I think it would be great for sensitive skin. It's smooth over the skin.

8/25/2013 02:16:09 am

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1/2/2014 09:38:10 am

I bought this coil 2 years ago in a jewelry convention and I LOVE IT! I Have two teenagers that love it! (And one of them is a hairy monkey).


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