Glitterati Glam is a great page to get to know. She has her own brand of mineral eyeshadow that are multipurpose! They can be used as shadows, eyeliners, bronzers or mix them in clear nail polish to make a custom polish. Not only that but she carries fashion jewelry that is unique and very eye catching! Why wouldn't you want that?!
    The owner was kind enough to send me the earrings photographed below to share with you girls! So please take a look and below will be my thoughts!
    When I first opened these I thought "WOAH! Bigg earrings!" This is because I am not used to wearing bigger style earrings and usually have on some smaller dangle earrings. After taking a look at them, I really love the texture that these earrings have. It gives some personality to your outfit.
    These pair great with a lot of different style outfits and for sure is an eye catcher when talking with someone they are sure to be noticed. They also almost draw peoples attention to your face then down to your clothes because they have the chains that hang a good length drawing your eyes attention to your whole outfit.
    The only one thing I wish was that they were a little lighter in weight. My holes are already a little stretched from wearing heavy earrings a while ago, and I am not sure I'd be able to wear these for a long amount of time. But I will definitely be sporting these for those nights I want to take my outfit up a notch. ;)
    I also took a look at her Facebook page and saw all the other pieces she has and I can assure you, they are super cute and affordable! Hoping to get my hands on some of those shadows soon, they are gorgeous!

If you'd like to see more of her products visit her Facebook or Etsy.

Giveaway at the bottom!

My sister modeling the scarf for me!
_    Number one super cute accessory you can use in the winter is a scarf! Not only just for a little flair to you outfit but to keep you nice and toasty. I received this scarf from, but they soon are soon moving to
    "At Affordable Scarves, you can indulge your inner fashionista with beautiful scarves that don't break the bank. Whether you long for leopard print, flowers, glitter, or shine, you'll find both variety and quality in our unbeatable selection."
    I had such a fun time checking out all the different styles and browsing their site by category such as "Shawls" or "Loop Scarves" which made it super easy! To find my zebra printed shawl!
    Below you can see some different photos on how it looks and can be worn. Also I'd like you give you this LINK to see 37 different ways to tie a scarf, so you can see the abundance of ways to wear it!
Back view
Can be worn as a coverup in the summer!
Cozy :-P
Kimberly Zebra Print Shawl Sale: $15.26
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SW Floral Style #57
    Sunglasses are one of my favorite types of accessories! You can find such a huge range of sunglasses that can fit anyone's style. To me, sunglasses can make an outfit as well and be a statement piece. I've seen some pretty eye catching sunglasses before, such as Cat Eye Sunglasses or Retro Sunglasses!
    I was given a chance to review a pair of sunglasses by Sunglass Warehouse and host a giveaway for a $20 gift certificate to their website! I decided to try the SW Floral Style #57.
    As you can see, they have a cute metal floral rose with a sparkly rhinestone on the side of the frame which is a nice accent on both sides. Also, they have UV400 protection lenses to keep those peepers of yours safe from the suns harsh rays.
    I found these to be really lightweight but durable. They don't feel like a pair of glasses that would break right away if I accidentally dropped them. That is a huge plus for me since I drop EVERYTHING!
    Since I am known for dropping everything and breaking things, I never spend a lot on sunglasses because they are usually fragile. So when I got to the change to try these out, for the awesome price of $15.26(on sale), you really can't go wrong.
    A lot of times I wear my sunglasses like they are pictured above, to keep my hair out of my face or just when I don't need them I'll put them on top of my head. I did notice the first couple times I did this, my hair got caught in the metal flower ripping a few pieces out. Which was kind of a bummer so now I am just a little more careful when pulling them back so I don't get any hairs caught.
Just goofing around :P
_Sunglass Warehouse has a large variety of style sunglasses and if you are indecisive like me or don't know what would look best on you, they have tools which can choose the perfect sunglasses for your skin tone and/or face shape!
   I love working with smaller companies or individual shops. I feel like the products are more unique have a lot of heart time put into each item made. With that being said, I'd like to introduce you to this super cute bracelet sent for review consideration by JooniebeadsTreasures on Etsy.
    She offers adorable handmade jewelry that have a "natural rustic" look to them and are very unique pieces. Then there are beachy and shiny looking pieces as well! So there is sure to be one piece for everyone.  I chose this black and red jasper bracelet. It immediately caught my eye & I knew it would be a piece I could incorporate into my work outfits and everyday looks!
Adorable packaging!
    When I opened the box I instantly fell in love with this bracelet.  All the stones have different patterns on them and are great quality. When I put it on it fit perfectly around my wrist and left enough space around it to dangle a little. The red is vibrant and definitely going to look great with a black shirt or even a cute dress and will add some flair to your outfit of choice.
All natural stones!
    The only thing I wish for, is more color choices!! I would love to own this in other colors to interchange with other colors I wear throughout the week (since red doesn't match everything). Overall, I am VERY happy with this bracelet and will be putting it to good use!

    "This bracelet measures 8 inches on stretchy cord, but can easily be sized to suit your needs. Also available in my shop with a clasp, strung on wire if you prefer." - Her Etsy Shop

COUPON CODE: 25% off coupon, the code is 25off
This bracelet = $15 click HERE to be taken to her shop!

Dark Amber glass necklace on Black Suede

My necklace came packaged in a cute white box with a dragonfly on it. (Dragonflies are one of good luck signs in life so that made me smile)
"This striking amber glass pendant dangling from the contrasting black suede necklace is the perfect compliment to your favorite jeans."

This handmade necklace measures 24 inches and is only $18.00.
As you can see, this necklace is very versatile. It can be worn with many colors and styles of outfits. 

The quality is great. You can really tell that Amy, the owner puts a lot of time and effort into her pieces. 

Visit her Etsy and Like her page on Facebook. 

If you plan on ordering something, she was generous to supply a coupon code. COUPON CODE: 25% off coupon, the code is 25off 
Above, I doubled this necklace. It was choker length, and I paired it with a rock necklace. 

    If you learned anything about me, it's that I love to save whenever I can! I wanted to do a quick website share where I can find tons of discount codes on accessories, clothing, shoes, gifts, hair stuff, and more! Anything I need beauty related or not!
    With Valentine's Day coming up, why don't you tell your loved one about this site to save him/her some extra money and put it towards something else.  ;)  How about mother's day? She deserves something special on that day, but you also deserve to save some green in your wallet while making that special purchase. I go here before making ANY purchase!
    So I just want to invite you to check this site out and bookmark so you can always at least check to see if this site has any coupon codes you can apply to you online purchase or special local deals! Definitely nothing to loose!
    Where are my shoe lovers?! There's got to be some of you reading this! If your one of them then your going to love this "website share"! They have a HUGE collection of women's fashion shoes and boots.They first opened in 1991 in New York and people fell in love with the quality of their shoes that it became the 'go to' shoe store and quickly grew into a larger company.
    They introduced a new brand of shoe called Miz Mooz. It's considered edgy and cute and Infinity Shoes is the largest retailer for this brand! Below is a photo from this brand and one of my favorite boots, Miz Moo Amiela.
Available in Green, Black, Brown or Red
    So your not into shoes? Still check them out they have shoe accessories, bags, socks and more. Hope you enjoy this site like I did. Let me know if you find any shoes that you may put on your wishlist! :D