Okay, I'm not sure this is a "tip or trick" but to me it's a trick and interesting so I want to share!  As you can tell, I'm going to tell you about permanent makeup!! Now, at first it sounds bizarre but after learning about it it's very intriguing, especially for someone who just doesn't have the time or hates applying makeup every single day they wake up!

"For older women where the hand becomes less steady and maybe eyesight less sharp, applying make up can become a challenge. At the hands of our master permanent
makeup artist, you never have to worry about makeup again."

    This particular company does eyebrows, eyeliner, lip makeup, breast & scar correction. You can click the link above to see some before and after pictures. Out of them all, I think the eyebrows look best. The eyeliner makeup isn't quite how I would put mine, but I'm sure they could customize it to your style. Before every application a detailed consultation is performed with Kimberly Crook, Owner and Master Makeup Artist. Glow Day Spa offers the best permanent makeup prices in Toronto & Barrie.
    For me, personally, I think I'd be to nervous to do something like this and also just because I like to change my look every so often. But for someone with an unsteady hand or lack of time every morning, this could be an interest to them. Would you ever consider getting permanent makeup?!