Alima Pure is another great product that Saffron Rouge carries on their website. Before I go into the actual eyeshadows, I invite you to check out the review of the company and other product that came in this adorable package by clicking here!
Inika Face Primer & Alima Pure Shadows
    Below are two photos of Alima Pure loose eyeshadows in "Pink Coral" and "Obsidian".  I have done a previous review on Alima Pure before and would love to have you take a look at it to read my thoughts on how I used and and what I thought of them.
    These two shadows sent by Saffron Rouge are from a Holiday Makeup Collection that they have on their website for $45.99. This kit comes with a Nourishing Tinted Lip Balm, Luminous Shimmer Blush, deluxe samples of these two shadows and a shadow brush! It's an already packaged gift waiting to be given to someone!

Let's take a closer look at the shadows:
"Pink Coral" a creamy, pearly peach. Apply dry for a soft, romantic eye or wet for a rich glowing caramel.
"Obsidian" a wonderfully shimmery dark grey brown that makes a gorgeously dramatic shadow and can pull double duty as a liner.
    You almost don't even need a swatch photo to see how beautiful and pigmented these two colors are. I love that they give you these two colors in the kit, because they are extreme opposites of each other but also work so well together and just as good when used by themselves.
    I found them to be buildable so if you like more intense color you can do just that by adding more or wearing a sheer amount on your lid to give a pretty sparkle without going overboard. Below are a couple swatches in different lighting.h
Lighting 1
Lighting 2
    These photos were also taken without a primer! Even without an eye primer being used, I did a 'blow test' on the shadow to see if it would blow away and it didn't move. So imagine using this with a primer, you will get long wear and bold colors! I love all of Alima's eyeshadows I have tried and they are very consistent with their formula, texture and quality.
    You can also visit Saffron Rouge and buy individual containers of any color on their website for $10.95 a jar (2.5 grams)    
2/7/2012 03:35:33 am

Love the Pink Coral color for day, and then the Obsidian is great for night! Thanks for sharing :)

2/7/2012 06:45:50 am

I like the dark brown/ grey. It would be a nice change from black and grey which is what I use as a DRAMATIC effect. I would love to try these. =)

2/8/2012 12:55:46 am

Looks really beautiful on your skin! Nice packaging too.

2/8/2012 06:15:44 am

Love the differences that lighting makes. I think the pink coral is my favorite but the 2 blended for a sexy smoky effect would be awesome!


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