If you knew buying a certain brand of skin care items could benefit a lot of other people in need would that sway you more to lean towards those kinds of products? Doing one simple thing like buying products like these face products pictured above from Alaffia can make a difference.     
     Alaffia is an advancing gender equality and alleviating poverty through the fair trade of handcrafted shea butter in Togo, West Africa. As if that isn't great enough, the price of each of these items are affordable and work fantastic! I have been using them for a few weeks and my skin has really taken a liking to the cleanser, toner and cream. It's a great little system I use daily.

Step 1: Facial Cleanser

     The first step every morning and night I do is grab the facial cleanser. The one I have here is for normal or combination-oily skin. It is meant to refreshen and protect your skin throughout the day. It has proven moisturizing properties of unrefined shea butter with the antioxidant power of virgin coconut oil, Rooibos tea and African wild honey! Soooo, if all those ingredients don't scream out "I MOISTURIZE" then I don't know what does! 
     It's super lightweight too which I love. It spreads on evenly and doesn't feel like I have a heavy cream cleanser on my face just a light lotion like cleanser. First I just wet my face and neck and then rubbed in circles with my finders to get rid of makeup, dirt and oil. When I washed my face off with my washcloth the water had a gray tint to it, so that was a proven fact that this lightweight cleanser has a huge cleaning power punch to it. I could see all the days wear on my face go down the drain. Only $13.95!

Step 2: Facial Toner

     Next step I use is the Facial Toner. Before jumping into spraying this, make sure you shake it up. It can separate in the bottle, which is natural, so just give it a good shake first.  After cleansing my skin and actually being able to FEEL the clean skin, I pat my face dry and mist my face and neck with the toner. Then I gently pressed the Facial Toner onto the skin. You can also use this throughout the day to refresh and revitalize your skin if it's feeling dull.
     What the toner does is balances your skin's pH, maximize hydration and provides extra protection against environmental damage with all those lovely ingredients that are in the cleanser above. After I spray this onto my face and pat it lightly and give it a minute to dry, I can feel a little bit of tightness on my skin but not the least bit of a dry feeling. I like the way it feels, I just have to hold my breath when doing it because I don't care for the natural smell it has.  Only $11.85!

Step 3: Face Cream

     I love this Face Cream!! I apply this after I allow a little time for the toner to dry up. I squeeze some onto my fingers and rub into my face and neck.  It improves the texture of my skin and also relaxes my skin after the toner. It leaves my face feeling baby soft and actually it felt really hydrated. It claims to diminish fine lines but I am lucky enough not to yet have them! :P
     It again has all the same moisturizing ingredients as the other two products along with others that help maintain your skin and have it looking and feeling clean and soft. This is actually the face cream I go to even when I am not using the cleanser or toner that day. I just am a sucker for a soft face, especially when after I already applied the cream, I keep on touching my skin because of the silky feeling it gives!  This one is the most expensive of the three at $16.95, but so worth it and a little goes a long way.