EMANI pronounce: e-man-nee 

" EMANI was established in 1998 with one simple purpose in mind; to provide a line of clean cosmetics that meet and exceed the high standards of the professional makeup industry and at the same time, promotes a healthy complexion for all women. "

Be green.  Be healthy. 
 Be happy.  Be beautiful inside and out. 

This is the box the Emani High Performance Trios come in
If you look to the left of the above picture, you can see the beautiful rainbow effect in the silver logo. This is a picture of the eyeshadow compact. 
This Trio is in #400, Tango
Emani products have never been and will never be tested on animals. Emani is certified by PETA
 "We believe that women should not have to sacrifice their health in the name of beauty.  At EMANI, we have devoted time to studying the human skin and the full impact that EMANI products will bear on women’s health. By using the naturally occurring minerals, organic extracts and pigments, and by keeping our products free of talc, paraben, gluten and harsh chemicals, we at EMANI have created a line of non-comedogenic, nature-based makeup that not only works with your skin and supports its natural vitality, but also feels luxurious and looks glamorous with beautiful finishes that are long lasting. "
"We at EMANI also believe that we don’t have to sacrifice animals or our environment in the name of beauty.  All of our products are cruelty free, vegan friendly and PETA Certified.  In addition, we are committed to continuously incorporating new green, clean technologies into the production of our cosmetics.  Not all mineral makeup lines abide to the clean philosophy. Read the ingredient labels and be in the know.  Finally, EMANI is dedicated to avoiding the further depletion of our natural resources; so, whenever possible, we utilize only sustainable and recycled resources – such as 100% recycled paper packaging (25% post consumer, 75% pre consumer) and 100% biodegradable, soy-based ink – when creating our products.   "
Trio shadows are great for those days you are in a rush, or a creativity slump. All the colors you need are in one compact and blend easily together in a great color combination. 
The above two pictures are the same trio in different light. 
The three shadow lightest to darkest. Swatched in one stroke on my arm. No primer or base. 
Left- Lightest color all over    Right- Bare
Left-Lightest all over, Middle shade, on lid and crease    Right-  Lightest all over
Light pink all over. Middle shade (red/maroon) in crease and on lid. Darkest shade lower lashline and outer V details.
Added black liquid liner. Smudged the darkest shadow over the liner to soften. Mascara on top and bottom lashes. 

After 9 hours of wear...

After a little over nine hours of wear, the only difference is my oily skin making everything shiny!!! If I had used a primer, my oil would have been blocked. The shadows stayed perfect. WOW!

If you do the math, its under $7.00 a shadow. ($20 a Trio) Its a great deal!

To see this trio on the Emani site please click HERE

Is this color combo a little too much for your liking? Dont worry! Emani has colors to make everyone happy. Check out Dianna's review of a great neutral trio here 

6/7/2012 10:46:46 am

Are you wearing false eyelashes? If not, I totally have lash envy :)

6/9/2012 02:18:48 am

And... no I am not wearing false lashes. I am wearing a very lengthening mascara though. Benefit's They're Real Mascara.

6/7/2012 10:49:06 am

I really love that these trios have a mirror! Great review, by the way!

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Thank you Jerealyn!! <3

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Very beautiful eye makeups I thing you chose a beautiful color.

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