I love trying new hair products and different brands that do different things for you hair. I have stuff that gives you volume, stuff that is moisturizing and now something that restores your hair and smooths it out, which is great for relaxed/chemically straightened hair! This is the Brazilian Keratin Collection by nuNAAT!
- Benefits -

Works with all hair types
Repairs cuticle damage
Regenerates and strengthens hair fibers
Restores natural shine and softness
Seals hair cuticles
Reduces volume and frizz
Makes hair resilient and healthy
Formaldehyde and sodium chloride free

All products are rich with green keratin. An active ingredient derived from soybean, corn and wheat proteins that deeply adheres to hair fibers, promoting incredibly smooth hair through heat action. The result is strong, highly nourished hair that improves flexibility and shine.

Here are the products nuNAAT offers for Brazilian Keratin products:
Brazilian Keratin Daily Care Shampoo 10.1 oz
     I love the smell of this deep moisturizing shampoo! It's not an easy smell to describe, but all I can tell you is that I love it! The scent even lingers a while after styling your hair which is something I always pay attention to because I love getting a lovely whiff of it later on in the day. This shampoo is sodium chloride free and full with amino acids and green keratin and is gentle enough for everyday use but also gets rid of the days wear on your hair. I love how right after applying I could feel how soft my hair was going to be before I even conditioned with their Daily Care Conditioner!
Brazilian Keratin Daily Care Conditioner 10.1 oz
     This deep conditioner is where all the shine and the real softening of your dry damaged hair comes from. It provides smoothness to your hair strands, leaving hair hydrated and silky to the touch. The green keratin is resistant to rinsing so it stays in your hair longer, making that soft shiny hair kept that way hours after your shower. I let this sit for about 2-3 minutes and then rinse it out. Again, the same great intoxicating smell as the shampoo!
Brazilian Keratin Intensive Hair Mask 17.6 oz
     This is the big boy of them all! This is a LARGE 17.6 oz jar of an intensive hair mask for complete hair recovery. It's a reconstructive cream that helps restore hair thickness. Over several uses it helps provide an increase in hair strength, shine and softness. I applied as directed after shampooing and left it on for 10-20 minutes and then went back in the shower and rinsed out. Instant super smooth and detangled hair! With a hair mask like this and how healthy my hair has looked and felt with just 2 uses of this I can also see it helping my hair to grow longer without breaking just because of the ingredients of the shampoo and the mask working together to help bring it back to life with some strengthening too!
Brazilian Keratin Liquid Keratin Leave-In Reconstructor 10.1 oz
     Now if you have dyed, straightened, blow-dried, been exposed to sun, wind, sea salt, and chlorine this is a winner and is needed to help protect and bring that dull hair back to life. It penetrates hair structure, realigning it and reducing hair volume. 
     You apply to your hair, massage it from root to tip. It isn't necessary to rinse it out. Wait a few minutes, then brush with a hairdryer and finish with a ceramic heat iron to seal the ingredients into your hair. This was one of my favorite of the bunch just because you really need to protect your hair from all the stuff you do to it. The heat, the sun exposure, the weather changing, etc. In order to help your hair before it's to late you need to take action BEFORE you start styling and this product does that! When I used this the first time after flat ironing, my hair was so straight and non-frizzy that I almost was in shock. Usually when I straighten my hair it still has some poof to it but this made it look sleek. I'm in love! 
Brazilian Keratin Serum Ultra Shine 2 oz
     This is another product that helps protect your hair from outside world damage from the environment. It gives your hair extra shine and flexability throughout the day.  I just dab some onto the palm of my hands and rub together and evenly distribute throughout my wet hair.  It is a little thicker consistency then most serums but absorbed quickly into my hair and didn't weigh it down but if you have very fine hair I would suggest using very little at first. Lastly, you can use this throughout the day when needed to tame fly aways and frizz control. It's an extra step in your hair care routine that your hair will thank you for!

Check out their Facebook and Twitter to be kept up to date with all their products and news!

"LAID brand hair care is not just a brand, it’s a lifestyle.  It is DAVID L. HENSLEY(owner) in a bottle. The product systems utilize cutting edge technology to create professional looks without harmful ingredients. And with PHEROTTRACTION™, the products don’t just make you look fantastic, they are formulated to make you feel great and bring out your inner ROCK STAR."

     Without further adieu, I'd like to introduce you to one of my new favorite, the star of the show Shady Girl Shampoo & Conditioner! Okay, enough with the silly "rock star" type of introduction! But seriously, I have a shampoo and conditioner that I really actually look forward to using when in the shower!
     First I'd like to mention that these are designed for color treated hair but would work great with any kind of hair, colored or not! I recently just got my hair highlighted and the color always tends to turn to a brassy color after a little while which is always heartbreaking after spending so much money getting it just right. So this was perfect for me. I have been using the duo for a few weeks and can say that my hair has looked just about the same as when I got it done. Very minimal color change and the overall feel of my hair feels healthier as opposed to dried out crunchy bleached hair!
     They are both a sulfate free and paraben free formula which is what helps keep color safe! The Shady Girl Shampoo has an SPF in it! This keeps the color vibrant and protected. To me, this was a first, I haven't seen a shampoo with SPF in it, nor ever thought about that. Great idea! It also does as it claims right on the bottle, "gently eliminates build-up without stripping color, adds strength, smoothness, shine, frizz control and volume." The smell of this stuff is lovely and refreshing. To me it had a medium lather, I ended up using a little more than I do on other shampoos just because I like a lot of lather. The only issue I had, is the pump. It dispensed a little then I had to manually pull the pump up to be able to push it back down because it was slow going back up by itself. It's not a huge issue though.
     The Shady Girl Conditioner claims to eliminates frizz and detangles while adding smoothness, softness, and shine. Its clean, refreshing scent will raise your spirit while the INTENSE menthol cooling will raise your goose bumps. This one was the winner in my book. It has a great thick consistency that just sunk into my hair and not to mention the amazing minty menthol smell! It just woke up my scalp and gave a slight tingling sensation. Sort of like Vicks Vapor Rub, but 10x better. When rinsing this out I felt like I didn't have to do any work. Just stood under the water and this stuff came out so easily leaving my hair feeling super smooth and crushable. The pump on this one worked fine, no issues. I have heard from others that they had the same issue with the shampoo pump so I'm wondering if its just to thick of a shampoo for the pump they use.

     If I was asked if I recommended this brand I would 100% say yes! Colored hair or not, this stuff works great on my hair. Especially the lovely minty conditioner, love using this in the morning to wake me up a little! I invite you to check out their fun rocker style website and take a look around and check out their other products! Then show them some love on Facebook!


Taken from their website
     Pureology’s NEW PRECIOUS OIL is a versatile, caring formula that helps colour-treated hair achieve maximum softness, shine and colour protection. Precious Oil contains 100% biodegradable ingredients in a paraban and silicone free formula, earning it the prestigious GREEN SEAL™ certification.
     This bottle of heaven is $40 and will last you a very long time! It's a very lightweight hair oil with sunflower, coconut, olive and jojoba oils! So yes, it does smell lovely in your hair especially after my hair dries and moves in the wind I can sometimes catch a hint of this smell in my hair and I love it!! But besides the great smell, this product offers a nice healthy dose of softness, elasticity, shine and moisture on your color-treated hair.
    That's what separates this oil from others. It's made specifically for NOT fading your hair color that you work so hard on maintaining. That and also their Green Seal Certification! If you have read other reviews of mine, you know I'm all for being green and doing what I can beauty product wise to benefit the environment, while making my hair, skin and makeup looking fabulous! :)

So, how can you use this to benefit your hair?

There are various ways to use this oil, check them out:
     For radiant Shine:
            - Blend or layer 2 drops with your favorite Pureology styling product.
     For Exceptional Softness:
            - After shampooing, add 3 drops to any Pureology rinse-out masque and apply to            towel-dried hair. Leave on for 5-10 minutes and rinse.
     For Silky Conditioning:
           - Before shampooing, apply 2 drops on dry hair. Don't rinse. Follow with any Pureology shampoo, work into a lather and rinse!
     For anti-Frizz smoothness:
           - After blow-drying, run 2 drops in your hands and lightly run over dry hair.
     For overnight suppleness:
           - Apply evenly through hair before going to bed. In the morning leave in or rinse    out.
     For gentle detangling: 
           -Apply a small amount in to palm and work through clean, damp hair. Use a wide-tooth comb and work out tangles.
     For skin softening:
           - Apply on clean skin and massage to moisturize.

     So as you can see, there is more than one way to use your Precious Oil! One of my favorite ways to use it is the exceptional softness way and as a skin softening agent. This gets rid of nasty dry cracked looking elbows in a second, plus I can have that lovely light scent on my skin all day long! 
     As it claims, it is very lightweight, more than other oils and serums I have tried which is great because it doesn't weigh down my hair and make it flat. It is an oil not a serum so keep that in mind when applying. It does come out of the bottle a little runny/quick so be gentle when pumping as to not waste any and avoid your roots to not look like a grease ball !
     I was truly impressed with this and will continue to use it now that my hair is highlighted and I don't want to risk stripping it of its color! It's hard to find products so dedicated to color treated hair that actually benefit your hair rather than make it harder to manage. That's why I would recommend Pureology Precious Oil to others looking to give their hair a more vibrant soft shine!

     "That tiny happiness, when your hair surprises you, that is what I was after. To redirect frizz or to create thickness. To see fried, tired hair return to vitality and good health. To nourish and indulge hair with conditioning treatments. To feel cleaner and look more beautiful. That possibility. That is the seed at the core of every product we make."
- Dallia Wallach, Founder


   If you have hair that is dry or chemically treated, suffers from split ends or frizz, then the Intense Hair Repair Nourishing Treatment by Get Glow is a product you may want to consider trying.  This treatment is just like a hair mask packed with tons of important ingredients that your hair needs to be nourished.  You apply it to towel dried hair and massage throughout. Leave it on for approximately 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly. 

What makes it work?!    
Wheat Protein helps mend split ends by coating the outside of your hair and filling in gaps between the cuticle. It provides protection and a soft feeling.
Grapeseed Extracts provide a natural source of essential fatty acids.
Nettle contains more than 20 different phytonutrients.
Vitamin E helps maintain the health of your hair. It keeps moisture in hair if hair is dry and improves movement if hair is stiff or brittle.
Vitamin B5 needed for healthy hair, imparts luster and penetrates the hair shaft beautifully.
Antioxidants including the flavonoid catechinfound in green tea, protect and detoxify.
Pacific Sea Kelp, a type of organic seaweed, brings a rich source of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
Silica, a form of trace mineral, brings shine to your tresses. Mineral or miracle?


     Now at first I was like "ok I have to wash my hair put this on get out of the shower for 10 minutes and then go back in to rinse" and thought what a pain! But then silly me just thought to bring a wash cloth into the shower with me and towel dry my hair a bit after washing and apply this treatment and then go shave my legs or something for a few minutes and then rinse it out. Much simpler process, haha.

     This is a phenomenal treatment and I do it maybe once a week just to give my hair that extra kick in the butt when it's feeling dry or dull. The only thing is the smell is not my favorite. It has a natural/earthy smell to it. I tend to like sweet and flower smells. But I can sacrifice that for the shine I get every time I use this! Also especially I love how I can easily run my fingers through my hair after I use this! It's like a healthy food for your hair!

$19 for 8 oz. jar

     The Cure 24/7 is a leave in reconstructive treatment with visible results within minutes after application. The name says it all: a treatment that can be done day or night, wet or dry. The Cure 24/7 repairs damaged hair fibers, making tresses stronger, smoother, and shinier. Restoring damaged hair has never been so convenient and simple.

     Everyones always searching for that miracle product that will turn their hair into the perfect hair that we see in magazines and commercials. Well let's be realistic, there isn't a product that can produce photoshop enhanced hair over night (or at all). Sorry if I crushed your dreams. BUT I do have this product which did help enhance the overall feel and look of my hair after just one use.
     The Cure 24/7 was featured in Allure magazine too! "The White Sands Cure 24/7 Hair Cell Renewal serum "has particularly advanced technology for this problem. The positively and negatively charged ingredients it contains form a complex that conditions and glues the split ends back together, lasting through two, to three shampoos." 
     I love that it comes in a pump form just because when it's an open top bottle I tend to always use too much or half to wipe some of it off my hand before applying which wastes product. Who wants to do that? It would be even that much better if it was a spray.  But as you can see the material that was on the cap to give it that metal look is peeling off and bubbling. That's because when mine arrived it had leaved out a bit. Sad Face.
     Besides it leaking I have had a great experience with this hair cell renewal. There are two different ways I used this:
  1. Apply a quarter size pump to your hands and then evenly distribute throughout your damp hair. Applying to your scalp is not necessary.
  2. Apply a quarter size pump to your hands and distribute lightly over your hair to add some shine and tame frizz.

     My preferred way to use this is the first way. This is because it makes my hair a lot easier to detangle and brush through when wet. Which also helps prevent hair breakage by forcing my comb through my hair. It's also very lightweight and works best before you use any other products. It won't weigh down thin hair so no worries there just don't use a ton (duh)! I avoided the top of my head just because when I put anything near it it looks greasy, so if you have that issue I would do the same!
    I really like how easy it is to use and lightweight it is. I use it daily now and every time I love the results and having my hair feel like I just got a trim. If you'd like to find more information about this product or other items they have you can visit White Sands webpage or Facebook.

One bottle is $29.99 and will last you a few months.

     Longgggg haaaair, don't careeee! I have these awesome new 24" Remy (real Indian hair) clip in hair extensions from ProExtensions.com. I was SO SO SO excited to have extensions, especially 24" ones because my hair is the type of hair to grow to wear it is on the left picture, then completely stop. It starts to split and then won't grow any longer than that. So the only other option I had was hair extensions and I finally got my hands on some!
   These particular ones are in #2 Dark Brown and are the Pro Premier set. "Pro Premier clip on extensions are made from the highest quality human hair available in the world today. Graded A+, Pro Premier will surpass the quality of any other extensions that are currently available by any of our world wide competitors." They are also great because you can use heat on them! So blowdrying, straightening, curling etc.!
     Here is how mine arrived! Nicely protected. Also I must tell you that they came in ONE BUSINESS DAY! Talk about if you are as anxious as I was, the one day delivery was amazing! I literally tore the box apart when it arrived and went straight to reading how to put them in. Might I add how simple it is to do once you do it a couple times! Let's take a look at the photo below that explains it very easily and even how to take care of them so they last a longer time.
How to attach your clip ins! (click photo to make it larger)
     I followed these instructions to put mine in for the first time. I will not lie, this is my first set of extensions and I did have to start over a couple times because I couldn't fit all the clips in the first couple times. But you also don't need to use every single clip in they give you, but I feel with all of them put it the hair blends better and looks more realistic.  The photos below show you exactly what pieces you get and the clip that is used to grip onto your natural hair. The clips are simple to use and require little pressure. Although if you try to grip to much hair with this clip, it won't close. So keep that in mind when trying to clip them all in.
Strong clip that you use to grip your hair and hold the extensions in place
All of the clip ins in your pack! (Plus two extra one clip ins for testing color on!)
Pro Extensions Clip In Sets (pictured above)
Clipping in hair extensions allows for a quick and easy way to achieve your desired look and feel. Our hair sets offer individual wefts of hair extensions that are attached to polymer coated clips. The polymer clips are very comfortable and don’t pull out strands of hair when they are placed.

Each set includes:
     - (1) 8 inch wide weft with 3 clips
     - (1) 7 inch wide weft with 3 clips each
     - (2) 6 inch wide wefts with 3 clips each
     - (6) 1 and 1/2 inch wide wefts with 1 clip each
     - (2) 1 and 1/2 inch wide wefts (no clips) for testing/coloring
     Look at the difference in my ponytail! Not only is it amazingly longer but the volume of hair that these bad boys add is another reason why I love them! At first I didn't ever really think of getting extensions for the amount of volume it adds to your hair, but after feeling my hair with and without these in, it makes a difference! So if you have thin hair, ProExtensions will do wonders for you!
     I personally can now get these in my hair and be out the door in 10 minutes. I do this for work a lot now just to give me more length and also when I curled them in with my hair everyone wouldn't stop talking about how nice it looked and how well it blended together and the colors matched. I was loving it! Even if the color you choose to get doesn't match 100% that's okay! This is because it can end up still looking great adding dimension to your hair color. But if you do want it to be exact make sure to check out their return policy.
     The only thing I need to do with these is add in some layers. Where I have layers in my hair you can kind of see where my real hair is on the top layer. But this is easily fixed by just getting some layers cut into the extensions to blend them better with your hair style. Also, at first my head did feel a little itchy at first but it's just because I was not used to them. After time went on I couldn't feel them. Other than that, I have been wearing them a few times a week and even when I take them out a few people asked me to put it in their hair because they love the way it looked and now want to get their own!
This is 3 days later after I curled it and it still has a nice wave to it!!
Proextensions.com was kind enough to supply you with a 10% off your purchase!
Just use the code "BeautyMark" on their website ProExtensions.com

Website: www.proextensions.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/cliphairextensions
Twitter: www.twitter.com/proextensions

     I have always wanted to try to get my hair longer than it was for soooo long. I have just always put it off because the cost of human hair extensions can be very pricey.  Then I came across these Hairdo 23" clip-In Wavy Extensions from HairUWear.com.  So when I got the chance to try one of these out I was so excited to see if they looked real, fake, easy to apply etc. It came with simple instructions on the back (pictured below) of the box, and also more detailed ones inside the box.
Easy instructions on how to apply on the back of the box
     The directions above show pretty much exactly how it's done. I put up a little less than half my hair up. Then I took what was left on the bottom and pinned it up flat against my head using bobby pins. After doing that, all I had to do was open the snaps in the extension and starting at the top middle of my hair where I  separated it, and begin clipping them around my hairline. So simple I couldn't believe it. I didn't have to fuss and fight to get it on either. I took down the top part of my hair and took a picture (below) before curling it to show you the length difference because you can see where MY hair ends.
This is with them on and the top half of my hair straight so you can see the few inches I gained from these!!
     After I took that picture I just carefully took parts of my straight hair and curled the bottom half of it to match and blend in with the extensions. This whole process took me about 15 minutes (20 mins the first few times) to make sure I got it right. When I normally curl my whole head it takes me a good half our to 40 minutes to separate each section, hold the curling iron there, hair spray etc. So this was a great time saver!!

Click each image to enlarge

How to care for them:
  • Since these are synthetic hair and it's wavy they say NOT to brush them.
  • Spray with a light mist of Hair U Wear Leave-in Conditioner that is specially                 formulated to keep your extensions looking fresh and healthy.
  • Remove any tangles using your fingers, pick comb or large toothed comb and gently scrunch to re-set the baked in curl.
  • A water soluble hair spray may be used for a light hold
  • Do NOT use heat on these
     Overall, I really liked these. It's one easy piece as opposed to 10 different clip ins. It looked natural and gave instant style to my hair. It did take a while to get used to wearing at first but after I got used to them and couldn't really feel it on my head anymore. It was a tad itchy at first, I won't lie. If you're like me and like to play with your hair, try to stay away from the wavy ones because if you run your fingers through it the curls will frizz on you.  I am really hoping to try the straight ones out since my hair is naturally straight and would be able to wear those more often!

Easy to use, Natural looking, Instant Style
     A lightweight moisture treatment for curly hair inspired by skincare science. It creates a "moisture foundation" by infusing individual strands with conditioners vital to healthy hair and great looking curls! Prickly Pear Cactus Extract draws moisture from the air and seals it in for superior conditioning. Antioxidants Green Tea and Vitamin B5 protect hair and promote shine. And Arnica Extract, a
healing agent, promotes long-lasting hydration and helps seal the cuticle layer to prevent frizz & encourage healthier hair and scalp.
    I have heard of Ouidad quite a few times and have been tempted to try it out with my hair and my sisters. I say this because we have two different types of hair. My hair has a wave to it and her hair is naturally curly.  When I recieved a sample I tried some that night and then when my sister showered I had her try it as well.
     What you do is: place a dollop in the palm of your hands and rub your hands together. Gently run your hands throughout your hair, spreading the conditioner, and leave the product in your hair. Both of us loved how when we rubbed our hands together how easily it dispersed on our hands and how light it was. It was applied easily and then we styled out hair as usual. 
    This product didn't make my hair any more curly or wavy by any means but I could tell how much more my hair absorbed this product and kept my hair from feeling brittle and dry by the end of the day. My sisters hair also had a more healthy curl look to her hair when she used this along with curling shampoo & conditioner. She loved how her hair wasn't a "frizzy curly mess" and was actually tamed down and felt soft. There was no weighing down of our hair either which is great for people with thinner hair.
: One thing we both agreed on was the scent was not our favorite. We tend to like sweet smelling or fragranced things. This had more of a natural clean smell to it, which is okay but we just prefere something yummy smelling :)

8.5 Oz. $22
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.
Love using your hot tools? Protect your strands with ENJOY Thermal Spray and/or Shine Spray!

ENJOY Thermal Spray offers non-sticky, heat-activated thermal protection for use with heated styling tools. Ideal when styling with curling irons, flat irons or hot rollers as it leaves a firm, flexible, brushable hold.

ENJOY Shine Spray eliminates frizz, adds incredible shine, smoothness and softness. It locks in moisture while blocking out humidity. Great for use with flat irons or to add shine to any finished style.
What do I think?
    I have tried dozens and dozens of hair products because I loveee to try new things but not all succeed and I end up going back to the original products I am used to. I style my hair a lot with heat (hair dryer, straightener, curling wand) and ened protection on my hair while using these tools so I don't end up with hay for hair. Also, when using these tools my hair gets dull so when I had the chance to try ENJOY's Thermal Spray and Shine Spray, I was excited to see how it worked.
    ENJOY Thermal Spray is kind of a unique product to me. Not only did it offer great protection from high heats but the feel of it after was as it was styled and didn't need to add more hairspray after I finished using my curling wand. This practically eliminates a whole step and I don't need to weigh down my curls with more product when finished curling! I love it!
   The ENJOY Shine Spray was the real winner in this awesome duo! I have tried lots of brands that offer shine sprays but none really WOW me. I used this after flat ironing and was so impressed with the gloss my hair had that I ran upstairs and said "Look how shiny my hair is!!" Haha. The smell of this stuff is nice and not overbearing. The only suggestion I have is be careful if you have very thin or fine hair as it can weigh it down a little.

A $39.48 (USD) 

 Where to buy: www.enjoyhaircare.com
(see salon locator) 

Twitter: http://twitter.com/ENJOYHairCare


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     If I had it my way – and my boyfriend would allow it - I would spend my days as a lady of leisure indulging in the fabulous life as a fully fledged salon addict. However, with the advent of the annual Budget for all of us across the UK and the global age of austerity for beauty lovers around the world, the time has come to really think about moving some of your usual beauty routine from the salons to your bathroom! But how can you achieve salon standard beauty without the trusted help of your professional stylist? Simple; learn their secrets!
    As any good beauty blogger will know, befriending salon professionals is always advantageous, as they are always forthcoming with their knowledge and expertise. I quickly learned that instead of shopping for products as my usual retail outlet, I should buy them from the place actual professionals frequent: beauty wholesalers. There is a greater range of products and at a price to suit your recession-friendly budget.
    However, back to the case in point, with perfecting a salon standard look, you need some salon staples. Here are my top picks:
1. Hairdryer
    From knowledge imparted from my hairdresser friends, they recommend something lightweight, powerful and with a long salon standard cord. This is an integral, yet forgotten about feature, as a long cord allows flexibility and ability to manoeuvre. Check the power rating for a salon professional blow dry, preferably with a combination of heat settings. A silencer is always a much-needed accessory, especially if you’re an early bird with an irritable partner!
2. Styling wand
    Recently, I was inspired by the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show to dig out my trusted styling/curling wand; it’s absolutely fabulous for creating a gorgeous and flirty hairstyle that has more bounce than even California! Go for a wand with a smaller barrel, as they create amazing curls that transform into romantic waves in the afternoon. I especially love the styling wand as it is fairly low maintenance but creates a dramatic effect.
3. Straighteners
      I’m just going to come out and say it: hair straighteners changed my life, fact. They are so versatile and can create any look from poker straight to lusciously wavy. The main thing when choosing straighteners is not their brand or size, but the type of plate they use. I prefer ceramic straighteners but some salon professionals prefer other types of plates. The secret I learned though was to have an adjustable temperature setting as the health of your hair is paramount in styling and over use of straighteners produces weakened or broken hair.  
4. Rollers
     If you’re looking for natural bounce, then you should take a good look at rollers. Rollers have had some sort of renaissance in recent times, being seen on the heads of the rich and famous for years. Where I live, in the UK, rollers have created some sort of furore as women across the nation have gone to the hairdressers on a Saturday morning, put their hair in rollers ready for a night on the town. Try to use models which have 'heated Velcro' in their name, as these are the easiest to fix in your hair.
     Clippers are the essential hair tool for guys, it goes without saying. However a hair craze in 2010 increased the need for clippers... for women. Once the domain of punks and fashion pioneers such as David Bowie, the undercut became a hair phenomenon and combined long layers with an avant-garde shorn side.

Do these salon staples make your list? Would you make any recommendations?

Article by:
“Hi! I’m Leyla, a 25-year-old beauty blogger who adores sharing her musings on a variety of topics. Feel free to tweet me @DigitalLeyla”