Gel eyeliner can be very simple to use if it's good quality and new. But we know over time it can dry up a bit or just be a thicker gel and harder to use with a brush. Here's a quick trick to make it more manageable and apply smoother.
    Warm it up! Take a blow dryer to it, on very low settings and lightly pass over it a couple times to soften up the gel. This will ensure easy application and a perfect look every time!
     Don't like the tingling feeling that lip plumpers can give you when applied? Then I have a little trick I learned that can help you achieve that fuller lip without all the fancy products. Here is what you need to do!

Pick a lip-gloss that’s a touch darker than the color that you desire and find a lipstick that’s slightly darker than that, as well as a lipstick that’s slightly lighter. With a lip lining brush, these four tools are all you need for this look.

  1. Start by moisturizing your lips with a simple lip balm to help your lipstick glide on smoothly.
  2. Use your brush to line your lips using the darkest lipstick.
  3. Fill in the inner spaces of your lips with the lightest lipstick. At this point your lips might look color-blocked.
  4. Add a top layer of gloss to blend the shades of lipstick into a complete, harmonious look.

That's it!


     I love freckles! I have always adored them! But what do you do when it comes to makeup? What if you need to use concealer? Well, for concealer you should be picking up a more yellow-toned color that is around your shade color, preferably a shade lighter than your skin tone.
    What about foundation? If you think about it, using a full coverage or thicker foundation when you have a ton of freckles could look a bit odd since your face would be clear of freckles but your neck and everywhere else would have a bunch of them. So I suggest using a tinted moisturizer or use your regular foundation and add some face moisturizer to it to sheer it out a little bit so that your freckles poke through looking more natural!
     Blush?  Use a softer lighter color for blush. Give yourself a lightly pinched cheek look and avoid pinks!

                    Freckles are beautiful, show them off,
                            don't try to cover them up!