This company is called Soap Hope and I'm talking about facial cleansers? YES! Not only do they have facial cleansers but they have a bunch of other products besides soap! While reading about this company I gained a lot of respect for them and what they do with with their profits made from their products.     Every time a customer spends money at Soap Hope, the profits from the sale go to help aspiring woman  all over the world to become educated, obtain healthcare, and start her own trade so she can support her family.    How many companies do you know that do that?! So when I received samples to try, I HAD to share this awesome organization with you guys.
    This is the box that the samples we received came in. It was a handcrafted box made from scraps of extra cardboard from around their shop! What!? Eco-friendly too!? YES! Plus the little note on the box was really fun to read since it was asking if the box was ugly, haha :)
    This little guy here is by Acure Organics and is a Superfruit + Chlorella growth factor cleansing gel for normal to oily skin.
From their site: This gentle cleanser works on two levels - it washes away dirt and oil as well as removes makeup to leave skin radiant and refreshed. An antioxidant dense cleansing complex that maintains skin’s natural acid-mantle, activates new cell growth and helps skin look younger and feel better. Organic Goji Berry, Fair Trade Organic Olive Oil and Organic Chlorella Growth Factor provide the ultimate cell boosting blend."
    I loved the consistency of this facial cleaner because it wasn't runny and was easy to rub into my skin without causing a mess. When I was rubbing it on my face I could feel it really was lifting up all the makeup I had on throughout the day and really getting my skin clean.
    When I washed it off, my skin was left refreshed and clean. I felt like I didn't have to rewash like I do with some other stuff, once for the makeup and another to clean my actual skin. This is like a time saver because it did both in one wash! It also didn't dry out my face! I then followed with the next product below.
Paraben free, Vegan, Gluten free, Synthetic fragrance free, Silicone free, Phthalate free
$13.99 for 4 Oz.
    I'm all for using different types of facial cleansers and scrubs because your skin can get used to certain types of products so it's good to switch them up every so often. I was excited to try this facial scrub by Pangea Organics. It has all types of yummy ingredients that are great for all skin types.    Here are what some of the ingredients do:            
            Adzuki- clarifying & exfoliating
            Cranberry- antioxidant & nutrient-rich
            Geranium- harmonizing & cell regenerating
    This is an award-winning facial scrub as well! The little scrubbing specks in this product gently remove any left over dirt and buildup to get rid of dead dry skin and give your face a healthier look. This product worked great with the cleansing gel and when I went to bed and woke up my skin felt hydrated and refreshed. The only thing was the smell I didn't care for. It wasn't unbearable, but I usually like something more "fragrancy" fruity smelling this had a more natural smell.

$27.49 for 3.8 Oz (click photo below for awesome deal!)
Click HERE to visit their webpage
    Okay guys and gals, this is going to be a product RAVE. I am so excited to show you guys this little collection because I just used it in the shower and my skin feels amaaaazing!
    What you see pictured above is the company Aromafloria and three of their products in the scent "Honey Papaya". The only way to describe the scent is "yummy"! It's not a scent that drowns you when you use all three products together. This actually works very well for scent layering. What I mean is you use the body wash, then the scrub and then once out of the shower you use the whipped body butter.
    The Honey Papaya isn't just a delicious scent, it had benefits. This particular set helps with anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, builds collagen and is ultra moisturizing. Why wouldn't you want to try that?! They also have other scents like Mango Ginger that helps with aching muscles, Kiwi Coconut that is a natural exfoliant and Pomegranate which is energizing and has rich anti-oxidants!
    This company is "100% wind-powered Green  e Certified manufacturing facility. Also they are 98% natural, 78% organic, no GMO Material, use of Certified Organic Essential Oils, preservative free, paraben free, no amides, no phthalates eco-friendly packaging and no secondary packaging!"
Body Wash:  The body wash is filled with coconut cleansers and shea butter which is what gives that ultra smooth silky feeling on the skin. When pumped into your hand it's a has a gel feeling and when it's rubbed between your hands it foams up into a rich and smooth consistency. I didn't have to use much of the product to be able to use it all over, so I feel like this bottle will last me a great amount of time.
    This can also be used in a bath for a pleasant smelling fun bubble bath! Click HERE to lather up with this!
8 oz. is $20
Sugar Melt Scrub: I used this product right after using the body wash. All I did was make sure my skin was wet, grab some with my fingers, rub it into my sin in circles and rinse it off.
    This scrub has all natural minerals in it, and is water based. So you know what that means? It has no oils to leave your skin looking/feeling all greased up and make you feel like you want to shower again. I found this product to be great for my dry skin around my elbows. It helps exfoliate and get all the dead skin off. You can really feel it working. I also love the texture of this stuff. I was expecting it to be a loose consistency but it was thick and didn't leak through my fingers when I went to pick some product up. I think this is my favorite of the three.
    When I scooped some up and put it on my arm, it literally felt like it melted into my skin, penetrating the layers and working to get rid of all the old skin cells (eww). I think I may cry when I run out of this! (MUST HAVE!) Click HERE to grab this amazing goody.
8 oz is $25
Whipped Body Butter:  This was the icing to the cake. After drying off and getting into some PJ's I whipped out this bad boy (no pun intended) and rubbed in into my new healthy feeling skin. Again no oily feeling, just easily absorbed right into my skin and when combined with the exfoliating I did with the Sugar Scrub the little red bumps I have on my upper arm I can barely feel anymore. This too is a new go to for me after every shower now. It feels like a luxury item! Worth every penny. Click HERE to purchase.
8 oz is $30

These products were sent us for a honest review and items are being donated for a lucky follower!

I love shower goodies, but rarely have time to enjoy them. I always feel like I rush myself in the shower and dont have time to enjoy my products. 

I had some time on my hands tonight and thought, "Why not take a super long hot shower?!" So I grabbed my Aromafloria stuff and headed to my bathroom. 

Stepped in, and immediately fealt relaxed. Shampooed my hair, put my onditioner in, and while it sat in a bun on my head, i exfliated my body with the scrub. The granuals are round, soft and left my skin silky. After rinsing my hair and shaving my legs I lathered my poof up and soaped up my body. After climbing out I applied the thick, rich body butter. 

I can see this scent being both energizing and relaxing, and working well in both hot and cold showers. 

Later on, I got a "Your skin feels really soft" compliment from the boyfriend as we watched a movie. I have Keratosis Pilaris, and NEVER get skin compliments, so this is a big deal.

I really love these products. Using all three together left a nice light scent behind. I would love to try different scents in the future, especially because it made my Keratosis Pilaris barely noticable to the touch.
    Look at how cute the packaging is of these body butters! I'm a sucker for body creams, lotions and butters. If I showed you my cabinet where I have them, most of you would probably think I'm crazy because I'm pretty sure I'll never run out... hahaha! 
    "Butter by Keba" sent us some samples of their body butter to try out and give our honest opinions about to share with you guys.
    When I first got the sample I thought of the body butter being a thick cream that penetrates deep into the skin to rehydrate the dry skin. But when I opened the sample container to my surprise it had a Vaseline look to it and looked like a solid instead of a cream. So of course I instantly had to touch it and guess what...it instantly melted like butter  when rubbing my fingers across it!
    So once it's heated up by the movement of you fingers it is an oily texture that you smooth onto the skin and it absorbed instantly when I rubbed it on my skin and left a slight shiny finish on my skin. It made the skin look healthier and hydrated, so I bonus points from me!
    All of their butters consist of natural shea butter and contain jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and sunflower oil. Shea butter is what does all that intense moisturizing, Almond oil has vitamins A and B, and Jojoba oil has Vitamin E! All yummy stuff for your skin!
    The scent I have is in "Lotus Nut". It''s a blend of "jasmine, rose, sandalwood, sweet orange essential oils with fragrant essences of gardenia and coconut."  When I smell it it's a light flowery scent, kind of like potpourri but better. It's not an over powerful scent so it shouldn't effect any fragrance you use.

TIP: this works wonders on those dry elbows! Just make sure not to store this somewhere were it gets hot because it will melt!

8 oz. container is $20 (will last you a long time!)
Check out this product and more by clicking HERE

These body butters work great to soften dry skin. I use mine on my heels and elbows. Also, when I first got these I had a sunburn, and they were soothing and healing to my red, tight and dehydrated skin.

If I am not mistaken, I believe this line was formulated with African American skin in mind. I can see these bringing amazing ,moisture without a greasy look and feel. The buttery texture glides onto skin banishing ashy-ness and dry patches. 

I love that this brand is empowering to women!

Definitely browse all of the Egyptian inspired scents on their website. They are very unique.