Lavender bath salt infuses your bath with over a dozen pure essential minerals through a rich combination of Atlantic Sea salt, Epsom salt, and Dead Sea salt. Aromatic Lavender oil is said to be balancing and calming* while organic Jojoba oil offers an all natural source of vitamin E. Both of these oils are Oregon Tilth certified organic to  ensure no pesticides or chemicals make it into your bath. Lavender bath  salt carries a floral scent with a hint of wood. It blends well with  geranium, patchouli, rosemary, and scotch pine. Our bath salts work to  restore vital nutrients and rehydrate the skin in a 100% natural way  that won't leave you feeling sticky or greasy.
     If you ever needed an reason to slip away into a warm bath and relax, then I have your reason right here, Simply Bath Salts!  These bath salts are what your skin and mind have been begging you for! Once I opened this package, the fresh lavender smell filled my bathroom. 
    I "put 1 cup (a third of a bag) under running water to help them dissolve. Some stirring of the bath water may be necessary to dissolve the larger crystals". They dissolved nicely leaving the water fragranced and when I got out, my skin was softer and smelled lovely.
    I also had to let you know that they individually hand packing salts the day of the order when ordered on & put that date on the package. They do not believe in having the product sit for a long period of time in a hot warehouse.
     The only thing I'd suggest for this brand is to spruce up the packaging and make it more eye catching ;)
Try adding these to a foot soak as well!

Please note

    Salts should be re-sealed in their bag and kept away from moisture, humidity, and direct sunlight. Salt itself has no direct expiration date, but due to the oil content it's recommended to use within a year of purchase.

     If  pregnant, have blood pressure issues, or health problems, consult a doctor before using bath salts. Do not consume bath salts. For external use only and not edible. Do not use in hot tubs.          


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