About the size of a sharpie!
     "As a truly natural beauty, Maran realized there was something missing in the world of makeup. Existing eco-friendly, natural beauty products lacked the sophistication and level of luxury she craved. It was hard to find luxurious products that were pure, gentle, nontoxic, eco-friendly–and sophisticated. Maran thought if she sought out products that met these high standards, then other women concerned with their health and the earth must want them too. So Josie Maran Cosmetics was born." 
High end quality packaging
This is how the actual pen separates into the three parts!
     The Rapid Eye Makeup Pen (REM) features long-wearing Argan gel eye liner on one end and a mini liner brush on the other. The middle houses a perfectly coordinated Argan eye shadow in a spring-loaded sponge tip applicator for single stroke eye definition. Infused with Josie's signature ingredient, Argan Oil. It also is fragrance free so good for those with sensitive eyes!
     This hand product comes in six colors to choose from and the one I received is in Peacock! A beautiful blue green shiny shadow that smooths on easily and is mess free! The sponge tip applicator is durable and when I use it it seems to pick up enough of the product for one application and then just dip it in again to do the other eye.
Gel Eyeliner End
     This is the end of the pen when you screw it off, you have the perfect amount of gel eyeliner stored. I was actually really impressed with the creaminess and ease of use with this gel liner. I didn't find it to be cakey or hard to apply at all. It reminded me of Smashbox's gel liners.
Eyeliner Brush
     This part pictured above is the eyeliner brush that you use to apply the gel eyeliner with. At first I thought I wouldn't use it because I have long handle brushes that I always go to for gel liners, but I did give it a try and was impressed enough with it to not be tempted to take my other brushes with me and would be okay to just throw this in my purse. At first it did look like a lip brush but when I used it, I could create a thin line or thicker line without any issues!
     The three parts of this pen come apart and go back together so easy. It reminds me of Mark. Cosmetics "Hook-Ups". If you have ever used them you should get the hang of this super quick. The convenience and ingredients in this make this a spectacular product to have in your purse or makeup bag. The only thing you need to make sure is that you tighten everything back up as soon as your done because the product can dry out if it's left open for air to get at! :) 

REM Pen - $32
3/15/2012 06:23:04 am

This is so cool! Would be great to have on hand in my purse when I'm on the go! Thanks for sharing :)

Kim Davis - Bloggity Blog
3/15/2012 10:12:32 am

I love this eyeliner! I wish it was available in stores! I would love to see some in person!

3/15/2012 11:27:49 pm

I actually need new make-up right now! This stuff looks GREAT! Thanks for sharing.


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