Okay, I picked this eyeshadow quad in "Fairy Tales" at Ocean State Job Lots, and it was really cheap so I said, eh why not, the colors are really pretty and I am usually really pleased with L'oreals line. But man did this one pull a fast one on me!

I was excited to try the colors since I didnt quite have that blueish color or that dark burgundy color. When I went to swatch them the quality felt really nice and silky, but when I looked at my finger and tried to swatch them they came off really powdery and not all that pigmented. :( I was so upset because the colors looked really pretty together and could have used them with a lot of other colors I already have. It was a good choice of complimenting colors just not enough pigmentation and had to apply a lot to get even a decent amount of color.
    Even though I was already disappointed just by the swatching them on my hand, I tried to make them work just for fun. after applying a few layers, the color buildup just wasn't strong enough for my liking so I have to say I'm going to have to advise you pass up this one if you come by it. The only color I can really see myself using up is the vanilla/gold color for a highlight which did look pretty. But this also could be used for someone new to shadows and doesn't want anything to pigmented because that can be intimidating and easy to mess up. I do love L'oreals other products so maybe it's just this palette that didn't have much going on. Swatches below!


Olivia Merifield
08/05/2011 12:06

Did you try getting the applicator wet and applying them that way? Sometimes it really helps to bring out the color when you aren't getting the look you want.

08/05/2011 12:24

Wow, yeah the colors look amazing. Were you looking for boldness? B/c these look more like shimmers to me! Try wetting your brush a bit before applying! Great review in all though ;)
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