Tanda is a new company I was introduced to and wanted to share with those of you who have or even may not have acne but are prone to getting pimples on your face.  Tanda uses acne light therapy "that puts the power of three proven technologies at your fingertips, it combines the same powerful blue light technology used by dermatologists with sonic vibration and gentle warming to give you clinically proven clearing results."
    What is light therapy? Light therapy is the application of light energy for therapeutic benefits. It is a proven technology that has been used in clinics for rehabilitation and aesthetic applications for over 35 years. If your dermatologist uses this kind of therapy, imagine having this device and being able to use it when you can feel a pimple coming in and PREVENT it from surfacing!
    This little device comes with 1,000 - 2 minute applications! That's a lot of applications! It's also very simple to use. All you do is clean your face, press the orange button and lightly place over blemish until vibration stops (2 minutes). Repeat 2-3 times daily. I  suggest you take a look (click the link above) and let us know your thoughts on this technology!