Now that I am a beauty ambassador for Bloom, I got a chance to try Alchimie Forever Brightening Moisture Mask! This luscious, creamy mask is packed with natural botanicals to soothe, protect, and brighten dull skin. Oats, known for their softening properties, are combined with wild pansies to speed the recovery of distressed skin and calm irritation. Antioxidants from grape extracts protect the skin from environmental stress, while the powerful blueberry reduces facial redness.
   I am lucky enough to have pretty good skin without to many breakouts. But the red/pink tones make my skin uneven looking. So giving this a shot was great! When I used this the first time I was happy to see that the texture wasn't an extremely thick paste. It was very easy to apply to my face and smelled like blueberries! I did what the instructions told me to and left it on for about 15 minutes. I had actually forgotten I put it on as I was playing around online. That's because it was lightweight and didn't dry out and give you that plastic surgery feel on your face where you can't move!! That was one of my favorite properties of this mask because I can't stand that feeling and it makes me want to wash it off quicker!
     My skin can tend to get really dry around my nose and in other areas making it feel tighter than normal depending on the weather. When I applied this it instantly took away that feeling. The texture was creamy feeling but didn't just absorb into my skin like a cream which is good because the whole point is for it to sit on your skin.  I love the fact to that I could walk around my house, possibly even go outside and nobody that wasn't right in front of me would know I was wearing it because it applies almost invisible looking.
Photo by: Alchimie Forever
    After rinsing the mask off my skin felt a lot softer and smoother right away. I had no need to apply moisturizer before my makeup and even went without a primer because how nice my skin felt without it. I love when products make my makeup routine even easier! Also less concealer was used to cover the darker redness and I was able to get away with a not so heavy coverage foundation. Also, the redness did go down a little on my face and I'm sure over the next few times I use it the results will be more each time.
    This is a little more on the expensive side at $60 a tub (3.3oz) but I didn't need a whole lot to do one application. They suggest doing this once or twice a week, which is easy enough because I wanted to use it everyday because I like how my skin felt afterwards! If you decide to try it out or have any questions, leave it as a comment here. Thanks!
    Before I even begin to review this, can we just talk about how yummy this sounds and smells! Of course I don't advise eating it, but I was almost tempted to try it! I'm Kidding, but it does smell exactly like white chocolate! All joking aside, what is a White Chocolate Mousse Mask?
    "Great benefits derived from the pleasures of chocolate. The scent of chocolate triggers the release of chemicals in the brain that produce a similar feeling as when one first falls in love. In additional chocolate contains over 300 compounds some of which have a significant impact on ones health & beauty. Some stimulates the skin for better regeneration. Some like calcium, magnesium and potassium have a calming effect. Most importantly the polyphenols anti-oxidants thwart free radicals which are responsible for the cells aging.
    Combined with maximum moisture in a base of 80% organic ingredients including grapes skins, white tea, DMAE & Alpha Lipoic Acid... for maximum benefits to the skin. Designed for the face & neck, but can pleasure the body as well."
I love the thick pudding looking consistency
How to use it:
     Wash face with NonSoap NonOil Cleanser. Generously apply White Chocolate Mousse to face and neck area. Allow to set 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water. As with any new skin care product, skin test 24 hours before use.
     for some reason I loved the texture of this mask. When I first opened it and went to put my finger in it, it almost felt like jello, where I couldn't just scoop some out, I had to push a little to get my finger in to grab some. It's almost like a thick pudding consistency, which allowed for easy even coverage when I was applying it to my face. The smell of this stuff as I was applying it was making me hungry! Yum!
After first applying it!
     I made sure to put a good amount on my skin covering all areas and just being careful around my eyes. Don't I look super cute with a white face? Haha. It says to leave it on for 20 minutes. To me no matter what face mask I use, I'm itching to wash it off within like 5 minutes but I waited out the 20 minutes just for you gals! ;)
After about 10 minutes
     The photo above shows what it started to look like halfway through! I wanted to show you because when I looked in the mirror I was surprised that as it started drying up it looks like it was becoming clear. As you can see on my nose I maybe put to much because it didn't end up like the other areas that dried up much faster. Also at this stage, I could feel my skin tightening up. Which is part of the whole anti-aging factor. It wasn't a uncomfortable tight feeling, just a little snug.
Not a flattering picture but after 20 minutes, haha
    What an ugly picture! Haha but after 20 minutes this is what it looked like. You can really see where it was drying up and cracking a little. When I went to talk I could feel the cracking of the dried product a little. This told me it was time to rinse this deliciousness off my face! I just used warm water and most of it came off easily. Then I just wet a cloth and got the stuff on the sides.
   Touching my face after I dried it, was awesome. It was worth the 20 minute wait. It was very soft without even adding any moisturizer. In fact, I didn't even feel the need to apply any at all under my makeup. That's a plus! Your never to young to start using anti-aging products. The sooner you start, the better your skin will be when you get older.  With the babysoft skin I got from using this and the need not to apply a moisturizer after, I see myself doing this at least twice a week from now on! Thanks Nutra-Lift!

2 Oz. = $21

5% Glycolic Acid Cream

Purified Water, 5% Glycolic Acid Polymer (extracts of sugar and rhubarb), Extracts of Pumpkin, Peach, Sage, Comfrey, Chamomile, Witch Hazel, Vitamins A, D, E, Safflower Oil, Sunflower Oil.

What does it do?
_    "(5% Glycolic Acid) An advanced glycolic acid (from sugar cane) that has been acclaimed for action on sun damaged skin and for improving skin texture. 100% natural. With unique glycolic polymer, used by professionals. No animal ingredients. No animal testing. Made in USA."

     Reviva Labs has sent over this cream along with the Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C Ester & DMAE Cream. Which is great because I use them together nightly. This particular cream you apply before bed for the first four weeks. leave-on for one minute and then apply a light moisturizer. After one month of nighttime applications, also apply in the morning under daytime moisturizer.
    At first it sounds absolutely crazy to put acids on your skin, doesn't it?! Well I know the first time I heard about it I questioned it as if "Who would test that out!!?" Well, thanks to whoever did because now peoples skin texture, acne, wrinkles and such have improved with this ingredient. I have talked with my esthetician and she swears by anyone with acne or breakouts to use products that contain glycolic acid.
This cream has a nice thick consistency!
     I love the thicker consistency of this cream because when I apply it at night I can feel that it leaves my skin super soft till morning and has time to penetrate all layers of the skin.  It does have a slight stinging feel, but that's if you have any open pimples or areas on your face where it was just exfoliated. It doesn't hurt but more so just a little annoying but goes away quickly. Me personally, I like the stinging because it feels like it's working. They do have the same product with 10% glycolic acid in it but I would not recommend starting off with that because you want to test your skin with the lower amount first.
    Overall, yes this is meant for mature skin and I'm only 24, but it's better to start younger! This cream has made my skin baby soft and evened out my skin tone a little. When I do get a pimple I make sure I apply this and it heals up quicker than it would on it own and prevented any kind of scarring and it's 100% natural!

_1.25 oz for only $25

Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C Ester & DMAE Cream

This cream has a light lotion consistency
    Well that's a mouth full of a name! Anyways, what does it do? "Reviva Labs now offers a new answer to helping firm, tighten and "lift" skin with Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vitamin C Ester fight free radicals and future skin aging. As a special Reviva boost, this dramatic trio is encased in a soy liposome for deeper, time release action during the night. Allantoin and Aloe Vera are added to soothe and calm stressed skin, contributing to a healthy, vibrant glow. For supple, more youthful looking skin, it's another major advance in the battle against skin aging. Benefits: helps improve skin tone and glow as its powerful antioxidant action fights free-radical damage. As your body rests during the night, you have hours of uninterrupted replenishing nutrients that help tighten and "lift" skin to treat the effects of time as it helps fight future skin aging."
   When I look for a a great cream I want it to hydrate my skin for the majority of the day, replenish all that was lost from drying cleansers, toners etc. But I don't want to feel like I have a layer of cream on under my makeup, so I also want it to be light! To my surprise this cream met my requirements!!  In the photo above you can see it's not as thick as the Glycolic Acid Cream.
     I Actually use this product a minute after applying the first cream. This helps stop any stinging that may have occurred from the acid and this absorbs so fast into my skin and gets right to work! I do  use this at night like directed to give it time to really soak in and sometimes just because I like the hydration my skin gets, I'll apply a little more in the morning (it's not oily either!!). The only thing I haven't noticed is any firming of my skin. I also am 24 and don't quite need that yet, but I'm sure using this now will benefit me later.
   You get a 2 oz. jar that honestly will last you quite some time! A little goes a long way and I love that! You really get your moneys worth and results that will get you compliments. Ever since I have used this when I am working and making suggestions for foundations and such, I get more compliments on my skin than ever. They ask what makeup I use for such even healthy looking skin... and the thing is, it's mostly on the days where I just have a light tinted moisturizer on. The real secret is taking care of your skin with the right products and not covering them with makeup. I point them to these two products.

2 oz. jar is only $23
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    NeriumAD is a night cream that is used nightly to diminish/reduce fine lines, wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, uneven skin texture, enlarged pores, and aging or sun-damaged skin. It's developed from the patent-pending extract of the Nerium oleander plant, hence the name. "NeriumAD contains the most effective age-defying ingredients, chosen for both their individual and synergistic benefits. These premium ingredients are blended at optimum levels to nourish your skin and provide real results."
    Here is a helpful video to show you exactly how to apply and what product ingredients not to use in conjunction with NeriumAD so as not to diminish its efficacy
    When I used this I simply lightly wet my face and pumped out a little of the thick lotion/gel formula onto my fingertips and massaged it onto my face before bed. You do NOT wash this off, you let it dry just like a face mask but leave it on overnight. I noticed if I put on to much it would ball up a little bit so less is more with this product.  I could instantly feel a drying slightly tightening feeling to it.
        I then would rinse my face off first thing in the morning and continue with my regular routine. The first time I rinsed this off I was so impressed with the velvet soft feel my skin had. It did a great job hydrating and softening my skin overnight. I used this product for a few weeks but had to stop because I was getting little bumps and roughness on my skin around my eyes. My skin is usually pretty good with any type of products, but for some reason was having a little reaction to this so I didn't get to try it for the whole month. But that's okay because if you don't see any results you have a 30 day money back guarantee.
     Now, for the results of the couple weeks I did use it I did notice an improvement of my skin texture and brightness but did not see any difference with pore size. I'm happy to say I don't have wrinkles YET, so I could not see any difference in that obviously.  The smell is a little strong and wish it was more pleasant smelling, but if it has the right ingredients that work, smell doesn't matter so much!!  If it wasn't for the little reaction I got, I most definitely would continue the use of this for the lovely feeling my skin gets in the morning from washing it off alone! Can be a great simple addition to a normal nighttime routine.

1. OZ $80.00 US Only
After 8 days
     How does a gel exfoliate? Ya, I asked myself the same question when I had the chance to review Ice Elements 2 Minute Miracle Exfoliating Gel. Well here is what they say: This non-granular exfoliating gel offers exclusive technology that lets you see a visible difference in just one use! You'll enjoy an intensive, deep cleansing beauty treatment with soothing aloe vera, natural botanical extracts and hyaluronic acid. The gel gently exfoliates dead skin cells, removes dulling debris and excess oils. It is rich in natural moisture to help hydrate the skin, leaving it refreshed and vibrant.
    How do you use it? Apply a thin layer on a clean dry face. Let gel sit for 30 seconds to one minute and start to gently rub your cheek and face. If after rubbing for a moment, the product does not begin to liquefy, feel runny and ball up; wait another 30 seconds and then rub again. Keep on rubbing every 30 seconds until the product begins to liquefy and feels runny. At this point, you will start to see balls of dead skin coming off your face.

    I underlined the word "thin" because I noticed if I put to thick of a layer of this gel on my skin it wouldn't ball up at all. It would still leave my skin feeling super smooth but no exfoliating took place when I layered it to thick.  When I first put this on my face it's a nice cool enjoyable feeling. I also didn't mind leaving this on for even longer than a minute as opposed to a mask product.
   When I started rubbing in circles after a few seconds I did see little sponge like balls forming on my face that was 'exfoliating' and getting rid of all the dead skin cells and dirt. After I rinsed it off, I absolutely loved the smooth feeling it left on my face.
    I'm the type of girl who thinks "if it's scrubbing hard/stings it's working" kind of person haha. Although I didn't get much of an 'exfoliating' feel, it was a good "rinse off" moisturizer and would suggest this to people who hate the harsh exfoliators or have sensitive skin, this is a great alternative!!

Get a free 1/4oz jar, just pay  $2.95 for shipping!
Full size jar = $24.95