E.l.f. products are like a 50/50 hit or miss with me. I am a real label junkie when it comes to makeup, so not loving the quality of some of this stuff was expected. In saying that, I would like to let you know that there a few things from this company that are absolute staples in my collection. 

One of my favorite things is the Waterproof eyeliner pen. I first discovered these is Target a few years back, and have since rarely used other liquid liners. 

It is a felt tipped marker liner, and comes in a few colors. (Black, Plum, Coffee, Midnight, Ash)

The problem here, is inconsistency in the brush tips. Some are short and stiff, and some are longer thinner and a little more movement. Depending on the look your going for, the tips will make all the difference. I always order a bunch at a time, so I usually end up with a few of each. With the price point of only ONE DOLLAR, I never feel guilty grabbing a few in my order, because some of my favorite eyeliners cost $20 or $30. 

Pigmentation is pretty good, and buildable. Staying power is great 10+ hours (but I so use UDPP underneath it). I have even fallen asleep with it and woken up with a pretty decent looking eye still. The formulation is great, and doesn't crack and flake off on me like most liquid liners do. 

Packing - In-store packaging is just a cardboard throw away piece. The liner itself is just a slim black plastic. Nothing fancy, but not ugly, tacky, or childish. 

Application is pretty fool proof, so perfect for beginners.

*Helpful Hint*   To make these liners last you a long time, make sure to cap tightly and store in a cup cap down to keep the juices flowing. 

      ~ Alyx

Elf.... I can remember when I was first told to try Elf Cosmetics and was really confused as to why they would want their company named after tiny little Christmas workers, it just didn't make sense. Until I actually went to find the website and it stands for Eyes Lips Face....Duhhh Dianna!

Anyways, all their products are either $1 or the "Studio" line is $3 and up depending on if you buy kits and such. So the question is, if it's a cheap price does it mean cheap quality makeup? The answer is.....it depends on the item. Their lipsticks are great quality and texture but packaging ruined mine, eye-shadows are okay quality for $1 (better than some NYC stuff) but the false eyelashes I don't care for and would stay away from (my eyelash glue that came with it came out like powder...yea...lol)

Now for this waterproof eyeliner pen, Alyx has swore by it and she told me this within the first week of meeting her and I remember her raving about it but wasn't sold on how great it could be, so she handed a new one to me to try.

The packaging is quite nice, nothing to fancy and easy to hold in your hand and keep steady which is vital when using a liquid liner. Under the cap is a felt tip instead of a little brush which is great especially for beginners with using liquid liner because it's easier to control.  So this product is great for beginners or someone with a shaky hand.

I used this liner with a primer underneath (Too Faced Shadow Insurance) to test how I would normally use the liner with shadows and primers and to give it an even longer wear. I slowly pulled the felt tip at an angle close to my lashes and was amazed at how easy the product came out onto the lid. I predicted it would have a dry feeling or "skip" when I was trying to apply it. It didn't do that and it actually dried almost instantly which is a huge plus because when I use some other liquid liners I can open my eyes to quickly and it transfers on top of my eyeshadow and ruin my whole look :( But since this is quick drying I don't need to worry about that.

When it was time to take my makeup off the liner hadn't moved! In honesty, I really was in shock at the staying power, after a few scrubs with makeup remover, it came off. I am thoroughly impressed and for $1, why not stock up! Just like Alyx said though, make sure you store these with the cap side facing down to keep the product from drying out.

Try it! You only have a bunch of money to save by using this over any other expensive liquid liner.
Alexandra P.
7/24/2011 03:20:01 pm

You should recycle the packaging it comes in, at least the cardboard; it's very wasteful to throw it away. Thank you for the review though! I am going to give this one a try... I hate spending a ton of $ on something that doesn't do what it promises or doesn't do anything better than something pretty dang cheap. lol. Thanks again.

8/5/2011 05:26:50 am

I will definitely look into this liner! Thanks for the review!


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