Suuthe by Mari products are created to provide fast, natural relief from severe to 
mild skin conditions. They are capable of soothing, repairing, maintaining, preserving 
and protecting your skin. Suuthe formulations have been created by combining some 
of the world’s oldest and most effective ingredients. Each ingredient was chosen for
its own unique qualities and ability to have a positive effect on the skin. As a result 
we are proud to bring you a line of skin products that truly work!


     "Skin Repair is a synergistic blend of some of nature's most magnificent healing ingredients.  Mari developed damaged skin repair when her son was suffering from very dramatic eczema. She could not find a skin product on the market that helped him so she decided to make her own Skin Repair product."  It is naturally anti-fungal, antimicrobial, and anti inflammatory and works with skin issues from rashes to open wounds and stretch marks to arthritis.  Talk about a universal product! That's what I like to hear!
     This product contains different kinds of oils, shea butter and other yummy stuff for your skin to drink up! This works wonderfully and makes my skin nice and soft without a real greasy feeling. It has an herbal smell to it as most natural products have.  I found it helped calm down the bumps on my arms and make them a little less sensitive which was nice! I think I could find myself using this more in the winter when it's dry and cold out!


     The lip balm is very similar to the skin repair, almost the same thing in lip balm form. It's oval shaped which was kind of different. I'm used to the same old round shape but I liked it! It contains emu oil, shea butter, organic olive oil, bees wax and essential oils. (Same as the the Skin Repair. The only thing I'm not sure if I am all excited about is the emu oil, because it's rendered fat from an Emu (a big bird).
     Putting aside thinking about the ingredients, I liked how well both products worked. I said it before, but I really find these coming in super hand during the winter when my skin gets dry and cracks because of the lack of moisture. My skin will appreciate these!

Skin Repair - Price varies depending on size you want
Lip Balm - $4.50 

Melinda Dunne
6/29/2012 06:21:05 am

Skin repair

tina peterson
6/29/2012 06:21:17 am

lip balm

6/29/2012 06:48:07 am

skin repair

6/29/2012 07:13:30 am

skin repair

Dorothy Troller
6/29/2012 07:20:00 am

I am amazed at your great products and the information you offer on your site.

Amber D.
6/29/2012 07:21:16 am

Skin repair

elizabeth bubel
6/29/2012 08:24:23 am

skin repair

6/29/2012 08:43:39 am

Great review! I'm most interested in the skin repair

6/29/2012 09:10:38 am

I think the skin repair, but I'd take either!

6/29/2012 12:40:10 pm

Skin Repair

6/29/2012 04:30:58 pm

I would love to try the Skin Repair.

Maddie Runger
7/3/2012 11:43:05 am

I love trying new lip balms, but I think the skin repair sounds interesting.


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