Before I even begin to review this, can we just talk about how yummy this sounds and smells! Of course I don't advise eating it, but I was almost tempted to try it! I'm Kidding, but it does smell exactly like white chocolate! All joking aside, what is a White Chocolate Mousse Mask?
    "Great benefits derived from the pleasures of chocolate. The scent of chocolate triggers the release of chemicals in the brain that produce a similar feeling as when one first falls in love. In additional chocolate contains over 300 compounds some of which have a significant impact on ones health & beauty. Some stimulates the skin for better regeneration. Some like calcium, magnesium and potassium have a calming effect. Most importantly the polyphenols anti-oxidants thwart free radicals which are responsible for the cells aging.
    Combined with maximum moisture in a base of 80% organic ingredients including grapes skins, white tea, DMAE & Alpha Lipoic Acid... for maximum benefits to the skin. Designed for the face & neck, but can pleasure the body as well."
I love the thick pudding looking consistency
How to use it:
     Wash face with NonSoap NonOil Cleanser. Generously apply White Chocolate Mousse to face and neck area. Allow to set 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water. As with any new skin care product, skin test 24 hours before use.
     for some reason I loved the texture of this mask. When I first opened it and went to put my finger in it, it almost felt like jello, where I couldn't just scoop some out, I had to push a little to get my finger in to grab some. It's almost like a thick pudding consistency, which allowed for easy even coverage when I was applying it to my face. The smell of this stuff as I was applying it was making me hungry! Yum!
After first applying it!
     I made sure to put a good amount on my skin covering all areas and just being careful around my eyes. Don't I look super cute with a white face? Haha. It says to leave it on for 20 minutes. To me no matter what face mask I use, I'm itching to wash it off within like 5 minutes but I waited out the 20 minutes just for you gals! ;)
After about 10 minutes
     The photo above shows what it started to look like halfway through! I wanted to show you because when I looked in the mirror I was surprised that as it started drying up it looks like it was becoming clear. As you can see on my nose I maybe put to much because it didn't end up like the other areas that dried up much faster. Also at this stage, I could feel my skin tightening up. Which is part of the whole anti-aging factor. It wasn't a uncomfortable tight feeling, just a little snug.
Not a flattering picture but after 20 minutes, haha
    What an ugly picture! Haha but after 20 minutes this is what it looked like. You can really see where it was drying up and cracking a little. When I went to talk I could feel the cracking of the dried product a little. This told me it was time to rinse this deliciousness off my face! I just used warm water and most of it came off easily. Then I just wet a cloth and got the stuff on the sides.
   Touching my face after I dried it, was awesome. It was worth the 20 minute wait. It was very soft without even adding any moisturizer. In fact, I didn't even feel the need to apply any at all under my makeup. That's a plus! Your never to young to start using anti-aging products. The sooner you start, the better your skin will be when you get older.  With the babysoft skin I got from using this and the need not to apply a moisturizer after, I see myself doing this at least twice a week from now on! Thanks Nutra-Lift!

2 Oz. = $21
5/18/2012 04:36:31 am

OOooo I so want to try this! That's awesome that it works great. I think you had me sold when you mentioned "chocolate" :)


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