I noticed feathers have been a big trend the past few months and still see people rocking them in every form! Head bands, earrings, hair extensions, key chains and more! I have always wanted to get a pair of long feather earrings because I have nothing like them in my collection. So I got to try these Feather Earrings from KissPat!
     Who is KissPat? Kisspat is a family based company that specializes in high quality feather beauty accessories. They carry hair feathers, feather earrings, feather headbands, feather necklaces, peacock feather jewelries and many more items. Every piece in their store is 100% handmade! I do want to note that their shipping can take 3-20 days because it comes from Hong Kong.
My earrings look exactly identical to this photo. I was very happy about the same great quality as the photo shows.
What do they use to make these? Blue rose,long solid rooster feathers,peacock feathers
How long are they? They are around 7 inches long

    These are very lightweight and easy to wear! It sure is an attention grabber and I got quite a few compliments while wearing them at work. I love when you wear a certain thing and many people notice it and compliment or as you about it. They are definitely one of those kind of pieces because you don't see them to often.
     I love the bright blue color that I got, it pops when I'm wearing black! (Which I wear most of the time!)  But they have a bunch of other types that you can choose from. I really can say they put these feathers into so many nice and creative uses. Also, they have a whole DIY Feather section, teaching you how you can make your own unique pieces! That's something I may try sometime soon, it sounds like a good 'rainy day' activity.
     These earrings go for $12 and you can find them on their website, along with tons of other items.  Since they do travel a distance if it's shipping to the USA, I would suggest that when packaging them in a plastic sleeve, they make the actual plastic part that the backing goes into longer so the feathers don't bend or fold over, just to make sure no damage could be done during the shipping process.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.
     Now, if you're anything like me, you like to travel with pretty and cute bags. Why not organize with them too? I was tired of the plastic makeup bag that had the zipper that always gets stuck. So when I got the chance to use this purse organizer from TravelProducts.com, I was all over it!
     TravelProducts.com specializes in...well...take a guess! Travel products!  They have really anything you need when traveling to make things easier and more comfortable like travel pillows, luggage tags, and travel adapters.  I had fun looking around seeing the more convenient products to use when going on a plane or even driving to a different state. But this zebra print purse organizer caught my attention and I figured I could store my makeup in it easily.
Bright pink liner, makes it easy to see what's inside!
Exterior Pockets
It's has a lot of room for makeup, it's not even half full
     This is good for someone who has a lot of things that they like to carry with them but always seem to lose in their purse. Like those chapsticks, hair ties, eyeliners etc.  Since my bag is fairly large, I need something like this so I don't spend 10 minutes emptying my purse to find one thing.  I love the durable fabric and pattern, not to mention the multiple little pockets and front zipper pocket. 
       I put a good amount of product into the bag and still had room for anything extra I'd want to throw in there (mini mouth wash, hand sanitizer, etc). Then you just pull the drawstrings and it closes up nicely. As I mentioned in the a picture caption above, it also has the nice bright interior which is so much prettier than black, but also keeps the bag light and not dark which can make it difficult to see everything.  I only wish the side pocket was maybe a little deeper.
Drawstrings to close it so nothing falls out!
     Since it is a travel product website, I wanted to grab something that is actually great for on the go and traveling on planes. Below is airline carry-on compliant hand soap and shampoo. What it is, is a container that holds 50 paper like sheets that you just add water to and it instantly becomes soap or shampoo (they also have body wash). Takes up SOOO much less space in a bag and no hassle when going through security. Super convenient and affordable. Check them out!
Travel Hand Soap & Shampoo! Perfect for traveling and planes!
Super easy to use
Purse Organizer: $19.95
Travel Hand Soap & Shampoo Sheets: $2.95
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