Glasses are not only a necessity to certain people, but a fashion accessory as well! Which is why some people prefer to wear their glasses rather than get contacts. Looking for the right pair of glasses can be frustrating and pricey. Let's face is, we all find a pair we loveee and then look at the price tag and...well... we don't love them as much anymore.
     If you want a place that understands not everyone has money to blow on Prada glasses and has just as great frames, I want to suggest for you to visit Zenni Optical. Zenni makes their OWN frames and they don’t sell big brand names, so in return, we get lower prices AND great style.
    How affordable you ask? They start at $6 (yes, $6) and go up to $46 and also from time to time have sales too! What about choices? They have 3,400 frames right now!! Crazy awesome! For the price I paid for my glasses at the store I could get three different pairs from Zenni! Wish I heard of them sooner!
    Here are some frames I liked!
    Now, you see how cute they look on screen, but how do you know if you would like them on your face?! Zenni has an awesome tool (Zenni Frame Fit) on their website that allows you to upload a picture of yourself and apply each pair of glasses that you'd like to your photo to show you what they would look like. So excited about this site I may buy a couple pairs just to switch up my glasses with my outfits.  ;)