Our love affair with over-sized and dramatic jewelry pieces continues as new designs in statement jewelry continually make their appearance. Whether your choice runs to fussy, sparkling designs or sleeker silver jewelery, knowing how to wear them and what kind of clothes to team them with is key to carrying off the bold and beautiful look of today. Get it right and you'll look stunning, but mix it up too much and the effect will be confusing, cluttered and overwhelming.

Make the Right Statement

    Statement jewelery is big, bold and dramatic. As its name suggests, it makes a statement. The trick is to get it to make the right statement for you. Whilst the item of jewelery that you choose will catch the eye and demand attention, you don't want it to be the only thing about you that gets noticed. Make your statement jewelery send the right message by taking care with colors and styles, not wearing more than one piece at a time and keeping the rest of your styling, including makeup and clothes, relatively simple.
_Try not to mix too many colors in either jewelery or clothes and if you do break the rules slightly and wear more than one statement piece, make sure they complement each other. For instance, choose items of the same color metal and if one item has stones or crystals, restrict the other to plain metal or silver costume jewelery. Statement jewelery pieces like to be the star of the show, so if you put too many on the stage at the same time, you'll get some personality clashes.
Go For Opposites in the Casual Look 
    If your statement jewelery is multicolored, try to restrict the colors of your clothes to either neutrals or just one of the colors in the jewelery. For instance, block colors work better with large, colored jewelery pieces than patterns.
_    The jewelery itself attracts attention, so avoid overshadowing it with bold prints or patterned fabrics. Jewelery with a splash of color, either in the stones or in the colors of metal used in its creation, looks good when it's reflected in the colors being worn, but takes care not to overdo it.

Less is More
    Because statement jewelery becomes the focal point of any outfit, you should wear each piece individually. Choose just one item to go with your outfit, whether it's a dramatic necklace, a wide cuff bracelet or a pair of chandelier earrings. Wearing more than one bold item of jewelery makes you look over-accessorized and can give you the appearance of a fashion victim. If you don't feel your outfit is complete with only one item of jewelery, try not to wear statement pieces too close to each other. For instance, avoid showy earrings with a dramatic necklace. Instead, wear the earrings with a matching cuff bracelet, or choose a necklace that's more demur.

For Evening Wear
    Team simple cocktail dresses with bold statement jewelery for a look of chic sophistication. Plain colors work equally well here, as you can accent clean-cut necklines with showy, multifaceted necklaces. Allow the contrast between the unfussy lines of your outfit and the dazzling style of your jewelery to be part of the statement.
_     Worn with care and thought, statement jewelery can draw out your personality and even change your behavior. The right jewelery accent gives you confidence and quiet confidence is always attractive.