Little tip and trick!

When you spray perfume on your skin & it's dry and not moisturized it will absorb the scent faster than if your skin was moisturized. So before you go to spray your perfume, rub some lotion on your chest, wrists, neck and wherever you like to spray your perfume, then spray the perfume on directly after.
If you have eyes that are set close together:
When applying eyeshadow, apply the darker color from the center of the eyelid outwards, farther than the outer corner. Then apply a lighter color from the center to the inner eye. This will help appear not so close.
    No more of this running eyeliner look, it's not cute. So how can you prevent this? With your eyeliner brush, apply waterproof mascara along the top lashes with a eyeliner brush.
    After doing this, and you want it to appear softer or smokey, then take a darker eyeshadow and blend into the mascara after it has dried. Blend upwards for a smudged, smoky effect.
    Getting photos done of a big day or even just for fun?! Here's a makeup DON'T. For whatever reason when getting important photos done, do not wear sunscreen under your makeup. It has reflecting pigments in it that will reflect the light and make you look paler than you are!
Quick little tip. If you do your eyebrows and use a pencil or eyeshadow to fill in your brows, but notice they came out to dark for your liking, just take whatever your face powder color is and lightly dust over your eyebrows. This will tone down the color and make it appear a little lighter. :)
Shampoo your roots, and bring the suds down to your ends.
Condition your ends and DON'T share any love with your roots. 
Even though most makeup removers claim they can remove waterproof liners, and lashes, THEY CANT!!! 

Lets face it, all of us have had those days where we try to scrub off our waterproof makeup, end up with irritated eyes, and your still wearing makeup!!! 

Dnt stress out. You already have an amazing makeup remover!!!  And its in your KITCHEN!!! WTF?! yeah ... I'm crazy, but I know what I'm talking about.

Olive oil. 

Simple as that. Put a little on a cotton ball and your all set. helps condition lashes as well. My face is sensitive, so I have some trouble with removers. This is by far the strongest at removing eye makeup and so gentle.

Olive Oil is just amazing! You can do soooomany things with it.
- After Wax/Shave
- Eye Make-up Remover
- Cooking 
- Hair
- Body 

But beware, it's important that you buy COLD PRESS EXTRA Virgin Oil.
    Exfoliating any part of your body helps get rid of the dead old skin and exposes new skin and looks a lot healthier! So for instance you want to exfoliate your lips so you have soft skin and your lipstick will go on without being cakey or looking not so hot but don't have a lip exfoliant? Try this! Take your toothbrush and run it over your lips and scrub to get rid of the dry old skin cells! This leaves them feeling fresh and watch how your lipstick will appear better and smoother!
Is your foundation thick,o seem hard to blend or even cakey looking? Well then try this little trick and let us know if it helps!

Grab your makeup wedge and soak it with some water BEFORE applying your foundation onto the sponge. The wet sponge makes it easier to work with and a lot easier to blend out the foundation to make it look more natural!
    Ever come to the end of a tub of lipgloss and know there's more in there but cant reach it because it's not a squeeze tube? Here is a solution that may help you stop wasting money and get the rest of the product out of the tube without having to cut it open and making a mess!
     Place the tube right side up with the lid on in a tub of boiling water that has cooled down a little, wait for it to melt and run down, then cut the bottom off and tip the remaining into a little contain with a lid. 
    You can buy little screw top containers in craft stores to store the rest of the product. It will set again when it cools down.