Whose got at least one nice purse that they refuse to set on the floor of a dirty floor? What about having a purse and nowhere to put it when grocery shopping because your card is full? What about if your at a concert, where can you hang it? This little clip by Clipa is your solution and I am so happy with mine! It's a round clasp that opens up and has rubber on the opening parts of the clasp so when it's holding up your heavy purse it doesn't leave any marks of wear and tear.
     I use this the majority of the time right on the side of my dresser. This is because my fiancé always yells at me for leaving it on the floor or in random spots and not being able to find it.  So I leave it right there and hang my bag from it every time I come home! I can't even tell you how convenient this has been. It's also great for strollers and rails, crops, classes, casinos, and poolside. I have also used this when sitting at a bar at restaurants because sometimes there aren't little hooks to hold my purse. So since I just leave this always clasped right onto my bag I just open it and hook it right onto the bar and it stays put! Never once has it fallen!
     Overall, this is such a simple idea yet so clever and anyone that uses a purse should have one. It takes up such a small amount of space and will keep the bottom of your bags clean and you will always know right where it is! They have tons of different colors and some with crystals in them! That's awesome because I sometimes put mine on my wrist as a little bracelet!
Here is a little demo of how easy it is to just pull off and it falls to the side of your bag ready for your next use!
Or you could just wear it as a bracelet until you need it! :P

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.
     Eylure is the UK's number 1 false eye lash brand and it's finally been getting more and more popular here in the United States! I'm lucky enough to share these simple Pre-Glued Lashes with you. I'm not going to lie at all, I am the WORST with fake eyelashes. The glue, the steady hand, having them peel up on me...ugh that's why I avoid them. But these intrigued me because they are self-adhesive lashes! They already come with the glue on them and go on so much quicker than regular lashes with glue and having to wait for the glue to become tacky.
     The one's I received to review are number 050. These are very realistic looking and not one of those dramatic, holy eyelashes kind of falsies. These are the type that I prefer so I can wear them daily without looking to obvious. Ok so they don't look like clown lashes, but are they comfortable? Yes yes yes!! I honestly have given up hope of being able to wear lashes just because of how much of a pain they can be and then you can feel them the whole time after they are applied. These ones are ultra lightweight and after a minute I forgot they were even on. To me, that's amazing because I never thought I'd be able to wear falsies.

     How to apply:
             1. Remove the lash from the tray with tweezers
             2. Measure the length agains your eye and trim if necessary
             3. Look down into the mirror & hold lash as close to natural lashes as possible.
             4. Press gently across the lash golding at the ends for a few seconds.
    BAM!! Done and you can't even tell they are fake! Seriously, look at the picture! Can you tell I'm so proud of myself and excited about these? After I applied mine I applied a tiny bit of mascara to blend it with my lashes and have extra adhesive. Removing them is simple as well. You hold the eyelash at the end and gently peel it off. 
     These can be worn a few times before needing to toss and buy a new pair if your take care of them. But once the adhesive is not sticky anymore your can gently remove the clue strip and in the plastic lash holder there is an additional glue strip that you can add onto the lashes and wear like new again! These are genius and perfect for people who hate using the glue and can never seem to get them on right or comfortably!

     Have you ever been tempted to put crazy color hair dye in your hair? My sister has been but doesn't want to damage her hair and plus don't think my mom would care for it. There is a solution to this though. Milani Hair Clip-In Streaks are the answer. They seriously are the easiest thing to put in your hair to add some funk and flair! As you can see I put them in my sisters hair and they blend in great.
     They come in this package at 20" which is great because then you can quickly just snap them into place and trim off the extra. It comes with two individual 1" clip-in wefts, measuring at 20" each and are 100% Human hair which means they can be curled, straightened, washed and blow dried! Which is awesome especially if you curl this into your natural hair the effect is so pretty!
Sturdy snap clip that holds onto your hair all night!
     I also love how it looks if you throw your hair up in a messy bun as pictured above.  So as you can see it's very versatile and doesn't have to just be worn straight as a lot of colored clip-ins can't be curled. They have five different colors to choose from: fuchsia, purple, blue, green and red and are only $15! Check out their website or Facebook to see other hair extensions and prices.
    Who loves handmade unique jewelry that you can pick your own colors and have it made to your liking?! I know I do! So when I had the chance to review this Byzantine bracelet I was so excited to pick my colors and have it sent to me. Anyone who has the ability to hand make all this jewelry at home and have it be such a cute piece, I admire! I wish I wasn't so impatient and be able to do something like this! I absolutely love my purple and silver bracelet!!
    A little about the creator, Diana: "I'm a homemaker, mother of 2 boys, have been married for 12 years, and have lived in West Michigan all my life.I joined the SCA and went to our first event in February of 2010 and have been having a blast ever since! I enjoy much of the Medieval history, plus some of the fanatasy stuff, and use as much wrought iron in my decor as possible! =) I am a bit of a computer geek and love MMORPGs and playing online with my friends and family. I enjoy making chainmail, there are so many things you can create with some wire and pliers! I look forward to creating something you'll love for ages to come!"
      This bracelet is SUPER lightweight! When I first picked it up I couldn't believe it! I barely can feel it when I have it on too, which is nice because who likes really heavy jewelry?  I know I don't at least. You get to pick two colors (our of 12) that you would like to see in your bracelet (or any other items she makes) and then choose from 6", 7", 8" length. It also has a easy to use lobster clasp to ensure that the bracelet will stay closed. I chose to have mine made at 8" because I wanted it to dangle a little bit around my wrist.
Here you can tell how neat this type of weaving is and get a better look at what the bracelet looks like.
Here you can see how it hangs off my wrist a little. You can get yours smaller and tighter on your wrist if you'd like
    I'd love for you all to check her Woodbury Wares Chainmail Jewelry website to see all the color possibilities plus other bracelet styles, necklaces, earrings and more! Such a cute themed store. I am definitely ordering another bracelet, I think I'll do black and pink next! Tell me below what colors you'd like to see together!

This bracelet is only $12!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/WoodburyWares
Etsy store where you can use coupon codes: http://www.etsy.com/shop/WoodburyWares
Current coupon code is for Father's Day: DADDAY20 to receive 20% off total purchase.
     I noticed feathers have been a big trend the past few months and still see people rocking them in every form! Head bands, earrings, hair extensions, key chains and more! I have always wanted to get a pair of long feather earrings because I have nothing like them in my collection. So I got to try these Feather Earrings from KissPat!
     Who is KissPat? Kisspat is a family based company that specializes in high quality feather beauty accessories. They carry hair feathers, feather earrings, feather headbands, feather necklaces, peacock feather jewelries and many more items. Every piece in their store is 100% handmade! I do want to note that their shipping can take 3-20 days because it comes from Hong Kong.
My earrings look exactly identical to this photo. I was very happy about the same great quality as the photo shows.
What do they use to make these? Blue rose,long solid rooster feathers,peacock feathers
How long are they? They are around 7 inches long

    These are very lightweight and easy to wear! It sure is an attention grabber and I got quite a few compliments while wearing them at work. I love when you wear a certain thing and many people notice it and compliment or as you about it. They are definitely one of those kind of pieces because you don't see them to often.
     I love the bright blue color that I got, it pops when I'm wearing black! (Which I wear most of the time!)  But they have a bunch of other types that you can choose from. I really can say they put these feathers into so many nice and creative uses. Also, they have a whole DIY Feather section, teaching you how you can make your own unique pieces! That's something I may try sometime soon, it sounds like a good 'rainy day' activity.
     These earrings go for $12 and you can find them on their website, along with tons of other items.  Since they do travel a distance if it's shipping to the USA, I would suggest that when packaging them in a plastic sleeve, they make the actual plastic part that the backing goes into longer so the feathers don't bend or fold over, just to make sure no damage could be done during the shipping process.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.
     Now, if you're anything like me, you like to travel with pretty and cute bags. Why not organize with them too? I was tired of the plastic makeup bag that had the zipper that always gets stuck. So when I got the chance to use this purse organizer from TravelProducts.com, I was all over it!
     TravelProducts.com specializes in...well...take a guess! Travel products!  They have really anything you need when traveling to make things easier and more comfortable like travel pillows, luggage tags, and travel adapters.  I had fun looking around seeing the more convenient products to use when going on a plane or even driving to a different state. But this zebra print purse organizer caught my attention and I figured I could store my makeup in it easily.
Bright pink liner, makes it easy to see what's inside!
Exterior Pockets
It's has a lot of room for makeup, it's not even half full
     This is good for someone who has a lot of things that they like to carry with them but always seem to lose in their purse. Like those chapsticks, hair ties, eyeliners etc.  Since my bag is fairly large, I need something like this so I don't spend 10 minutes emptying my purse to find one thing.  I love the durable fabric and pattern, not to mention the multiple little pockets and front zipper pocket. 
       I put a good amount of product into the bag and still had room for anything extra I'd want to throw in there (mini mouth wash, hand sanitizer, etc). Then you just pull the drawstrings and it closes up nicely. As I mentioned in the a picture caption above, it also has the nice bright interior which is so much prettier than black, but also keeps the bag light and not dark which can make it difficult to see everything.  I only wish the side pocket was maybe a little deeper.
Drawstrings to close it so nothing falls out!
     Since it is a travel product website, I wanted to grab something that is actually great for on the go and traveling on planes. Below is airline carry-on compliant hand soap and shampoo. What it is, is a container that holds 50 paper like sheets that you just add water to and it instantly becomes soap or shampoo (they also have body wash). Takes up SOOO much less space in a bag and no hassle when going through security. Super convenient and affordable. Check them out!
Travel Hand Soap & Shampoo! Perfect for traveling and planes!
Super easy to use
Purse Organizer: $19.95
Travel Hand Soap & Shampoo Sheets: $2.95
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foxgloves |ˈfäksˌgləv| noun

(1) fabulous fingerless gloves created in Portland, Oregon. (2) tall leafy Eurasian biennial with spectacular clusters of tubular pink-purple flowers. 
     Foxgloves fingerless gloves are " fun & simple handmade fingerless gloves, available in a variety of colors & patterns, fashioned from comfortable stretch fabrics. Think dancewear, activewear, mesh, knit & jersey." 
     I these are perfect for the younger crowd, dancers, or anyone looking to add a little color/pop to their outfit! I always loved the sweatshirts and Tshirts that had the holes for the thumbs and if they didn't I always would make one! (Which in turn ended up ruining my clothes). So these would be the perfect alternative!
Tons to choose from!
    I was provided with these black and white striped Foxgloves. They were in a size S/M and fit comfortably and were stretchy which made for an easy fit for anyone. I liked how lightweight there were too. 
     I wouldn't wear these to keep warm but more for an accessory. I could see these particular ones being worn to concerts as well! 

Two different styles to pick from:
  • Thumb style, across the top of the hand, with an opening for the thumb 
  • Finger-style, a v-cut over the back of the hand, with an opening for the middle finger
Foxgloves are currently available in sizes:  Child Small; Child Large; Adult Small/Medium & Adult Medium/Large

One pair: $12 - $15

Win your OWN pair!

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.
BuyCuteAprons.com is a family owned online retail store, founded by Kirsteen Mackay and operated from Ross-Shire, in the Scottish Highlands, UK.
     What perfect timing!! I got engaged on Valentines Day of this year! When I received this apron, I was in love with the quality of the fabric along with the beautiful rhinestone design! This apron is the perfect little gift for bridal parties to really feel like party of the big day and have a great keepsake!
     I did get to pick from Bride, Bridesmaid or Mother of the Bride from BuyCuteAprons.com I chose to get the Bride one because knowing myself when getting ready after getting into my dress, I am bound to get something on it! But imagine giving one of these to all your bridesmaids or even mother! I think it's a thoughtful & practical gift! Not to mention great for those fun photos!
Just realized the mirror had a spot on it :(
     That's not a stain on the above photo, the mirror was a little dirty :( I have already thought of so many uses for this adorable apron! When doing my makeup for the Bachelorette party, doing my nails, cooking etc. I can't wait to parade around my house near my wedding day wearing this!! :) 
Beautifully Designed
Three pockets to hold anything you need while getting ready!
     The site is based in the United Kingdom and at the moment all prices on the site are in British Pounds Sterling but the site is undergoing a redesign and will include geo-ip currency targeting by country in the near future.   
    Postage charges: Within the UK the cost is £2.99 per order and International shipping is only £5 per order. 
     They have more than just bridal gifts too! They have sooo many options to look through as well for different occasions and styles!!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.
     "Alexa's Angels is an all women jewelry company formed in Colorado in 1998, offering original and stylishly designed accessories with a message of inspiration for women who want to connect and uplift. Alexa's Angels is dedicated to creating, finding and supporting programs that benefit women - learn more at :www.alexas-angels.com "
     Thanks to them, I get to share my thoughts with you on their "Many Hearts One Family" bracelet!  Here is their description: Even when apart, keep love together with our Many Hearts One Family Bracelet. Black gemstones with Rhodium charm copy: "Many Hearts One Family" and engraved on the slider is the word "together."
Arrived in a little jewelry box like this, nice & sealed!
     I love bracelets like this, you know...the ones that actually have meaning and are made to fit any wrist size. That's one feature I liked right off the bat was that it's comfortable to wear and lightweight, with a stretchy band.
      The charms are not cheap looking either. They look durable and not obnoxious looking. I have paired this bracelet with just about any outfit, that's what I like about picking pieces that are black. Although they do have a few other pretty color choices.
"Many Hearts One Family"
(back) Adorable yet simple tree with a heart in the branches! <3
     As simple as the bracelet can look from far away from people who don't own one, YOU will always know the special meaning behind it and can be a conversation starter as well. I personally can connect to this bracelet because I have a large family and when I first got this bracelet, that is the first image that popped into my head; all of my relatives in one room having a great time. I'm so happy to have this bracelet and think of my family every time I look at it.
Bracelet: $20

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.
    Glitterati Glam is a great page to get to know. She has her own brand of mineral eyeshadow that are multipurpose! They can be used as shadows, eyeliners, bronzers or mix them in clear nail polish to make a custom polish. Not only that but she carries fashion jewelry that is unique and very eye catching! Why wouldn't you want that?!
    The owner was kind enough to send me the earrings photographed below to share with you girls! So please take a look and below will be my thoughts!
    When I first opened these I thought "WOAH! Bigg earrings!" This is because I am not used to wearing bigger style earrings and usually have on some smaller dangle earrings. After taking a look at them, I really love the texture that these earrings have. It gives some personality to your outfit.
    These pair great with a lot of different style outfits and for sure is an eye catcher when talking with someone they are sure to be noticed. They also almost draw peoples attention to your face then down to your clothes because they have the chains that hang a good length drawing your eyes attention to your whole outfit.
    The only one thing I wish was that they were a little lighter in weight. My holes are already a little stretched from wearing heavy earrings a while ago, and I am not sure I'd be able to wear these for a long amount of time. But I will definitely be sporting these for those nights I want to take my outfit up a notch. ;)
    I also took a look at her Facebook page and saw all the other pieces she has and I can assure you, they are super cute and affordable! Hoping to get my hands on some of those shadows soon, they are gorgeous!

If you'd like to see more of her products visit her Facebook or Etsy.