Eylure is the UK's number 1 false eye lash brand and it's finally been getting more and more popular here in the United States! I'm lucky enough to share these simple Pre-Glued Lashes with you. I'm not going to lie at all, I am the WORST with fake eyelashes. The glue, the steady hand, having them peel up on me...ugh that's why I avoid them. But these intrigued me because they are self-adhesive lashes! They already come with the glue on them and go on so much quicker than regular lashes with glue and having to wait for the glue to become tacky.
     The one's I received to review are number 050. These are very realistic looking and not one of those dramatic, holy eyelashes kind of falsies. These are the type that I prefer so I can wear them daily without looking to obvious. Ok so they don't look like clown lashes, but are they comfortable? Yes yes yes!! I honestly have given up hope of being able to wear lashes just because of how much of a pain they can be and then you can feel them the whole time after they are applied. These ones are ultra lightweight and after a minute I forgot they were even on. To me, that's amazing because I never thought I'd be able to wear falsies.

     How to apply:
             1. Remove the lash from the tray with tweezers
             2. Measure the length agains your eye and trim if necessary
             3. Look down into the mirror & hold lash as close to natural lashes as possible.
             4. Press gently across the lash golding at the ends for a few seconds.
    BAM!! Done and you can't even tell they are fake! Seriously, look at the picture! Can you tell I'm so proud of myself and excited about these? After I applied mine I applied a tiny bit of mascara to blend it with my lashes and have extra adhesive. Removing them is simple as well. You hold the eyelash at the end and gently peel it off. 
     These can be worn a few times before needing to toss and buy a new pair if your take care of them. But once the adhesive is not sticky anymore your can gently remove the clue strip and in the plastic lash holder there is an additional glue strip that you can add onto the lashes and wear like new again! These are genius and perfect for people who hate using the glue and can never seem to get them on right or comfortably!

6/18/2012 11:14:31 am

Wow those look really good on you! I've tried fake eyelashes & I agree the glue takes some talent to use. I wonder if I can find these in Germany? I'll have to look & see if I can find these for myself! I will definitely give these a try if they look that good!


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