Smokey Blue Ornament
"Silver Sleet, White as Snow, Winter Sky and Dark Moon - 4 cool and smoky Crush Metal shades to shake up those holiday - and spring - looks! Tucked inside our couture-future ornament, ready to gift. Limited edition."

    So excited when MAC put out their Holiday Collection. I'm a hugeee MAC junkie and want everything (as do most other girls haha) I finally had a chance to get this Dazzlesphere! It's a little round packaging to look like an ornament and inside are 4 pigments that are SO gorgeous. Check out the cute matching bag they put it in too!
    These colors that come in this sphere are so perfect for the holidays, especially the silver! The silver comes out just like tinfoil color! Oh speaking of the holidays, how cute would this be to give to someone for a gift?! I know I'd be pretty pumped for it!
    With that being said, another thing I like most about this Dazzlesphere is the fact that they come in stackable clear jars. Makes it easier for storing them and seeing the colors from afar.
Stackable Jars
    As you can see, the colors are really pigmented and bright. But just as any other pigment, these can get quite messy. The jars do not have a filter on them so if you spill a jar, most likely it's all coming out and going everywhere! I'd be one very sad girl if that happened.   
    They are easy to use but the top two colors were a little more hard to work with, I believe it was because of the glitter in them, but after working with them a little they looked awesome on the lid.
    There are two other sets of Dazzlespheres in this Holiday Collection as well, they are: Plum and Berry!

Each Sphere containing 4 (6 g.) pigments is $32.50
To me this is a lot of pigment for a decent price compared to how much MAC's single pigments cost at $20 each!

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