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Tree Hut is best known for having perfected the art of using Certified Organic Shea in each product we make.
    Are you one of those people that must have a body product that smells amazing or it's out of the question?! Then you need to check this line from Tree Hut. They were kind enough to send me these two items to try out and now I get to share my thoughts with you guys!
Made with Brazilian nut oil, which is beneficial for aging and dry skin, this scrub also has naturally occurring vitamins to help retain your skin's natural moisture.
    The first product I have here is the Brazilian Nut Shea Sugar Scrub. This is an 18 oz. jar that contains a luxurious and scrumptious sugar scrub that I almost wanted to eat!

_"Pamper your skin and indulge yourself with the rich, sweet and nutty scent of Brazilian Nut. Made with Brazilian nut oil, which is beneficial for aging and dry skin, this scrub also has naturally occurring vitamins to help retain your skin's natural moisture." 

    Instantly, when I first opened this the scent reminded me of a hazelnut iced coffee! It honestly smelled so good that I wanted to jump right in the shower to use it almost immediately. (Okay, I did do just that!)
    The texture of this sugar scrub is nice and thick! I have used a lot of different scrubs before and the texture of this one wins! It was easy to manage in the shower unlike others I've tried that were a little to liquidy.
You can see the nice texture!
       After using this for a few days, I noticed some of the little bumps I have on my upper arm weren't as noticeable and I couldn't feel them as much when running my fingers over them. Yay! Here are some of the beneficial ingredients:

Certified Organic Shea Butter: skin repairing & moisturizing, anti-aging, promotes elasticity

Brazil Nut Oil: deep moisturizer with vitamins A, C and E

Safflower Seed Oil: deep moisturizer

Evening Primrose Oil: rejuvenating and anti-aging agent

Avocado Oil: reduce sun damage/age spots, hydrates
18 oz jar is around $6.99 an can be found at CVS, Amazon, Ulta, and other locations.
Heal and repair skin daily through the power of Shea butter with our new extra-rich moisturizing lotion.
    I then got the Extra-Rich Moisturizing Lotion in the same scent. I am so happy I did, because as expected, it smells just as delicious as the scrub! This comes in a 9 oz. bottle and will definitely last you quite a while! Actually it could be gone quicker than you think if you love this smell like me and apply it every hour! :P
Beneficial Ingredients:

Certified Organic Shea Butter: skin repairing & moisturizing, anti-aging, promotes elasticity

Brazil Nut Oil:deep moisturizer with vitamins A, C and E

    I found that it was best used after getting out of the shower and after using the scrub. Layering the scents helps it stay smelling good longer throughout the day. The consistency of this lotion was normal compared to others and helped keep my skin from cracking in this cold weather we have been having in the Boston area. I am very pleased with the overall quality and prices of Tree Hut.

This 9 oz. tube is approximately  $7 an can be found at CVS, Amazon, Ulta, and other locations.

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    Okay guys and gals, this is going to be a product RAVE. I am so excited to show you guys this little collection because I just used it in the shower and my skin feels amaaaazing!
    What you see pictured above is the company Aromafloria and three of their products in the scent "Honey Papaya". The only way to describe the scent is "yummy"! It's not a scent that drowns you when you use all three products together. This actually works very well for scent layering. What I mean is you use the body wash, then the scrub and then once out of the shower you use the whipped body butter.
    The Honey Papaya isn't just a delicious scent, it had benefits. This particular set helps with anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, builds collagen and is ultra moisturizing. Why wouldn't you want to try that?! They also have other scents like Mango Ginger that helps with aching muscles, Kiwi Coconut that is a natural exfoliant and Pomegranate which is energizing and has rich anti-oxidants!
    This company is "100% wind-powered Green  e Certified manufacturing facility. Also they are 98% natural, 78% organic, no GMO Material, use of Certified Organic Essential Oils, preservative free, paraben free, no amides, no phthalates eco-friendly packaging and no secondary packaging!"
Body Wash:  The body wash is filled with coconut cleansers and shea butter which is what gives that ultra smooth silky feeling on the skin. When pumped into your hand it's a has a gel feeling and when it's rubbed between your hands it foams up into a rich and smooth consistency. I didn't have to use much of the product to be able to use it all over, so I feel like this bottle will last me a great amount of time.
    This can also be used in a bath for a pleasant smelling fun bubble bath! Click HERE to lather up with this!
8 oz. is $20
Sugar Melt Scrub: I used this product right after using the body wash. All I did was make sure my skin was wet, grab some with my fingers, rub it into my sin in circles and rinse it off.
    This scrub has all natural minerals in it, and is water based. So you know what that means? It has no oils to leave your skin looking/feeling all greased up and make you feel like you want to shower again. I found this product to be great for my dry skin around my elbows. It helps exfoliate and get all the dead skin off. You can really feel it working. I also love the texture of this stuff. I was expecting it to be a loose consistency but it was thick and didn't leak through my fingers when I went to pick some product up. I think this is my favorite of the three.
    When I scooped some up and put it on my arm, it literally felt like it melted into my skin, penetrating the layers and working to get rid of all the old skin cells (eww). I think I may cry when I run out of this! (MUST HAVE!) Click HERE to grab this amazing goody.
8 oz is $25
Whipped Body Butter:  This was the icing to the cake. After drying off and getting into some PJ's I whipped out this bad boy (no pun intended) and rubbed in into my new healthy feeling skin. Again no oily feeling, just easily absorbed right into my skin and when combined with the exfoliating I did with the Sugar Scrub the little red bumps I have on my upper arm I can barely feel anymore. This too is a new go to for me after every shower now. It feels like a luxury item! Worth every penny. Click HERE to purchase.
8 oz is $30

These products were sent us for a honest review and items are being donated for a lucky follower!

I love shower goodies, but rarely have time to enjoy them. I always feel like I rush myself in the shower and dont have time to enjoy my products. 

I had some time on my hands tonight and thought, "Why not take a super long hot shower?!" So I grabbed my Aromafloria stuff and headed to my bathroom. 

Stepped in, and immediately fealt relaxed. Shampooed my hair, put my onditioner in, and while it sat in a bun on my head, i exfliated my body with the scrub. The granuals are round, soft and left my skin silky. After rinsing my hair and shaving my legs I lathered my poof up and soaped up my body. After climbing out I applied the thick, rich body butter. 

I can see this scent being both energizing and relaxing, and working well in both hot and cold showers. 

Later on, I got a "Your skin feels really soft" compliment from the boyfriend as we watched a movie. I have Keratosis Pilaris, and NEVER get skin compliments, so this is a big deal.

I really love these products. Using all three together left a nice light scent behind. I would love to try different scents in the future, especially because it made my Keratosis Pilaris barely noticable to the touch.