I love freckles! I have always adored them! But what do you do when it comes to makeup? What if you need to use concealer? Well, for concealer you should be picking up a more yellow-toned color that is around your shade color, preferably a shade lighter than your skin tone.
    What about foundation? If you think about it, using a full coverage or thicker foundation when you have a ton of freckles could look a bit odd since your face would be clear of freckles but your neck and everywhere else would have a bunch of them. So I suggest using a tinted moisturizer or use your regular foundation and add some face moisturizer to it to sheer it out a little bit so that your freckles poke through looking more natural!
     Blush?  Use a softer lighter color for blush. Give yourself a lightly pinched cheek look and avoid pinks!

                    Freckles are beautiful, show them off,
                            don't try to cover them up!