"Get ready to experience the ultimate in self-tanning lotions! We have created a unique blend of exotic oils and natural ingredients to give you a deeper darker tan. "
     Its richness in color gives you the perfect tan without the damaging side effects of the sun. Designed for easy, goof-proof application, Fake Bake has a built-in color guide, a dark temporary color that let's you see exactly where you're applying. No pale patches, no streaks, no dark spots. Apply the product with gloves at night and shower off the color guide in the morning. Only your flawless Fake Bake tan will remain. The moisture-rich formula dramatically softens skin, making Fake Bake the only tan that's actually good for your skin. Technology that promotes a smoother application for a deeper, darker, longer-lasting tan by up to 50% Now contains Vitamin D! Proven immune system regulator. May assist in weight loss. May reduce the risk of certain diseases.

     I love tanning in tanning beds. I find it relaxing and love building up the color I want. But I'll tell you what I hate. I hate the expensive cost it is to go tanning monthly and the risks you put your skin at when baking it under those bulbs. Not to mention if you burn in the beds as well, that's even worse. Some of you fair skinned people may not even be able to use a tanning bed because you have trouble tanning and not burning. So my new favorite solution to this for the past month has been Fake Bake's self tanner in the Original. It's paraben FREE too!!
     The box comes with the bottle of tanner (obviously), instructions and a blue gloves for application. I ended up breaking the gloves after a few applications just from wear and tear so make sure to have some back ups. As you can see it looks kind of scary right out of the tube. It's very dark looking but once applied and rubbed on, it looks like you just stepped out of a tanning bed. No lie! My dad saw me after I did my first application and was like "Are you going tanning again Dianna, you really shouldn't do that anymore!". I laughed and told him it was Fake Bake and he was impressed with how real it looked!
     You always want to exfoliate before you use any self tanner. This removes all the dead skin cells and allows you to put the color on fresh new skin so it will last longer! Make sure you also remove any deodorant, perfume or lotions. You don't need to do this every time you apply but every 5-7 days to keep it fresh looking.
     I applied lotion on my elbows, knees, feet and hands so that the color didn't get stuck and gross looking on those really dry areas.  After that I put on the gloves and went to work! Applying a little at a time and rubbing it in a circular motion.  Be very light handed when applying to your hands and feet. Once finished it's suggested that you sleep with it on overnight and rinse off in the morning, giving it the most absorption time.
     You can also use this on your face! I literally was so happy once I finished my application and how it was instant and didn't leave me orange nor did it have a horrid smell like a ton of other self tanners do. I do want to suggest that you don't wear your best clothes when doing this because it is possible to get some on anything your wearing if your not careful. I also noticed I may have not waited long enough before jumping to go to sleep because there as a little left over when I woke up on my bottom sheet.
     Above is the proof of how natural and golden my skin looked after one application on one arm! It doesn't even look fake! I ended up doing my whole body and had my sister do my back for my since I don't have rubber arms and can reach. Ha ha. It was weird to see my legs nice and tan because even when in a tanning bed my legs don't ever get much color! Speaking of legs... I wouldn't shave right before applying this...it can go into where the follicle grows and look like little brown dots on your leg. So I suggest shaving a day before.
  Overall I had a pleasant experience with Fake Bake and I would 100% recommend this to anyone looking for a safer way to tan and not look Jersey Shore orange! This bottle is $29.95 on their website.  I have done a bunch of applications and still have plenty left! If you have tried it before let me know your thoughts!
This was RIGHT after applying. Once I showered in the morning the color toned down a little and looked perfect!
6/4/2012 07:55:12 am

That is awesome!!!! Great review and I love that you don't look orange :)

6/4/2012 07:55:49 am

WOW! It looks really natural!

6/4/2012 07:57:36 am

That's a huge difference! It does look natural! ;) Thanks for the review...I'm headed to the website right now!

6/4/2012 07:58:05 am

I love how the color looks so real. Like you really got it in a tanning booth.

6/4/2012 07:59:09 am

Wow!! These have come a long, long way from the old days...when I was teenager (20+ years ago), I tried it ONCE. I was orange. Nightmare.

6/4/2012 08:12:14 am

Beautiful color! I'm sooo pale and I never thought I looked good in orange lol I think I might just have to try this out.

6/4/2012 09:59:38 am

Wow! It looks very natural, good tips and pointers too!

Carla Truett
6/4/2012 10:22:32 am

That looks so natural! Definitely gonna try this! Thanks!

6/4/2012 10:35:49 am

Have got to try fake bake!!

6/4/2012 12:20:20 pm

Oh wow, that does NOT look like it came out of a bottle at all. That is so amazing I am going to check it out thanks you.


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