Where are my shoe lovers?! There's got to be some of you reading this! If your one of them then your going to love this "website share"! They have a HUGE collection of women's fashion shoes and boots.They first opened in 1991 in New York and people fell in love with the quality of their shoes that it became the 'go to' shoe store and quickly grew into a larger company.
    They introduced a new brand of shoe called Miz Mooz. It's considered edgy and cute and Infinity Shoes is the largest retailer for this brand! Below is a photo from this brand and one of my favorite boots, Miz Moo Amiela.
Available in Green, Black, Brown or Red
    So your not into shoes? Still check them out they have shoe accessories, bags, socks and more. Hope you enjoy this site like I did. Let me know if you find any shoes that you may put on your wishlist! :D

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