This cool mask was sent to us by Jennell!

    Bananas are a wonderful as an anti-wrinkle treatment & are full of vital nutrients for bodies and benefit the skin when applied in a facial mask. Bananas are high in Vitamin C, A, B6 and B12, plus they contain potassium and magnesium. The fruit acids in bananas help slough off dead skin and energize the complexion and moisturize your skin.
     All you need to do is mash half a banana until it is a very creamy texture. Spread it all over your face and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse it all off with warm water, followed by a dash of cool water. Using a soft cloth gently pat your skin dry.
    This method is safe enough to be used daily as well! Also, you can add a little honey to the mixture for even more moisturizing! Your skin will thank you!

**Make sure if you have any left over you refrigerate**

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