Emani Minerals
EMANI gives a new twist to the perception of natural makeup. We believe that women should not have to sacrifice their health in the name of beauty.
  At EMANI, we have devoted time to studying the human skin and the full impact that EMANI products will bear on women’s health. By using the naturally occurring minerals, organic extracts and pigments, and by keeping our products free of talc, paraben, gluten and harsh chemicals, we at EMANI have created a line of
 non-comedogenic, nature-based makeup that not only works with your
 skin and supports its natural vitality, but also feels luxurious and 
looks glamorous with beautiful finishes that are long lasting. 
Tantalizing Trio!
     Trios! I love love love trios! Especially ones like this Emani Minerals one.  Trios are one of my favorite shadows to collect just because they usually for the most park come with three colors that go beautifully together and can create a quick simple look. The trio I have here is in #401 Tantalizing! A blend of a light color for the highlight, a medium brown for the lid and the darker brown for the crease and creating added depth to a look. You really can't go wrong with a neutral trio. Personally I think everyone should have at least ONE natural eye trio in their bag because you can use those colors with any outfit.
All Emani products are cruelty free, vegan friendly and PETA Certified.
Talc/Paraben Free! :)
     One of the key things about this shadow is just the care that's put into them. To make them great for sensitive skin by taking out all that stuff that can be harsh on your skin. Not only that but I loveee that they are not for testing on animals. I was impressed that they are even PETA Certified. They really took out the bad that a lot of other brands have in their products and made a beautiful silky shadow trio that is very wearable. Below are swatches without primer!
Swatch without primer
     They show up so pretty even without a primer or any type of base! They go on very smooth and are not chalky, AT ALL! Usually the lighter shades of trios can seem chalky or just lower quality (reason why, I'm not sure) but this one I had no chalkiness to it which was great. Although the lighter shade here did have to be built up a little bit to get a lot of color, but that typically goes with any light color shadow. Since this has been sitting right next to my mirror, when I'm running late for work I just grab this and every things right there and I'm not worrying about making sure I don't look like a clown and not match my clothes.
Wearing just the trio shadows ;)
     In the picture above I have the all the shadows in the trio on my eyes. No others! Such a pretty look that goes with any skin and eye color. I'm in love <3  You can pick your own up for $20 and also check out their other trios for other colors!
6/5/2012 02:26:38 pm

Ooo those look really nice and I like that they are PETA certified! I checked out the website and they have plenty that would look good on me as well. 246 Feeling Divine is my favorite. <3
~Kelly @ www.SparkleCore.com

6/6/2012 12:40:44 am

I love the colors!! I also love Trios. Sometimes I have a hard time finding colors that go together, so Trios are perfect for me. Thank you for showing us this beautiful makeup! I will have to look at their website.

Tricia http://aryias.blogspot.com

6/25/2012 08:22:12 pm

This is a really good product for me, Must admit that you are one of the best bloggers I ever saw.Thanks for posting this informative article.


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