"The LASHEM™ brand was developed to help the everyday woman keep her youthful glow; it is a reflection of a healthy and natural lifestyle to accommodate everyone from the working woman to the stay at home mother. Our brand combines natural ingredients for the highest quality made possible. We are dedicated to promoting natural beauty in a world full of unrealistic expectations in our current society. We offer anti-aging products that are natural and made in the United States. The LASHEM™ product line consists of mascara, anti aging creams, and eyelash booster."
    With that being said, I have received a few products to try and tell you beauty lovers my honest opinion about. I will be talking about Lashem's "3-in-1 Eye Bright".

3-in-1 Eye Bright Gel!

"Say bye-bye, so long to dark and puffy circles around your eyes!" Sounds too good to be true? One product that gets rid of dark tired looking circles and puffiness? Well I have tried this product for a couple weeks and can give you my opinions now. This is what it claims to do on their website:
    -Decrease puffiness and helps reduce melanin production.
Reduce the appearance of dark under eye circles

    -Prevent future damage to the area around the eye.

    -QuSome patented technology encapsulates active ingredients delivers deep into the epidermis.

    -No skin irritation.

    -Balance cells: stimulates circulation and increase the amount of oxygen delivered to the cell.

    -Improve overall texture of skin by increasing production of collagen and elasticity.

    -Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    First of, I love the little packaging it comes in. It's a round silver bottle that has a pump to help control how much product comes out so there is no wasting of product. Just be a little careful because it can come out fast.
     The only thing I didn't like about the packaging was that the directions were hard to read on the bottle because of how shiny and reflective the container was. But it definitely is something that looks nice on your makeup counter or bathroom counter.
    So, when using this, you apply it after cleansing your face so you have nice fresh clean skin! The you press the pump and one pump is all you need to cover your eye area. Just smooth is over and around your eyes and give it a minute to completely absorb into your skin and dry.
    The gel is a golden color and once I put it on my eyes and rubbed it in, it immediately gave a very nice cooling sensation around my eyes and I could instantly feel like my skin tightened up a little around my eyes. Felt like an instant eye lift! :D
    I noticed I don't look AS tired as usual when I first get up for work if I stay up late (which I usually do!). It does a good job of reflecting light away from your dark circles and I loooove the instant gratification I get from the immediate cooling feeling and tightening of the skin. I am big on instant gratification! A little impatient I guess you could say, haha!
    And at $39.99 compared to those VERY pricey creams that are $70+ and do the same thing, this is the better deal for your money and see better results.

.5 fl. oz -$39.99
Click HERE to be taken Lashem's website to learn more!

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