Look at how cute the packaging is of these body butters! I'm a sucker for body creams, lotions and butters. If I showed you my cabinet where I have them, most of you would probably think I'm crazy because I'm pretty sure I'll never run out... hahaha! 
    "Butter by Keba" sent us some samples of their body butter to try out and give our honest opinions about to share with you guys.
    When I first got the sample I thought of the body butter being a thick cream that penetrates deep into the skin to rehydrate the dry skin. But when I opened the sample container to my surprise it had a Vaseline look to it and looked like a solid instead of a cream. So of course I instantly had to touch it and guess what...it instantly melted like butter  when rubbing my fingers across it!
    So once it's heated up by the movement of you fingers it is an oily texture that you smooth onto the skin and it absorbed instantly when I rubbed it on my skin and left a slight shiny finish on my skin. It made the skin look healthier and hydrated, so I bonus points from me!
    All of their butters consist of natural shea butter and contain jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and sunflower oil. Shea butter is what does all that intense moisturizing, Almond oil has vitamins A and B, and Jojoba oil has Vitamin E! All yummy stuff for your skin!
    The scent I have is in "Lotus Nut". It''s a blend of "jasmine, rose, sandalwood, sweet orange essential oils with fragrant essences of gardenia and coconut."  When I smell it it's a light flowery scent, kind of like potpourri but better. It's not an over powerful scent so it shouldn't effect any fragrance you use.

TIP: this works wonders on those dry elbows! Just make sure not to store this somewhere were it gets hot because it will melt!

8 oz. container is $20 (will last you a long time!)
Check out this product and more by clicking HERE

These body butters work great to soften dry skin. I use mine on my heels and elbows. Also, when I first got these I had a sunburn, and they were soothing and healing to my red, tight and dehydrated skin.

If I am not mistaken, I believe this line was formulated with African American skin in mind. I can see these bringing amazing ,moisture without a greasy look and feel. The buttery texture glides onto skin banishing ashy-ness and dry patches. 

I love that this brand is empowering to women!

Definitely browse all of the Egyptian inspired scents on their website. They are very unique.
john chatman
12/13/2016 04:42:59 am

how do I buy?


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