Suuthe by Mari products are created to provide fast, natural relief from severe to 
mild skin conditions. They are capable of soothing, repairing, maintaining, preserving 
and protecting your skin. Suuthe formulations have been created by combining some 
of the world’s oldest and most effective ingredients. Each ingredient was chosen for
its own unique qualities and ability to have a positive effect on the skin. As a result 
we are proud to bring you a line of skin products that truly work!


     "Skin Repair is a synergistic blend of some of nature's most magnificent healing ingredients.  Mari developed damaged skin repair when her son was suffering from very dramatic eczema. She could not find a skin product on the market that helped him so she decided to make her own Skin Repair product."  It is naturally anti-fungal, antimicrobial, and anti inflammatory and works with skin issues from rashes to open wounds and stretch marks to arthritis.  Talk about a universal product! That's what I like to hear!
     This product contains different kinds of oils, shea butter and other yummy stuff for your skin to drink up! This works wonderfully and makes my skin nice and soft without a real greasy feeling. It has an herbal smell to it as most natural products have.  I found it helped calm down the bumps on my arms and make them a little less sensitive which was nice! I think I could find myself using this more in the winter when it's dry and cold out!


     The lip balm is very similar to the skin repair, almost the same thing in lip balm form. It's oval shaped which was kind of different. I'm used to the same old round shape but I liked it! It contains emu oil, shea butter, organic olive oil, bees wax and essential oils. (Same as the the Skin Repair. The only thing I'm not sure if I am all excited about is the emu oil, because it's rendered fat from an Emu (a big bird).
     Putting aside thinking about the ingredients, I liked how well both products worked. I said it before, but I really find these coming in super hand during the winter when my skin gets dry and cracks because of the lack of moisture. My skin will appreciate these!

Skin Repair - Price varies depending on size you want
Lip Balm - $4.50 

     "Premier’s philosophy is to bring together in harmony and synergy nature’s own wisdom coupled with cutting-edge scientific discovery to create effective, luxury skincare products. Our Premier products are so effective, they deliver what they promise and typically more than you ever imagined. Premier is dedicated to excellence, integrity, vitality and global responsibility.
     In 1990 our group of dermatology and cosmetic experts, who specialize in the therapeutic minerals of the Dead Sea, set out to find a solution for the sagging effects space travel had to the skin of astronauts. In their research, they discovered a whole new process for daily skin care treatment. After decades of manufacturing skin care for other companies, they used their discovery to create Premier’s unique array of luxury skin care products."
Fun Fact:     

     The Dead Sea is one of the world’s natural wonders formed over millions of years at the lowest point on earth, over 1300 feet below sea level. Rich in life-enhancing minerals, the Dead Sea waters, salts and mud have been praised throughout the ages, often credited as the first center of skin care the world has known. Compared to the 3% salt content of ordinary sea water, the Dead Sea contains 32% salt content with relatively high concentration of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, silica, bromide and potassium.

     I was lucky enough to have the chance to try out a facial cleanser from the Luxury Collection! This cleanser is a high performance pH 5.5 soap-less face cleansing gel, to remove make-up, cleanse and balance the skin. It's also suitable for all skin types. As stated it's a gel so it doesn't foam or lather up when rubbing it in. It feels more like rubbing a velvet gel on your face and has a lotion texture to it.
   The texture is one of my favorite things about this cleanser. It really does have that 'luxury' feel to it. I used it with makeup on and it took off the majority of it without even trying, then I just wet my face again n cleansed a second time to make sure to clean my bare skin as well. 
    This cleanser has micro grains to clean out your pores and cleans up your skin without having to use a rough exfoliator. So this is perfect for those who have sensitive skin. I could not even feel the grains but could feel the difference in my skin after the first use. I didn't notice any drying or redness when using this either. Usually after a good face cleaning my face likes to get all red and splotchy. So I was happy to see none of that occur. The only thing I wish is that it was a pump dispenser, that's just personal preference though! Best of all, this 4.25 Fl. Oz. tube is only $19.99 for a high quality cleanser!
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     Darcy's Botanicals is a family-owned company named after the owners daughter, Darcy. Her hobby turned passion was born out of her desire to live a more natural lifestyle and the need to learn to take care of her natural coils without the use of chemicals!
     Not only did she come up with lots of amazing products to nourish hair naturally, she came up with this AMAZING smelling hair and body oil. Stop reading now if you don't want to not be able to stop smelling your skin all day. That's how yummy this stuff smells. 

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     The body oil I choose to try is the Peach Kernal Nectar Natural Hair & Body Oil. Oh Em Gee! Yes, I just spelt that out. This stuff smells EXACTLY like you took a bite into a nice ripe peach at peak of the season. I kid you not. If you have been following my Facebook page you will have seen probably 3 posts so far about how amazing it smells every time I use it. I have NEVER come across a body oil that smells half as good as this one does.
    It is 99% Natural, 100% Vegan and cruelty free. It's super lightweight and doesn't leave a nasty greasy oil residue. I found it to absorb quickly into my skin leaving it looking healthy and moisturized. I'm probably going to use this after every single shower especially in the summer just because of how lovely it smells and the non-greasy shine it gives to my skin. I wish there was a perfume to match!

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     It does have a spray-like top to it which was the only thing I wasn't really a fan of. Just because a few times it'd come spraying out over more areas than where I'd want it to be. I wish it was more of a pump dispenser. Either way that wouldn't stop me from repurchasing this once I'm out. 
     Best of all is this 4 fl. oz. bottle is only $12. I have used this for over a week and it barely looks like I have used any. So this bottle is so reasonably priced there's really no excuse, at all, not to give this a try. :) Can you tell I'm obsessed with it? 

Here you can see the beautiful natural looking glow and how it reflects light. When I touch my skin I feel zero residue!
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Acne Kit T1: Normal/Combination Skin Kit includes 2 (1.2oz) Antibacterial Cleansers, 1 (1.2oz) Glycolic Exfoliator, and 1 (1.2oz) Green Tea Poultice.

- These kits are very affordable starter kits and last at least one month.
- This kit is TSA approved for carry on luggage.
- Same great acne fighting formula as our larger kits
- Kit price is 19.99

     I was lucky enough to give this set a try. I can't explain how many times I get annoyed doing 3-5 different steps and using products from different companies for each step. That's what I loved most from this Skintactix kit. Everything you need is in these 1.2 oz containers and are labeled 1, 2 & 3. Go ahead, laugh. But I am the type of person to do the exfoliating before cleanser if not paying attention so this makes it easier, even for when I'm half asleep in the morning.Lastly, use the poultice to the areas that are affected by acne. Apply this very lightly in the morning and more generously at night.

Step 1: Antibacterial Cleanser

First just wet your skin and apply a little to your hands and rub on your face creating a lather and then wash off.

Step 2: Glycolic Exfoliator

Secondly, apply the exfoliator sparingly and lightly rub it into your skin and do NOT wash off.

Step 3: Green Tea Poultice

Lastly, use the poultice to the areas that are affected by acne. Apply this very lightly in the morning and more generously at night.

     The smell is one thing I noticed off the bat. It's got an herbal smell to it that is very noticeable so if that's something you don't like maybe consider this. If you don't like herbal smells but can get past it this kit is really nice. I really love the exfoliator the most. It's not an exfoliator that has a scrub in it its more of a chemical exfoliator using glycolic acid. The poultice I tried doing in the AM and PM but didn't really like the smell to much so I used this more at night time.
    Now I'm lucky enough not to break out constantly but I do get blemishes here and there. Doing this routine I really felt like my skin was cleaner feeling and my skin has been reacting good to the product and is fairly lightweight. For the price and size it's a great way to try this line because a little goes a LONG way. They have these kits for normal/combination skin, oily skin or sensitive/dry skin!  

     With the warm weather already coming in, I have some goals in mind. I would love to start taking better care of my skin and shrink down my pores!! I would love to put Jessner Peel to the test!! With Salicylic Acid, Lactic Acid & Resorcinol I'm sure a product like this will help me get my skin looking fantastic in no time!  As we all know, a nice clean bright face is a great canvas for makeup!
"Get ready to experience the ultimate in self-tanning lotions! We have created a unique blend of exotic oils and natural ingredients to give you a deeper darker tan. "
     Its richness in color gives you the perfect tan without the damaging side effects of the sun. Designed for easy, goof-proof application, Fake Bake has a built-in color guide, a dark temporary color that let's you see exactly where you're applying. No pale patches, no streaks, no dark spots. Apply the product with gloves at night and shower off the color guide in the morning. Only your flawless Fake Bake tan will remain. The moisture-rich formula dramatically softens skin, making Fake Bake the only tan that's actually good for your skin. Technology that promotes a smoother application for a deeper, darker, longer-lasting tan by up to 50% Now contains Vitamin D! Proven immune system regulator. May assist in weight loss. May reduce the risk of certain diseases.

     I love tanning in tanning beds. I find it relaxing and love building up the color I want. But I'll tell you what I hate. I hate the expensive cost it is to go tanning monthly and the risks you put your skin at when baking it under those bulbs. Not to mention if you burn in the beds as well, that's even worse. Some of you fair skinned people may not even be able to use a tanning bed because you have trouble tanning and not burning. So my new favorite solution to this for the past month has been Fake Bake's self tanner in the Original. It's paraben FREE too!!
     The box comes with the bottle of tanner (obviously), instructions and a blue gloves for application. I ended up breaking the gloves after a few applications just from wear and tear so make sure to have some back ups. As you can see it looks kind of scary right out of the tube. It's very dark looking but once applied and rubbed on, it looks like you just stepped out of a tanning bed. No lie! My dad saw me after I did my first application and was like "Are you going tanning again Dianna, you really shouldn't do that anymore!". I laughed and told him it was Fake Bake and he was impressed with how real it looked!
     You always want to exfoliate before you use any self tanner. This removes all the dead skin cells and allows you to put the color on fresh new skin so it will last longer! Make sure you also remove any deodorant, perfume or lotions. You don't need to do this every time you apply but every 5-7 days to keep it fresh looking.
     I applied lotion on my elbows, knees, feet and hands so that the color didn't get stuck and gross looking on those really dry areas.  After that I put on the gloves and went to work! Applying a little at a time and rubbing it in a circular motion.  Be very light handed when applying to your hands and feet. Once finished it's suggested that you sleep with it on overnight and rinse off in the morning, giving it the most absorption time.
     You can also use this on your face! I literally was so happy once I finished my application and how it was instant and didn't leave me orange nor did it have a horrid smell like a ton of other self tanners do. I do want to suggest that you don't wear your best clothes when doing this because it is possible to get some on anything your wearing if your not careful. I also noticed I may have not waited long enough before jumping to go to sleep because there as a little left over when I woke up on my bottom sheet.
     Above is the proof of how natural and golden my skin looked after one application on one arm! It doesn't even look fake! I ended up doing my whole body and had my sister do my back for my since I don't have rubber arms and can reach. Ha ha. It was weird to see my legs nice and tan because even when in a tanning bed my legs don't ever get much color! Speaking of legs... I wouldn't shave right before applying can go into where the follicle grows and look like little brown dots on your leg. So I suggest shaving a day before.
  Overall I had a pleasant experience with Fake Bake and I would 100% recommend this to anyone looking for a safer way to tan and not look Jersey Shore orange! This bottle is $29.95 on their website.  I have done a bunch of applications and still have plenty left! If you have tried it before let me know your thoughts!
This was RIGHT after applying. Once I showered in the morning the color toned down a little and looked perfect!