Just by looking at the picture above, how adorable is this company! This is what came in a little package for me to try out. It's a jar of body butter and two lip balms. Not only that but since the name of this company is Sweets Cosmetics, they also threw in a couple candy treats for me as well! What a cute idea and staying with the theme of their brand! Wrapping the lip balms in that same waxy paper like a candy was another adorable touch to their packaging!
     Sweets Cosmetics says they have 4 things that sets them apart from the rest: natural, homemade, local and delicious! Sweets products don't include parabens, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, petroleum, or deceptive marketing promises. So they are a pretty straight up type of company. They list the ingredients clearly on the packaging and are proud of their products which is great but they are also do sweet gestures. Since the beginning they have been donating products to local women's charities and plan to do it as long as the company stands! How SWEET! :)
     Margarita Body Butter. Need I say more?! When I saw the name of it I didn't hesitate to see what this was going to smell like. I opened it up and saw on the inside of the jar was a label listing the ingredients and where it was made. It has a ton of moisturizing elements right off the bat (Shea butter, apricot oil).
      I scooped some up and rubbed it onto my arms. I LOVE the texture of this body butter. It's not a thick gloopy mess like some other butters. It goes on smooth and absorbs quickly with no greasy residue left behind. My hands felt silky and my skin felt nice and hydrated. I went in for the smell and it semi smelt like a margarita. I asked my fiancé what he thought it smelt like and he said oranges, haha! I can for sure smell the salt and I do get reminded of a margarita when I smell it but it wouldn't have been my first guess. It was a stronger scent at first but dulled down to a nice light scent. The way it leaves skin feeling is my favorite and it doesn't feel like I have a second layer of skin on.
Creamy Texture!

Grapefruit Lavender & Orange Peppermint Lip Balm

Grapefruit Lavender: "This combination of fruity and floral will relax and energize you all at once. When you use our lip balm, you will first notice the grapefruit which has a pleasantly sweet, tangy aroma but then, you will discover the background scent of lavender which is so deliciously calming."
Orange Peppermint: "If you are looking for tingly goodness paired with a sweet kick, you have stumbled into the right place. Orange and peppermint are an unstoppable team that will tackle your chapped lips and prepare you for the rest of your day.
      I am a huge fan of these lip balms. They come wrapped like a little Tootsie Roll and really are a treat. They have no color to them, so if your looking for a tinted lip balm, these aren't. But I can promise you that they are super moisturizing. The oils in them help make your lips kissably soft! I know I will be using these throughout the winter to help my easily chapped lips.
     The Grapefruit Lavender one I tried first and didn't really notice the grapefruit but I did notice the lavender. It was a different scent for me for lip balm but I enjoyed it. My favorite of the two was the Orange Peppermint. I could smell a little bit of orange but the peppermint seemed to have a more powerful smell. I loved it though because it has a tingling feeling and tastes a little yummy! I'm a fan of anything minty so I reach for this one first. They are a MUST for me with the cold weather coming!

10/1/2012 12:48:57 pm

How cute I love how it is wrapped up like actual candy!

10/1/2012 02:02:16 pm

How adorable! And they sound splendid to use, also! I love that they not only use natural elements, but donate to charity as well. Thanks for the review!

10/2/2012 12:57:58 am

I love that they are wrapped up like candy! The peppermint scented ones sound delightful!

10/2/2012 01:19:24 am

Cute!! And I love the names of their products!! Oh...margaritas!

10/4/2012 09:09:29 pm

Sounds really good!


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