We were lucky enough here at Beauty Marks The Spot Reviews to get our hands on this collection before it comes out from Alima Pure Cosmetics. This collection is called "Fall Runway Collection" and its a Limited Edition Collection and are sold only as a set not individual shadows. It will be selling for $30 (a $44 value), and for each set sold $2 will be going to The Global Fund for Women. (How great is that!!)

Now when will it be on sale to the public? Make sure to mark this on your calendars because you are won't want to miss this limited time offer.  August 2, 2011 is when it will be available on www.alimapure.com.

This set comes with four shades that compliment each other very nicely. Below are swatches in two different lights so you can see the beautiful satin shimmer to some of the colors.

Left to Right: Backstage (Satin Matte), Catwalk (Luminous Shimmery Eyeliner), Press Pass (Luminous Shimmery), Front Row (Luminous Shimmery)
These are very fine texture to them which makes it easy to apply and layer. I found that these colors are buildable too. What that means is you can do one layer and have it be a very sheer wash of color on your lid, or put more layers on top and have it become darker and more concentrated color (which is what I like more). Also I experimented and love the way these colors work when using them with a damp brush.

The first color (Backstage) is a perfect color for a highlight on the brow bone and matches with any makeup look, so this seems to be one of those shadows that can easily be a must have because it's very versatile. The black color is ashimmer eyeliner that you can apply to your upper lash line with a damp eyeliner brush, which is what I did in the photos below, but I also think this color would work great as a color for a smokey eye look. The color Front Row is a beautiful gold color that really comes to life when used wet. It's like jewelry for your eyes! And my favorite is the color Press Pass. I love colors in this shade range, and the silkyness it has to it is lovely for all eye and skin colors.
I just want to mention the packaging, when it came in the mail it was such a cute wrapping that shows they put time and thought into their products. I came in pink tissue paper wrapped tightly and a sticker with their logo on it holding it in place. It may be silly but little things like that show that thought goes into their every move.

I can't wait for the launch of this collection so you guys can get your hands on it! It's a great way to start with this brand too if your new to it because its a pretty neutral easy color selection and then you can branch out into other fun colors. (They have over 250 products and 61 yes SIXTY ONE shades of foundation)

Available August 2, 2011
$30 (set of four shadows)
Please visit their website for more products and information:

Let me start off by saying I already have a list of things I want to order from Alima Pure. 
The color Backstage (only available in this set) is a PERFECT brow highlight for light to medium skin tones. It is a soft faintly pale pink matte shadow.
Front row is a nude/tan with metallic shimmers.
Press Pass is a plummy brown with shimmers.
The liner from this set is called Catwalk, a black with metallic shimmers.
Although i say shimmer, I don't mean crazy chunky glitter. These shadows/liner have a subtle sexy sparkle. 
The texture is silky smooth, and you can tell that these powders are very finely milled.
Quality is amazing, as well as presentation. The little bird logo is so cute and gives this brands packing  a cute earthy fun look.
I may even order myself a second of this set just so i can have a backup of Ba
April Quinton
7/29/2011 12:52:20 am

Love the look!!


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