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My sister modeling the scarf for me!
_    Number one super cute accessory you can use in the winter is a scarf! Not only just for a little flair to you outfit but to keep you nice and toasty. I received this scarf from, but they soon are soon moving to
    "At Affordable Scarves, you can indulge your inner fashionista with beautiful scarves that don't break the bank. Whether you long for leopard print, flowers, glitter, or shine, you'll find both variety and quality in our unbeatable selection."
    I had such a fun time checking out all the different styles and browsing their site by category such as "Shawls" or "Loop Scarves" which made it super easy! To find my zebra printed shawl!
    Below you can see some different photos on how it looks and can be worn. Also I'd like you give you this LINK to see 37 different ways to tie a scarf, so you can see the abundance of ways to wear it!
Back view
Can be worn as a coverup in the summer!
Cozy :-P
Kimberly Zebra Print Shawl Sale: $15.26
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