contacted me with a few questions that I could try answering and actually got my mind thinking and decided to accept the post and share them with you.
    First of BlueDial is an authorized reseller of some of the best brands with ridiculously low prices and with FREE 2-day shipping. Got your attention? Because it got mine because especially for the holidays, I can't afford NOT to look for good deals and save some money.
    Have you realized that more & more people don't wear watches as much anymore because of the use of cell phones and prices of nice watches can be high?!
    Well, "All watches sold from BlueDial are 100% guaranteed to be authentic and genuine. We do not ever sell used, previously owned, replica, or imitation watches. All watches come in the original packaging with all original paperwork and factory serial numbers." So no "second hand" watches! No pun intended :D
    What we want to know is what makes a watch special to you?! Is it who gave you it? What it reminds you of? What occasion you got it at? Is it passed down to you? The techy look of them? Is it just an accessory?
    After reading those questions, please comment below and tell us what your favorite watch is and why does it mean something to you.
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